Arkansas-MSU: Predictions


MSU players and coaches have talked about finishing strong, about not just playing out the string. All season, they’ve talked about overcoming adversity, of turning the season around and getting to a bowl.

Talk is cheap. Hasn’t been backed up. Which is why I have no faith that the Bulldogs will win either of these last two games. Arkansas is coming to Starkville and is probably no better or worse than State, but they’re on the upswing. State, obviously, is not. That’s significant.

And that’s why I’m taking the Hogs in a close one.

My prediction: Arkansas 21, MSU 17.


15 Responses to “Arkansas-MSU: Predictions”

  1. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Arkansas 35 Miss State 14

    Rebs 27 LSU 24

  2. nocowbell Says:

    Arky 24 MSU 13 Not too fieldgoals, but a missed extra point.

    On another note, I have seen the Univ. of Alabama Mississippi Car tag with roll tide written on it. I don’t know what to be more ashamed of MSU Football, or the state of Mississippi for allowing out of state colleges to be displayed on their car tags. Makes me sick to sell out to some bama axxholes

  3. boonhoggenbeck Says:

    well…get ready to be sick about selling out to some “ella’s shoe” assholes as well….the state of Louisiana has done the same thing. Since I live in close prosxmity to that state, I’ll be sicker than you. I assure you that the state of Lousiana would never allow MSU or Ole Miss tags.

  4. boonhoggenbeck Says:

    State will lose to Arkansas…doesn’t matter what the score is. BTW, I’m an alumnus of State…long sufffering, as a matter of fact.

  5. BirdZ! Says:

    Ark 28
    MSU 24

    I haven’t noticed the bama tags yet, but I have seen an Auburn tag.

    Tennessee has been doing the same thing for a while.

  6. imabulldog Says:

    First of all on Tags..I live in Memphis. You oughta see the Florida State tag I saw up here the other day. It was a local tag, shelby county, but the whole tag was garnet, gold, and white- with a huge seminole head, and a big feather on it. And the MSU ones look like crap- or I’d have one.

  7. imabulldog Says:

    Now, prediction…

    I feel this game will be a lot like the Vandy game, back when Vandy’s Off. was a threat. I feel that as fans we expect their RB to torch us, Dick to make enough plays to beat us, but I see this game going our way do to an awesome performance by the D. Dick throws 3 pix, one to Piggy for a TD on senior day, and we hold their off. to 225 total yards. Our Off. capatlizes on good field position, and makes no big mistakes.

    Dawgs 17
    Team I HATE 7

  8. theconquistador2 Says:

    I’ve seen an Auburn Mississippi tag and a MSU Tennessee tag.

    Arkansas: 24
    MSU: 17

  9. 2thdoc Says:

    we need a tag that says
    “honk if your coach sux”

    Pigs 28
    Dogs 13

  10. carwwest Says:

    i live in tenn and have a m-state tenn tag…

    pigs 28
    MSU 18

    just felt like picking a weird score, dont really know how we’ll get there…

  11. biloxi13 Says:

    PetrinO – 35
    Crxxms – 9

  12. tebmsu97 Says:

    I don’t see us winning either of our remaining games. I think being at home and Arky still not having it all together makes this one closer, but still a big fat L.

  13. bleedmaroon Says:

    Arky – 14
    State – 13
    blocked extra point and 2 missed feild goals by state. sound familar?

  14. townball Says:

    You guys are forgetting a good ole shanked punt. We are about due for another if history repeats. Good luck dawgs! Kick the middle of the ball!!
    State 17
    Arkansas 10


    Arkansas 28
    State 14

  15. dawgface52 Says:

    Won’t be close. Ark 28 State 6

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