Thursday Wrap


The Bulldogs are finalizing preparations for Saturday’s game against Arkansas. They went for about 90 minutes today. Afterwards, coach Sylvester Croom said RB Wade Bonner and QB Chris Relf will see action this weekend. Also, Delmon Robinson will replaced Derek Pegues on kickoff returns.

Since I couldn’t be in Starkville today, thanks to David Murray for the info hook-up on all that. Also:

• Someone mentioned earlier in the week that they’d heard Chris Garrett was thinking of reneging on his LSU commitment and bringing MSU back into the picture. Our Tupelo writer, John Wilbert, ran into Garrett at the gym the other day and asked him about it. Garrett said: Nothing to it. In fact, he was surprised to hear such a rumor.

• On the odds front, the spread has shifted slightly in Arkansas’ favor, to 1.5 points now.

• Upcoming in the Daily Journal: A story on Jamar Chaney tomorrow, and at some point this weekend, a story on MSU cross country runner Robert Scribner, the first Bulldog runner to ever qualify for the NCAA nationals.

• And finally, it’s clear that many people still aren’t buying into Texas Tech, including ex-Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer. Well, I believe! That’s why I’m taking the Red Raiders. Plus, I’m hoping to dig my way out of last place in the PigSkin Picks.


13 Responses to “Thursday Wrap”

  1. db33 Says:


    Since you’ve been doing a lot of polls lately, I have one. What do fans on your blog want to happen:

    * Coach Croom resigns or is fired following the Ole Miss game. MSU starts over from scartch.

    * Coach Croom replaces Woody McCorvey with a new offensive coordinator. They style of the new OC is up to Croom, and if that means no change, then that’s his call.

    * Coach Croom replaces Woody with a wide open style OC, a more modern scheme like those seen at Texas Tech or Missouri.

    * Coach Croom retains Woody McCorvey as his OC, and makes no staff changes for next season. All things stay as is.

    My vote? Coach Croom hires, by force if necessary, a wide open OC. Gus Mahlzahn at Tulsa would be my top pick. Another great choice would be the Houston OC who came from Texas Tech.

  2. carwwest Says:

    db, i really dont think we will get or will be able to afford getting a top quality OC to come here to work for crxxm and make it work in one year…thats why i think we should go ahead and clean house….

    crxxm provide any reason to play bonner and relf this week??…i mean im kind of glad he is finally going to let the “most talented” qb on the team play but what exactly is his reasoning for this week?? nothing to play for anymore??…

    and is the move to put robinson on kickoff return just a way to get pegues rest??….i am interested to see what bonner can do because he didnt look too impressive early in the season….

    oh and good work on the garrett rumor, sorry if i inconveinced you too much, BL….

  3. Brad Locke Says:

    No inconvenience at all, carwwest. Croom said he just wants to see what Bonner can do. I’m assuming the same goes with Relf, who I’m sure will be in the mix next year. Since there is no bowl game possibility, might as well get some guys playing time. As for Robinson, yes, that’s to give Pegues some rest.

    db33: Sounds like a good poll for right after the season. Don’t let me forget.

  4. imabulldog Says:

    All i know is that he better run harder than he has-when he’s gotten the ball. Because he has looked more timid than Donte Walker awaiting 11 FBI agents storming down the field!

    His returns go like this…”Oh Crap-I got the ball, but wait Derrick is supposed to have it, maybe I can dance behind that blocker…7 yard gain 😦

  5. imabulldog Says:

    Maybe he can do better with the realization that its his job now

  6. leeearl Says:

    funny stuff, ima…

  7. tebmsu97 Says:

    My vote for your poll DB would be to at a minimum to replace the offensive staff and special teams coaches. I think cleaning house will be the end game in this deal, but just not sure if we can handle the financial blow that would cause. At least a new OC would breath some life into folks before next season, especially if they ran a more aggresive system. The only problem I see is the same one we had with Jackie, every OC we had under him ran the same tired 3yds and a cloud of dust offense. I think we may very well see the same pattern with CC, the next guy will be another Woody

  8. maroon1white Says:

    BL, did Croom say he was going to play Relf at QB? Or just get him in the game? He got in the game against KY for a play but he lined up as a wide out. Don’t be surprised fellas if Relf doesn’t take any snaps at QB its just the way this season’s gone.

  9. carwwest Says:

    ima, are you talking about robinson or bonner on the returns??…cause i agree about bonner and looking timid, but i think robinson could actually be decent at returning kicks…it kills me how we never run anything besides a middle wedge it seems like when pegues obviously likes to go downhill more than east and west…once again, falls on coaching…

    maroon1white, if crxxm puts him in, it should be at QB!…but you are right, he might not…then crxxm will come up with more excuses….

  10. imabulldog Says:

    I was talking about Bonner, I too think D-Rob would be good

  11. Brad Locke Says:

    To m1w: Croom didn’t specify Relf’s role this week. So we’ll see. But I expect we’ll see more of Bonner than of Relf.

  12. msudawginbama Says:

    a dontae walker reference. never thought i’d see that!
    nice, ima!

  13. LankyFrame » Blog Archive » croom resigns Says:

    […] […]

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