Arkansas-MSU: Official Game Thread


Again, it’s senior day. Been a tough season, but a good chance for MSU to finish on a strong note. Looked like coach Sylvester Croom was tearing up during senior introductions. Today’s MSU captains are Dominic Douglas, Derek Sherrod and true freshman Charles Mitchell.

Arkansas is now a 2.5-point favorite, so it’s been creeping upward all week despite Arkansas’ uncertainty at the quarterback position. Casey Dick is listed as the starter, so we’ll see.

Coin toss won by MSU, which deferred to the second half, so Arky gets the ball first.


57 Responses to “Arkansas-MSU: Official Game Thread”

  1. Brad Locke Says:

    What a drive by the Hogs. Two big third-down conversions, Michael Smith scores on a 15-yard run. Smith had 41 yards rushing on that drive. It’s 7-0 Arky at the 10:17 mark.

  2. carwwest Says:

    im tired of crxxm crying all the freaking time…big effing cry baby!!…and why is a true freshman a captain on senior day??

  3. Brad Locke Says:

    Nice play-action by Nathan Dick, who hits Lucas Miller for an 87-yard TD pass. Having a good running back like Smith makes that work. Frosh Charles Mitchell was the Bulldog covering Miller.

  4. mmsdawg Says:

    you gotta be kidding me……

  5. Brad Locke Says:

    Hey, a QB sneak on 4th-and-1. How ’bout that?

  6. mmsdawg Says:


  7. mmsdawg Says:

    WOW…good defense. Maybe we can come back to life!!

  8. Brad Locke Says:

    End of the first quarter: Arkansas 14, MSU 7. Thoughts:

    • MSU looked awfully soft in the middle against the run and pass.
    • Nice drive for a TD, and nice catch by Anthony Dixon for the score, but MSU has had good-looking drives like this and then disappear the rest of the game.
    • Michael Smith’s loss is huge for Arky. MSU better take advantage.

  9. mmsdawg Says:

    I am following online…..what happened to Smith??

  10. mmsdawg Says:

    alright…we are back in this thing. Come on DAWGS!!!!!!

  11. Brad Locke Says:

    Nicely done. Another great drive, this one 7 plays, 73 yards, sparked by Anthony Dixon’s 40-yard run on third-and-1. Arnil Stallworth scores on a 10-yard run, his first rushing touchdown since 2006.

  12. Brad Locke Says:

    Smith took a shot to the knee. … But he’s back, looks good.

  13. mmsdawg Says:

    thanks Brad. Maybe we can still pull this one out!!!

  14. joekstewart Says:

    Did they miss a field goal?

  15. mmsdawg Says:

    yes…missed a 44 yarder

  16. carwwest Says:

    bonner or relf stepped on the field yet??

  17. mmsdawg Says:

    YES!!! we kicked a FG…up 17-14

  18. Brad Locke Says:

    Nice drive by MSU, its third straight scoring drive today. The only other time that happened this year was against MTSU. Adam Carlson’s 32-yard field goal gives State a 17-14 lead.

  19. Brad Locke Says:

    Haven’t seen either one, carw.

  20. joekstewart Says:

    Ole Miss is up on LSU

  21. Brad Locke Says:

    Halftime: MSU 17, Arkansas 14. Thoughts:

    • The offense looks crisper than it has all year. Arkansas doesn’t have a great defense, but at this point, that doesn’t matter.
    • K.J. Wright has 2 sacks.
    • Tyson Lee is getting hit too much.
    • Anthony Dixon is running hard, doing great job in passing game.

  22. Brad Locke Says:

    Halftime stats:
    First downs: Arky 8, MSU 12
    Rushes-Yards: Arky 18-82, MSU 17-106
    Passing: Arky 7-13-1, 126 yards; MSU 13-24-0, 120
    Total yards: Arky 208, MSU 226

    MSU individual:
    QB Tyson Lee 13-24-0, 120 yards, 1 TD
    RB Anthony Dixon: 11-79 rushing, 4-23, 1 TD receiving
    WR Jamayel Smith: 4-47
    LB Dominic Douglas: 12 tackles

    Arkansas individual:
    QB Nathan Dick: 7-13-1, 126 yards, 1 TD
    RB Michael Smith: 10-59, 1 TD
    WR Lucas Miller: 5-112, 1 TD

  23. joekstewart Says:

    Where is Brandan McRae? Don’t see any stats on him?

  24. msudawginbama Says:

    hey, not too bad

  25. Brad Locke Says:

    McRae’s been thrown to a good bit, but he’s been pretty well covered. But he has 3 catches this quarter.

  26. Brad Locke Says:

    Dixon just went over 100 yards.

  27. Brad Locke Says:

    And now he just scored on a 63-yard run. PAT makes it 24-14, with 3:43 to go. That 24 points matches MSU’s season high against an SEC foe.

  28. msudawginbama Says:

    dixon over 100 generally works out well

  29. joekstewart Says:

    In the third or fourth quarter?

  30. msudawginbama Says:

    still 3rd, joe

  31. msudawginbama Says:

    where has this been all year?

  32. msudawginbama Says:

    brad, have Relf or Bonner seen the field?

  33. joekstewart Says:

    crap, still some ballgame left.

    Arkansas can score some points quickly, hope defense keeps it up.

    Where Ducre?

  34. msudawginbama Says:

    i’m having to gamecast it here….
    how’s everyone loking?

  35. Brad Locke Says:

    Not to take anything away from State, but Arky’s defense is pretty soft. Offense executing well, though.

  36. carwwest Says:

    not to be mr. negative but ole miss is dominating lsu…they look a lot better than we do…

  37. msudawginbama Says:

    LS-Boo needs a QB bad.

  38. joekstewart Says:

    maybe we can trade LSU for a line

  39. msudawginbama Says:

    heh, might work

  40. Brad Locke Says:

    Dixon on a 9-yard TD catch, open on a screen pass. It’s 31-21 State, 11:15 left in the fourth. This is State’s season high for points scored against an SEC foe. Dixon has 3 TDs today – two of them receiving.

  41. msudawginbama Says:

    who is Kendrick Cook?

  42. joekstewart Says:

    I think back up TE?

  43. carwwest Says:

    im not getting to watch the game BL, is arky’s defense really that bad or are we actually playing good???

  44. msudawginbama Says:

    me either, car.
    dixon is going wild!

  45. msudawginbama Says:

    4th down stand. wow.

  46. carwwest Says:

    i would say so…3 total TD and a possibility of getting 200 yards on the ground…but lets not hope this performance makes people think our offense has turned the corner though…

  47. msudawginbama Says:

    oh, definitely car.
    just good to see “potential” working.

  48. carwwest Says:

    yeah changes still need to be made….but im glad we are winning… for the players….

  49. joekstewart Says:

    Glad to see Dixon back, I would like to see Stalworth at WR. But I wonder where is Ducre?

  50. msudawginbama Says:

    dominic douglas is everywhere today.
    did he start at MLB?

  51. msudawginbama Says:

    anybody know what happened to the senior Dick?
    did he get concussed again?

  52. msudawginbama Says:

    sideline infraction?!

  53. msudawginbama Says:

    oh, christ…

  54. msudawginbama Says:

    who fumbled?

  55. dawgface52 Says:

    Yeaaaaaaa doggies win. Ark must really suck.

  56. carwwest Says:

    we still are below avg…arky came into this game giving up 31.3 a game…we only scored 31…haha…im happy for the players…

  57. bulldog22 Says:

    A win is a win….Go Bulldogs!!! I am happy for our coaches, fans and players….

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