Arkansas-MSU: Postgame


First, some quotes from coach Sylvester Croom:

• On RB Anthony Dixon: “I thought he practiced better and was a lot more disciplined during the course of the week. He pretty much restricted him in the run game. We said, ‘Hey, run the ball to this hole,’ and after that, we got better.”

• On adjusting after fallng behind 14-0: “You’re always adjusting each drive. As I’ve said a thousand times, this idea of going into halftime and changing plays and doing all that, that’s fantasy. Because if you ain’t practiced it all week, it ain’t happening on game day. We didn’t change anything really.”

• On what he was thinking at game’s end, when Arkansas nearly rallied to tie: “You do not want to know what my mindset was. I’m not going to even discuss it. We’ll enjoy this win tonight.”

Senior FS Derek Pegues:

• On his interception: “I heard the crowd screaming, and then I saw the receiver look back and start to put his hands up. You get taught that all the team in ball drills, just turn around and see if you can find the ball. I turned around, and it was right on me. I batted it in the air and got a lucky bounce.”

• On finally beating Arkansas: “I remember my sophomore year when they beat us, they went in the end zone and danced around in the end zone and celebrated, some pig sooey song or whatever it is. We didn’t want that again. We didn’t want our fans to have to sit there and watch them celebrate on our field in front of our crowd. We had that in the backs of our minds the whole game.”

WR Jamayel Smith:

• On QB Tyson Lee: “He did a hell of a job. He’s so smart and he’s got a good arm, he’s a good quarterback. He made some good passes, and we didn’t come up with a lot of them.”

LB Dominic Douglas:

• On overcoming a 14-0 deficit: “I think it was a little bit too keyed up. It was senior night, everybody wanted to make a big impact, but we had to settle down and play our roles and not have any miscues and just play our type of football.”

FB Arnil Stallworth:

• On Arkansas’ defense: “We kind of had them off-balance. They didn’t know if we were going to all run or all pass, so we just mixed it up, and they were confused and didn’t know what to do.”

Final team statistics:

• First downs: Arkansas 20, MSU 22

• Rushes-Yards: Arkansas 26-109, MSU 35-226

• Passing: Arkansas 25-44-1, 333 yards; MSU 23-40-0, 219 yards

• Total yards: Arkansas 442, MSU 445

• Penalties: Arkansas 5-33, MSU 2-15

MSU individual stats:

• QB Tyson Lee: 23-40-0, 219 yards, 2 TDs

• RB Anthony Dixon: 23-179, 1 TD rushing; 5-32, 2 TDs receiving

• WR Jamayel Smith: 6-64

• LB Dominic Douglas: 16 tackles

Arkansas individual stats:

• QB Nathan Dick: 25-43-1, 333 yards, 3 TDs

• RB Michael Smith: 14-60, 1 TD

• WR Lucas Miller: 10-201, 1 TD


6 Responses to “Arkansas-MSU: Postgame”

  1. imabulldog Says:

    Great game…

    -Dixon was a “hoss”
    -Lee played great
    -J. Smith got his confidence back
    -Mitchell and Wright are our future
    -McCrae great
    -9 game skid over to the team I hate the most except for UM

    …Oh, and I called this one 🙂

    For those of you who weren’t there- the 4th was COLD

  2. imabulldog Says:

    wonder if CC knows something we don’t???

    Such as maybe he was told to hire a new Off. Cord earlier this week, which meant he had to break the news to Wxxdy, which led to mixed emotions after the game do to a great Off. performance.

    Wxxdys still gotta go tho

  3. dawgface52 Says:

    OM will remind everyone how bad our offense really is. We just played a bad team yesterday. Glad we won, but that’s the truth. Woody and Stringer have got to go.

  4. tebmsu97 Says:

    I am afraid Dawgface has it right about OM, it could get ugly in that one. Arky’s defense is terrible, but we did execute which is nice. It has to feel good for the offense to win us a game that the defense was letting go. I don’t care who you are playing, if you D gives up 28 pts and 450 yds and you win the offense has to get some kind of credit.

    Another point we can all agree on, Woody and Stringer need to get gone.

  5. imabulldog Says:

    well I hope the LSU game made them even cockier than they already are

  6. goldendawg Says:

    How long do until we start hearing about them winning the national championship next season?
    All it takes is one little win, and they will start talking.

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