Early Egg Bowl Talk


Even in the glow of Saturday’s victory over Arkansas, a couple of Mississippi State players were eager to talk about the upcoming “Egg Bowl” against Ole Miss on Friday. Why not? It’s their bowl game, and they were already back at work today with a 90-minute practice. Some snippets from the postgame:

• FS Derek Pegues: “I’m ready to play the Rebels. It’s in Oxford, that’s 10 minutes away from where I stay. I’m ready to get after the Rebels, man.”

• RB Anthony Dixon: “We’re going to play them hard. It’s going to be the toughest game of the year like always. I’m going to try to keep calm about it, I’m going to try to keep the emotions down. When we play them on Friday, I’m going to be pumped up.”

Pegues and Dixon are both going to play important roles when the Bulldogs visit Oxford, of course. And I’ll have more from both of those guys later this week.

By the way, Ole Miss slid into the AP rankings at No. 25. Coming into tomorrow’s Journal, a look back at Saturday’s win, and a story MSU cross country runner Robert Scribner, who’s competing at the NCAA nationals tomorrow.


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