Let Egg Bowl Week Begin


Check this interesting stat: The last time Ole Miss and Mississippi State both won their games immediately preceding the Egg Bowl was 1983. And we all know what happened in that Egg Bowl – the Immaculate Deflection, and a 24-23 Ole Miss win. Warning: This video clip might bring back old nightmares. Sorry. Just doing my journalistic duty.

But here’s something you all can enjoy – a look back at yesterday’s 31-28 win over Arkansas:

Game story

Sidebar on RB Anthony Dixon


MSU will start on-field preparations a day early, of course, with a 5:30 practice this evening. Otherwise, things stay the same with a Sylvester Croom teleconference on Monday and the press conference Tuesday.

A few quick Egg Bowl basics:

Kickoff: Friday, 11:30 a.m., Vaught/Hemingway Stadium

TV: Raycom

Series: Ole Miss leads 59-39-6

Last 10: Tied 5-5

Last year: MSU won 17-14

And real quick, here’s a recap of last night’s MSU basketball win against Fairleigh-Dickinson. The Lady Bulldogs host Northwestern State at 2 p.m. today.


11 Responses to “Let Egg Bowl Week Begin”

  1. imabulldog Says:

    Good, I’m first, what do I say….

    “I hate em'”

  2. skydawg706 Says:

    I was at the 1983 game and remember the “Immaculate Deflection”.

    I was at Ark/MSU game and was sweating the missed field goal – hoping that it would not come back to haunt us – came close.

    I do not care if MSY was 11-0 or 0-11 the only game that really matters to be is the Egg Bowl.

    Dawgs played good game to me Saturday both sides of the line – and our defense came through again for us – few scares.

    Woody and Croom going to a consertativey game plan last of 3rd & 4th quarter with 10 point lead – still fail to understand. Like to have bite us in the bud.

    See changes coming next year – special teams coach got to be in the head lights.

    Dear Santa, all I want for Christmans is an Egg Bowl win.

  3. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    ima, can’t believe that you have hate within your soul. Congrat on your win Saturday, impressive in some ways. Offense findly manage to score some points taking the load of that good defense, well done. I would say thought, enjoy that win because I don’t thing that Miss State will see another in football this season.

  4. imabulldog Says:

    Maybe the only thing I Hate JB, but as far as Rebs go- you are cool in my book 🙂

    Maybe I shouldve said that UM is the team I dislike the most, the team I never want to win another game, especially the Egg Bowl, but I do hope they all get to heaven :), I really do

  5. goldendawg Says:

    So I called my cable company to order the game on GamePlan. They said they only do it by the day or by the season and that Friday was not eligible to be bought by the day. So the only way I can get it is by paying 120 bucks for the season package even though its the last week of the season…

    This sucks!

  6. carwwest Says:

    i thought the game was on raycom??…

  7. goldendawg Says:

    i live in oklahoma… outside of the raycom area

  8. dawgface52 Says:

    So it’s an 11:30 game?

  9. claytaylor32 Says:

    Brad, just wanted to tell you that I appreciate the work you have done since taking over for Gregg Ellis. I followed the blog when he was over it and have avidly followed it with you at the helm this football season and love the work you do. As a lifelong bulldog fan its a luxury to see instant stats from games and quotes from players and coaches. I would have commented sooner, but just now took the time to get an account! Again, thanks and keep up the good work brother!

  10. carwwest Says:

    gotcha golden, hope oklahoma (big 12 country) is treating you alright…havent been there in a long time…

    but BL, anybody ask croom about relf and bonner??…i think it would be in croom’s best interest to just not say things to the media anymore…im glad we won but his interview and answers dont help his own case….

  11. Brad Locke Says:

    Why, thank you clay. Appreciate the kind words.

    Carw, none of us thought to ask about Bonner or Relf for some reason. I’ll be sure to ask him tomorrow what kind of “secret weapons” he’ll be using this week.

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