Blog Bag: Egg Bowl Edition


It’s Egg Bowl Week, which means it’s a short week. Go ahead and send me all your questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them. But just so you know, my deadlines are scrunched up. It’d be a good time to ask about some Egg Bowl history.

Took in some football practice today. They went a little over two hours at the Palmeiro Center. I caught up with cornerbacks coach Melvin Smith and tailback Anthony Dixon. You’ll see their thoughts in the paper later this week.

OK, off to be with me. Ask away.

PS: MSU’s Robert Scribner finished 152nd at the NCAA Cross Country Championships today. He turned in a time of 31:20.8 – 10K course – in his final collegiate race.


28 Responses to “Blog Bag: Egg Bowl Edition”

  1. dc31 Says:

    Is Brett Favre building a house in Starkville near Croom?

    QB Coach?

  2. Brad Locke Says:

    Don’t you wish.

  3. dadwithpride Says:

    Any scenario,such as a (70-3) beatdown, that Croom would resign after game? More likely, do you see coordinator/staff changes fairly soon after game?

  4. tebmsu97 Says:

    I know we all have questions about coaching changes at this point, but what has me more worried is the stability of the recruiting class. Is anyone hearing about our recruits waffling at this point?

    Do we have any Juniors that are considering jumping ship early, not that I know who would have a shot, but you never know what goes through a kids mind?

    Any teeth to the Wes C wanting a transfer rumor?

  5. itadog20 Says:

    I think we have too many negative fans. I was on the sideline before the Arkansas game and our team is very upbeat. Our coaches were very upbeat. We had a lot of recruits there. The receiver from Noxubee that decommitted was there. We must look at the big picture. We will not finish last in the SEC West this year(Arkansas). If we win Friday, which will be a tough task, we will finish 5-7. I am not playing if and buts. The fact is if Coach Croom would have pulled a Saban or a Bowden this spring with the gun incident we would be going back to a bowl game this year. I can stand behind Coach Croom. He has something that is missing in the NCAA, SEC, and the world for that matter-integrity. If we fire coach Croom or run him off, we will be doing exactly what every coach in the SEC wants us to do. Look at our history. Lets judge him starting on last years accomplishments. If we are not any better in the next 2 years then I believe Coach Croom will know its time to go. If he can average taking us to a bowl game every other year, I for one will take it.

  6. itadog20 Says:

    Oh, I forgot. GO TO HELL OLE MISS!

  7. goldendawg Says:

    Ita, not sure that I agree with your first post but heartily agree with the second point!

  8. carwwest Says:

    even if you judge him on last year’s accomplishments ita, this year shows he cant sustain success…say what you want about the gun incident but mike brown and company did not cost us the la tech, auburn, and KY games…that was coaching…lets not forget how we got dominated by a terrible tenn team either…

    i heard the wesley carroll transfer rumor…i didnt really think it had much weight to it but honestly i wouldnt blame him if he did want to leave….especially with the success he had last year….i imagine it is very hard for him to play so much as a freshman only to see he isnt probably going to get another chance…but he never had a chance to begin with under this staff…

    what is this about we ran a spread offense this last week??…i didnt get to see the game and people on other boards are saying we ran more of a spread??

  9. jrc211 Says:

    I never heard an explanation of the sideline interference call we got on that punt return where McAdams got roughed in the Arkansas game. Did a coach/player get in the way of an official or something like that? Also has anybody heard if Montrell Conner is still solid commit or is he starting to look elsewhere (Oregon)?

  10. moorebs Says:

    ITA I don’t buy it…You give me ONE good reason why I as an alumnus shouldn’t expect more from this football program than what I am getting. I am not saying that we should have 10 wins and compete for a championship every season, but there is NO reason why we can’t consistently field a 6 or 7 win team year in and year out. I think some of our fan’s expectations are too low.

  11. bigdraws Says:

    I know mine are. Look at our history.

  12. deaddawg1 Says:

    moorebs, you are right on the mark. It is obvious we can’t have that with our current staff of five years. Take away three plays from last years fluke season and we would have lost to Auburn, Bama and the Rebs. If we don’t convey our expectation to Byrne and Keenum, then why would they change anything? I know they inherited a mess, but its in their power to make amends. Let them know how you feel.

  13. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Anything to this, rumors are Miss State will offer Coach Croom a life time football contract after the egg bowl.

  14. bigdraws Says:

    Is it true that there is ocean front property in Kansas up for sale?

  15. moorebs Says:

    Barbee as far as I’m concerned we scratched your back last year to allow you to have Houston Nutt. Now it is your turn to return the favor.

  16. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Ha! Draws, went this morning and got plenty of refreshment for the game on Friday. After the game, hope it not necessary to over indulge in sorry . Cool aid some time help to numbs the nerves.

  17. Jimmy Barbee Says:


  18. truedog4 Says:

    Last year, Coach Croom brought in Emory Bellard before the Alabama game. I thought it was a fantastic move to show the bigness of the game and the possibility of winning it. Does the coach have any plans to bring in someone who had a key moment/big game against Ole Miss?

  19. imabulldog Says:

    Maybe CC could get Sheril to castrate Pete Boone!

  20. thingreenline Says:

    That’s already been done to Boone, ima. In two seperate UM alumni households, there is a testicle in formaldahyde (sp.?) over a fireplace.
    Boone is a puss.

  21. imabulldog Says:

    ha 🙂

  22. dc31 Says:

    Brad, I’m serious about that rumor.

  23. imabulldog Says:

    we just won a close one boys! Go Dawgs

    Brad, I’m like some of the guys- can we get an update on our recruiting status.

    BTW, going home to my High School Friday nite to see our future Qb light up Oak Grove

  24. goldendawg Says:

    Where did you hear that dc31? I’ve been a big Favre fan my whole life…

  25. carwwest Says:

    i just saw some of the game on the arkansas postgame show….please tell me the end zones are not going to look like that anymore….they were hideous!!!….what happened to the days where we had the best turf??…maybe its just me but those endzones were UGLY!!!….

    but you could tell two bad teams were playing during the game….it didnt like no 41,000 people there to me either….a lot of empty seats…

  26. bigdraws Says:

    The only seats empty on the bottom levels were on the SE side. My seats are on the West side, and only the edges were open on the east upper deck. Obviously I couldn’t see the upper deck behind me, but they are usually visitors I believe.

  27. joekstewart Says:

    3 questions:

    1) Where is Ducre?

    2) Who is out there for as OC?

    3) Will Croom fire his DC to try and get John Chavis from UT?

  28. skydawg706 Says:

    I had a friend son tell me – even in the game stations – playing MSU – the West Coast Offense stinks.

    I was at the ARK-MSU game, understood there were 42k plus , not bad-not good. Win or loose, rain/cold weather, opening day of deer season, I be there to support the Dawgs.

    Have any you guys submitted your resume for any of the coaching positions at State?

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