Croom Says …


Here’s some of what coach Sylvester Croom had to say this morning on his weekly media teleconference about his Bulldogs and the Egg Bowl (I hear Ole Miss is a 13-point favorite):

• On RB Christian Ducre‘s decreased playing time: “He’s not playing well. Anthony Dixon’s playing well, and (Arnil) Stallworth’s playing well.”

• On getting guys like Wade Bonner and Chris Relf some game action: “I would’ve loved to put them in there the other day, (but) the game’s still on the line. And I would’ve loved to have gotten those two guys some playing time, but you have to get the game in position where you’ve got things in control first.” He said he’ll try to get Relf in this week.

• On handling the emotional side of the Egg Bowl: “The thing you’ve got to do is with the short week, guys have to be very focused about preparation. … We’re getting down to the last classes, they’ve got to concentrate on that as well. Got to stay off their feet as much as they can.”

• On simplifying the playbook for Dixon on Saturday: “The keys, understanding the blocking game, those are specific things everybody has to understand. But I always look at running backs as artists in their own right. I like them to run with their own style, but not at the expense of the blocking schemes.”

• On what a win would mean: “The biggest thing is you finish on a positive note, and you feel good going into offseason and getting ready for spring practice and moving into next season.”


13 Responses to “Croom Says …”

  1. maroon1white Says:

    BL, has there been much talk about attendance for this game? With this game being the early tv matchup I haven’t heard much from either side about actually attending the game.

    I personally will be at the house watching it on smear-vision…I mean Raycom.

    Go Dogs!

  2. deaddawg1 Says:

    So much for ending the season on a positive note. We did that last year and look what we got this year! I’d love to beat the Rebs, but if it means we get Croom and co. back again for another year, I would rather lose by a 100 points. I never thought I would ever make a statement like that, but enough is enough! Croom’s gotta go!!!!!

  3. imabulldog Says:

    I am still willing to give him another year-WITH and only with a new Off. Cord., otherwise I’ll pack his stuff for him. The guy has a lot of bite left in him, ‘we’ just and ‘he’ just needs to surround himself with better coaching.

    Man, it would be sweet to hold on to the EGG for another yr, shine the sweat and blood off it and put it back in the M Club building.

    I can foresee another ‘classic’ Egg Bowl, where the spoiler wins yet again.

    I am well aware of the season Ole P is having, but I could care less, the difference is that they did everything we had the oppurtunity to do…so with ‘rivalry’ all things are aside.

    Its gonna take a week of watching tape, and a lot of walkthru’s but- it is more than possible to kick their tail’ and I hope it happens

  4. deaddawg1 Says:

    Look at where the Rebs finished last year. They hired a good coach and now look where they are. I rest my case.

  5. goldendawg Says:

    I am ready for a coaching change too… but i’m never willing to lose to that other school.

  6. carwwest Says:

    egh, i hate ole piss but they way they are playing right now….it is going to be a very hard uphill battle….i know usually we can throw out all the records but even with beating arky, they dominated LSU…they have all the momentum right now but honestly it looks likes they are playing on a different level than we are right now…i never hope we lose, ESPECIALLY to ole miss but its at they’re place and they are playing good football…

    on what croom says…i dont care, he doesnt say anything worth listening to….relf and bonner are never going to get playing time experience without being put into the game…talking about games on the line, this is the sec!!! the game is always on the line!!!….just stop talking croom unless you are going to say “something”….and ducre isnt playing well??…you dont just lose talent…maybe it has something to do with he spoke his true feelings and you dont want any lip??….dont say he isnt playing well when he isnt playing at all and lie about it…

  7. maroon1white Says:

    Croom will be back next year with some new faces on the staff. Byrne’s not stupid. Stack us up against the other 6 or more schools looking for coaches this off season…we’d be last on the list. This year there’s too many big names in the hat of school’s needing a coach. Byrne will make Croom understand what has to change. I think we pick up Al Borges and give him full rain over the offense, and let Croom worry about making our players men off the field. Then, at the end of ’09 see where we’re at and go from there.

    Go Dogs!

  8. deaddawg1 Says:

    Maroon, why would Al Borges come to be an assistant to Croom? Why would anybody come to be his assistant? May be that’s why we still have Woody and why Ellis Johnson’s replacement was promoted from within. If you were a coach , would you come to be his assistant?

  9. maroon1white Says:

    deaddawg1, do you know a school that would name Borges a head coach? If not then he’s met his ceiling. OC will be what Borges will always be. So a paycheck is better than nothing. Basically, the point I’m trying to make is don’t get your hopes up Croom is leaving. Its not going to happen this year. Not with so many schools looking for coaches with a lot better programs than State. Byrne will have Croom change the OC & special teams and see what comes of it.

  10. carwwest Says:

    i think byrne will make a hire to excite people so it will take the heat off of not getting rid or croom…borges will not excite anybody because it is that WCO crap….just my opinion…

  11. deaddawg1 Says:

    Maroon, I still hold out that Byrne will do the best thing for the school and show Croom the door out. I know it would be expensive, but keeping him on another year will prove more costly in many respects that will be long lasting. One thing for sure, we don’t have to worry about some other school hiring him away form us. I dont’ think we would be competing in the same circles as the high profile schools anyway. Could be, that some of those schools rejects would fill our needs. I’d take Bowden or Fulmer in a heartbeat over what we have.

  12. imabulldog Says:

    I’ve actually hear that CC and Borges have ties, from more than a few sources.

  13. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Really regretful for me to throw this out here to my good dawgie friends, but I feel that I should. Its my feeling that you will have Coach Croom, as your head football coach around for a long time. He doing a good job, just thing not working out for him and the team now. Please give this man more time and be patient with him.

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