Blog Bag: Stuffed


Had a ton of good questions this week, though I’m not how many answers y’all will find satisfactory. It was a short, busy week for me, but I did that best I could. Here you go.

Q: Is Brett Favre building a house in Starkville near Sylvester Croom? QB coach?
A: I have heard nothing of the sort. Seems far-fetched to me.

Q: Any scenario, such as a (70-3) beatdown, that Croom would resign after game? More likely, do you see coordinator/staff changes fairly soon after the game?
A: No, and if anything happens at all with the coaching staff, I would expect it to happen pretty quickly.

Q: Is anyone hearing about our recruits waffling at this point?
A: I’ve heard that DE Pernell McPhee (ICC) might be taking a visit to Michigan, and he’s now listed as a “soft” commitment. On the positive side, de-commit Pat Patterson still has MSU on his radar. But you never know what goes through a kid’s mind.

Q: Do we have any juniors that are considering jumping ship early, not that I know who would have a shot, but you never know what goes through a kid’s mind?
A: I don’t think anyone on MSU’s roster could fool themselves that much. The Bulldogs’ best juniors are RB Anthony Dixon and WR Brandon McRae, and they aren’t accomplished enough.

Q: Any teeth to the Wes Carroll wanting a transfer rumor?
A: If there was, I would’ve written about it by now.

Q: I never heard an explanation of the sideline interference call we got on that punt return where Blake McAdams got roughed in the Arkansas game.
A: J.C. Brignone and a few other linemen started walking onto the field thinking the play was over. We (the media) think they were told by a coach to go.

Q: Last year, Coach Croom brought in Emory Bellard before the Alabama game. I thought it was a fantastic move to show the bigness of the game and the possibility of winning it. Does the coach have any plans to bring in someone who had a key moment/big game against Ole Miss?
A: No idea. I’d planned to ask that question during the SEC teleconference on Wednesday, but I didn’t even have time to get on it.

Q: Where is Christian Ducre?
A: Waaay down the depth chart. Croom: “He’s not playing well. Anthony Dixon’s playing well, and (Arnil) Stallworth’s playing well.” And that’s all he had to say about that.

Q: Who is out there for an offensive coordinator?
A: Al Borges, Tony Franklin and Tommy Bowden come to mind. To be honest, I’m not real good at keeping up with assistant coaches from other schools.

Q: Will Croom fire his DC to try and get John Chavis from UT?
A: Don’t know why he would. Charlie Harbison has done a good job.


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