Egg Bowl: Official Game Thread


Here we go, the Egg Bowl set to kick off. MSU wins the toss, defers to the second half. Ole Miss to receive. Rebels are wearing the blue jerseys with grey pants, the Bulldogs are in the white shirts with maroon pants.

Here we go.


268 Responses to “Egg Bowl: Official Game Thread”

  1. Brad Locke Says:

    I said “Here we go” twice. Hmmm…

  2. carwwest Says:

    haha this is going to get comical…i know this isnt the best example but does it seem that every time we face a decent scheme offense, we struggle??

  3. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Two bad angles there from Karlin and Keith. Gotta stay home, fellas.

  4. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Let’s see if Tyson stretches the field effectively or if he loses his head.

  5. Brad Locke Says:

    That was quick. Dexter McCluster scores on a 36-yard run out of the Wild Rebel (Brandon Bolden took the snap), and it caps a 5-play, 76-yard drive that took 2:20 off the clock. 7-0 Rebs, 12:40.

  6. carwwest Says:

    really!? a timeout on 3rd & 10….hand the ball off and check his shoulder afterwards!!….

  7. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Tyson for some reason throws the freaking screen as hard as he can, and then he isn’t accurate with it. Deadgum it.

  8. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Unless you think he is going to try to throw the ball, probably throwing a bad ball that has a chance to get picked….

  9. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Tyson’s dragging. He won’t make it through the game.

  10. carwwest Says:

    well we see how that worked out…i understand what you are saying but i think a timeout is more important in that situation…

  11. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Gotta play contain.

  12. goldendawg Says:

    anybody know where i can listen online?

  13. Brad Locke Says:

    Nice stop by Bailey and Douglas on third down, but Joshua Shene’s 43-yard field goal makes it 10-0 Ole Miss, 8:08 of the 1st quarter.

  14. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Don’t know of anywhere for free, but I think you can on Yahoo.

  15. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Tyson’s gonna have to hit some balls down the field to stop this pressure.

  16. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Terrible decision.

  17. carwwest Says:

    that pass had NO chance!!

  18. carwwest Says:

    tyson cant throw the ball down field, jc….

  19. Brad Locke Says:

    Wow, what a pick by Ashlee Palmer, one play after ringing Tyson Lee’s bell.

  20. dadwithpride Says:

    Aint this awful?

  21. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Marcus is getting picked on pretty good.

  22. dadwithpride Says:

    Offensive line must have stayed in Starkville

  23. mathistondawg Says:

    I don’t think we have palyed this bad on defense all year. we are behind the receiver on every play

  24. jcdawgman18 Says:

    dad, they’re just bringing too many to block. There are guys open, we just have to find them.

  25. dadwithpride Says:

    Snead was quite a steal for Ole Miss

  26. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Defense needs the offense to make a drive right here so they can get their heads back about them.

  27. carwwest Says:

    ok i told you this was going to get comical…the only thing we can hope for now is that this is croom’s last debacle….

  28. dadwithpride Says:

    Poor protection equals poor offensive scheme

  29. dadwithpride Says:

    on one sack, #78 let the sacker run right by him

  30. carwwest Says:

    tyson cant see, thats why he cant find receivers….

  31. mathistondawg Says:

    the team looks down today. This is going to be a bloodbath. CROOM MAKE SOME ADJUSTMENTS!!!

  32. jcdawgman18 Says:

    How’s Wes for an adjustment?

  33. mathistondawg Says:

    I guess we will find out, huh?

  34. dadwithpride Says:

    JUst glad this isn’t on national TV like some of our other beatdowns

  35. mathistondawg Says:

    not much of an adjustment.

  36. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Freaking Hardy

  37. dadwithpride Says:

    Maybe we throw the towel in ?

  38. carwwest Says:

    god no blocking…

  39. carwwest Says:

    see that shouldnt go down as wes’s fault because we were going down field but everybody will see carroll sucks…

  40. jcdawgman18 Says:

    We need a big play, BAD

  41. dadwithpride Says:

    I hope Byrne feels our pain!

  42. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Not Wes’s fault at all. Hardy got there in like 2 seconds.

  43. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Damein Anderson nearly just got shot by that freaking cannon.

  44. mathistondawg Says:

    no it wasn’t his fault. however, the team looks like they are ready to go home.

  45. dadwithpride Says:

    Finally a sign from above (or at least the stands), “FIRE CROOM NOW”

  46. carwwest Says:

    im pretty sure that guy blogs on a different site i get on sometimes….and wade bonner looks SOOOOFFFFFTTTT!!!!…..

  47. mathistondawg Says:

    well, we need to lose like 70-0 to even put that on the radar. Since this game is over – anyone have any ideas on who we need to take over?

  48. carwwest Says:

    i still think we can get a big up and coming name like bronco mendehall or maybe a very good D-1 OC to come in as a HC….

  49. dadwithpride Says:

    ABC-Anybody But Croom

  50. Brad Locke Says:

    End of 1st quarter, and Ole Miss leads 24-0. Thoughts:

    • State is getting its tail whipped.
    • Not much else to say, except that it appears Tyson Lee might be too injured to play. Or too ineffective.

  51. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Or both.

  52. dadwithpride Says:

    New Game_ Anybody want to guess how many they put on us?, and IF we’ll score at all?

  53. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Side note: Last Raycom no-def game! Beautiful ESPN next year!

  54. carwwest Says:

    i think the put 48 on us and we get 7 or 10 late….

  55. carwwest Says:

    3 f*&King guys just sacked him!!!

  56. jcdawgman18 Says:

    The old sorry Blake is back one more time.

  57. carwwest Says:

    nice mcshank….our guys have COMPLETELY given up!!

  58. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Not that it seems it is going to matter.

  59. mathistondawg Says:

    they will have 34 by the half at least. we won’t score. I say we don’t have 40 yards at the half

  60. jcdawgman18 Says:

    So you’re saying there’s a chance…..

  61. carwwest Says:

    what is he so happy for???…he are losing 24-0!!!

  62. skydawg706 Says:

    I cannot take it anymore…..going to be a long day….and mostly likley ugly score.

    Oh well, next year. “click – turn radio off”.

    Think I head to the woods – hunt bambi.

  63. mathistondawg Says:

    yes life!!! cmon dawgs get fired up

  64. Brad Locke Says:

    First quarter stats:
    • First downs: MSU 1, UM 9
    • Rushing yards: MSU 11, OM 75
    • Passing yards: MSU 13, OM 117

    Big pick by Karlin Brown there. And Tyson Lee’s back at QB.

  65. skydawg706 Says:

    someone UPS or FedEX OC some new plays…..

  66. carwwest Says:

    so not that the game is out of hand, any chance we see relf or somebody?? doubt it…

  67. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Boobie just got hit as he got the handoff. That won’t cut it at all.

  68. carwwest Says:

    i swear to god, this coaching staff is the stupidest coaching staff in america hands down….have they ever been around the game of football!?!?

  69. carwwest Says:

    i just hope tyson stays out cause he is going to die out there today…

  70. deaddawg1 Says:

    Does anybody know a good Jr. high team we can schedule next year?

  71. dadwithpride Says:

    I hope Byrne is sitting right in the middle of some Ole Miss fans., If he hasnt already left!

  72. carwwest Says:

    carroll get the snap and took off running,… the f*&K is that intentional grounding when he got hit!?!?!

  73. jcdawgman18 Says:


  74. dadwithpride Says:

    a beautiful 17 yard punt with no prssure. Great

  75. carwwest Says:

    who cares??…are there really those out there that think this team right now is “so much better” than when croom got here???….despite the illusion of him being the best character guy, his teams on the field are always lost!!!!

  76. dadwithpride Says:

    27 yards, excuse me

  77. carwwest Says:

    somebody tell karlin brown’s midget butt to quit acting like we are winning….its pissing me off…

  78. dadwithpride Says:

    Hey Brad, has the few in Maroon left the stands yet?

  79. carwwest Says:

    way to run away fro mthe play washington you puss….

  80. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Hate to see DP hurt…

  81. carwwest Says:

    man i hope DP is ok…that would just be insult to injury for him to get hurt his last game…

  82. dadwithpride Says:

    I piggie isnt hurt too bad, don’t want to ruin his pro career, playing for that clown in the goofy hat.

  83. Brad Locke Says:

    Derek Pegues is down and hurting. Looks like the left knee, not sure. This is going from bad to worse for State.

  84. Brad Locke Says:

    Dad, they don’t seem to be exiting. Yet.

  85. charleston11 Says:

    This is embarrassing! The only color that matters now is pink slip!

  86. dadwithpride Says:

    Maybe we can get a package deal with Meridian High Schools Coach, come with their QB, WR’s, etc, COuldnt do worse!

  87. charleston11 Says:

    They will exit if UM scores here.

  88. charleston11 Says:

    Meridian High would play with better EFFORT and HEART than the Bullfrogs!

  89. carwwest Says:

    i will say this…nutt is a real coach and is still playing to kill even though they are up by 24…if we ever got up by ten croom goes into conservative mode…just shows one more reason why he is a joke…

  90. jcdawgman18 Says:

    I like that Zach Smith. Not afraid to stick his nose in there.

  91. charleston11 Says:

    Hit the crossbar!

  92. Brad Locke Says:

    Ole Miss misses a 50-yard field goal.

  93. dadwithpride Says:

    DOes Ole Miss bring in new QB’s to prevent further injury to Snead, or do they try to pad stats

  94. charleston11 Says:

    No question who the better coach is in this game. I also thought Petrino was the better coach last week.

  95. charleston11 Says:

    Locke- how can you continue covering a team this awful?

  96. deaddawg1 Says:

    Are there any Crxxm supporters left?

  97. carwwest Says:

    i dont expect to see much of snead in the second half…

  98. charleston11 Says:

    State offense line is FAT and LAZY! They don’t even try to move!

  99. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Crap. BMac’s leg is broke as crap.

  100. carwwest Says:

    kind of resembles our head coach huh charleston??

  101. Brad Locke Says:

    I think McRae just broke his leg.

  102. mmsdawg Says:

    OMG….his leg is broke bad

  103. carwwest Says:

    god take out our better players!!!@!!!!!!

  104. jcdawgman18 Says:

    I hate artificial turf.

  105. charleston11 Says:

    I hate to see the injury to McRae.

  106. charleston11 Says:

    That is pitiful. Can they not practice snaps during practice or is there too much laughing going on?

  107. jcdawgman18 Says:

    The poll they have going on is ridiculous. You know all the Bummer fans are screwing it up.

  108. carwwest Says:

    i want these announcers to f*&king shut the he!! up….QUIT MAKING EXCUSES FOR HIM!!!!

  109. carwwest Says:

    croom could go winless and the media would say “he is doing it the right way”….what does that even mean anymore!?!?!?!?

  110. carwwest Says:

    broken tibia is a huge injury!!!!….it ruined my college football career….

  111. charleston11 Says:

    Clean house immediatly after the game~! Hire Kiffin or Gruden to a 5 year deal.

  112. carwwest Says:


  113. jcdawgman18 Says:

    charleston, if you think that is realistic you’re really out of touch.

  114. farley662 Says:

    Put in Relf damn it!

  115. carwwest Says:

    we look like a middle school team….

  116. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Won’t miss Aubrey Bell too much.

  117. carwwest Says:

    tough catch my ass…it hit him in the hands….catch the ball…

  118. charleston11 Says:

    Yeah, I’m out of touch watching this bull**** the last 5 years!

  119. jcdawgman18 Says:

    I’m saying that we could hire either of those two.

  120. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Plus you can’t have a deal longer than 3 years on paper.

  121. carwwest Says:

    settled down because ole miss is running the ball every play…i hate announcers….

  122. carwwest Says:

    oh look what happend when they throw the ball…..croom has to leave….

  123. charleston11 Says:

    This game was over from the start! That does it- start exititng now.

  124. carwwest Says:

    any state fans thre now, BL??

  125. Brad Locke Says:

    More than I would expect there to be, carw.

  126. charleston11 Says:

    Hail mary to the endzone- watch

  127. carwwest Says:

    ok im starting to believe the players do play harder when lee is in there because that is what, 3 drops now while carroll is in…

  128. dawgface52 Says:

    Well as long as were getting raped, I hope it ends 60 – 0. Maybe that will force Greg to get rid of Crooms ass. I’m tired of this crap.

  129. charleston11 Says:

    This is a sad day for MSU Football.

  130. carwwest Says:

    punt?? really?? gave up a long time ago….

  131. charleston11 Says:

    Finally halftime

  132. mmsdawg Says:

    thank goodness it is half over..

  133. Brad Locke Says:

    Halftime, it’s Ole Miss 31, MSU 0. Some thoughts:

    • Can’t believe there’s another half to go. I wonder how many scrubs Croom will play.
    • MSU offensive line is overmatched, slower, got no chance. The QBs have been getting hit on almost every single dropback.
    • The MSU secondary might not be as good as we thought.

    Stats forthcoming.

  134. mathistondawg Says:

    I dread church tomorrow

  135. charleston11 Says:

    Locke- Question for Croom after the game- Coach , what happened?

  136. thespear Says:

    Name Rocky Felker the head coach for the second half…. I haven’t seem Croom get on a player yet. Wonder if Greg Byrne is rethinking things!

  137. charleston11 Says:

    Saban would have those Bulldogs beleiving they could win! Practices would be intense and not any laughing going on.

  138. charleston11 Says:

    That’s a problem as well- having Fleker on board.

  139. Brad Locke Says:

    Brandon McRae update: He has a compound fracture of his right tibia, and he’s headed to Columbus for immediate surgery.

    Halftime stats
    First downs: MSU 4, OM 14
    Rushes-Yards: MSU 14-7, OM 23-135
    Passing yards: MSU 35, OM 189
    Total yards: MSU 42, OM 324
    Time of possession: MSU 12:43, OM 17:17
    Third down: MSU 1-8, OM 2-5

    RB Anthony Dixon: 8-17
    QB Tyson Lee: 3-6-1, 19 yards
    QB Wesley Carroll: 2-10-1, 16 yards
    WR Jamayel Smith: 2-23
    LB Karlin Brown: 8 tackles

    Ole Miss
    RB Dexter McCluster: 6-60, 1 TD
    RB Cordera Eason: 9-35
    QB Jevan Snead: 10-13-1, 189 yards, 3 TDs
    WR Shay Hodge: 6-76, 1 TD
    WR Mike Wallace: 2-89, 2 TDs
    SS Jamarca Sanford: 3 tackles

  140. carwwest Says:

    man that is terible news about mcrae….i pray for him and his family….

  141. carwwest Says:

    wes in my book is 5-10 not that it really helps….but three drops….give me a break….

  142. ericintupelo Says:

    Man I can’t help but think of the movie Varsity Blues. It would be great if our team said they weren’t going back on the field with Croom and he just didn’t show up

  143. ericintupelo Says:


  144. carwwest Says:

    do we have a line??

  145. ericintupelo Says:

    Hope Ole Miss gets to go to the Cotton Bowl

  146. carwwest Says:

    these guys are just out there going through the motions…the just want the clock to hit zeros….

  147. charleston11 Says:

    Brigone is awful. He is letting guys go right ny him.

  148. ericintupelo Says:

    The only reason I say that is that maybe Jordan Lindsey can get to see Ole Miss play since he’s in MD Anderson in Texas battling cancer. The coaches and players at Ole Miss wear his red and blue bracelet during the games and even though I’m a die hard State fan, this loss won’t hurt nearly as bad if he gets to see them play

  149. ukrainedog Says:

    I hope they get embarrassed by Texas Tech in the Cotton Bowl.

  150. carwwest Says:

    would these idiots stop celebrating!!?!?!?

  151. charleston11 Says:

    It’s not all about the money!

    How College Football Coaches Are Paid: Revealed!
    How much does Penn State college football coach Joe Paterno earn? Some speculated that the collegiate gridiron legend was scoring $1 million a year. When he was hired back in 1966, Paterno was earning a reported $20K a year. According to, the 80-year-old earned a college football coach salary of $427,220 during the first 10 months of 2007, which means he should clock in at $512,664 for 2007. In 2006, he was reportedly paid $490,638

  152. charleston11 Says:

  153. carwwest Says:

    why is tyson back in??….put relf in you fat azz…at least let us see what he looks like…

  154. charleston11 Says:

    Why does Tyson roll out 20 yards thinking somebody is going to be open?

  155. carwwest Says:

    oh what do you know, they catch the ball…something smells fishy….

  156. charleston11 Says:

    Watch Croom hire another ” friend” in Mike Sherman feom TX Am

  157. charleston11 Says:

    just run the the back of the endzone for a safety TYSONNNNNNNNNNNN

  158. carwwest Says:

    this really is pathetic….croom should announce his resignation in the post game interview….

  159. tupelobizbuzz Says:

    Even in Sherrill’s last year, the 31-0 beatdown was better than this.

    Yep, it’s time to clean house. Sorry Coach Croom, but there’s not a whole lot you can say to excuse this pitiful performance. Ole Miss is good ,but we’re making them look great, and that’s not going to sit well with State fans.

    And, Go To Hell Ole Miss.

  160. charleston11 Says:

    Clemson will outbid Ole Miss for Nutt! All because there is no PASSION from any of the Bulldogs! Play with some effort and determination!

  161. carwwest Says:

    why is snead in the game??….if i were nutt and he was hurting before the game, i would be sitting him….we see how fast people can get hurt…

  162. charleston11 Says:

    Nutt needs to run the score up like Texas did last night! More points= up in the polls.

    Final score- UM 51, MSU 0.

    And Ole Miss will be printing those tshirts up with the score on them!

  163. Brad Locke Says:

    End of 3rd quarter, 38-0 Ole Miss. No thoughts at this time.

  164. carwwest Says:

    put in relf!!!

  165. charleston11 Says:

    Why no thoughts?

  166. charleston11 Says:


    Relf gets hit hard and TYSON LEE is on the sidelines SMILING!!!! WHATS SO **** FUNNY?

  167. carwwest Says:


  168. imabulldog Says:

    WE SUCK!!! Crxxms gotta go

  169. charleston11 Says:

    ARK 14 LSU 3

  170. carwwest Says:

    do these players have a concept of where they are right now…down 45 nothing and they get up still celebrating after an easy hit…effing pathetic…

  171. charleston11 Says:

    Everything is so funny to them. Laughing at practice, happy go lucky attitudes, ear rings, etc.

  172. carwwest Says:

    wait he just ran over the guy that was celebrating!!! serves him right…

  173. carwwest Says:

    once again…..all on coaching…there is no way i will support this team next year if croom is retained….none whatsoever…

  174. charleston11 Says:

    Cohen needs to be the coach!

  175. carwwest Says:

    and i thought delmon robinson would be a decent returner but he looks scared!!!

  176. carwwest Says:

    hahahahahahahaha…if this staff isnt let go…..

  177. charleston11 Says:

    #79 is awful

  178. charleston11 Says:

    Delmon is scared! this isn’t Vicksburg High

  179. carwwest Says:

    you are telling me ducre couldnt play for this team???….croom is a selfish azz….

  180. tupelobizbuzz Says:

    If I were Brad, I’d pretty much be speechless, too. He’s had to watch us all year, and there’s not a whole lot left to say, I’m afraid.

    Love my Dogs, but good God, we suck.

    This butt-kickin’ should help recruiting a lot.

  181. skydawg706 Says:

    Ole Miss had all year to watch State offense game plan, not hard to plan a defense aroung 8 plays, if that many.

    NO OFFENSIVE LINE……..period.

  182. carwwest Says:

    9 sacks??….croom was on o-lineman….dont give me anymore excuses, just your resignation….you joke.,..

  183. charleston11 Says:

    Maybe Meridian QB is watching and backs out like Patterson and Garrett.

  184. carwwest Says:

    just stop talking daves…

  185. RoastBeef1 Says:

    Left the game early to be the traffic and yes, I’m attending Ole Miss, but I just want to give an unbias view of State. I grew up a State fan and in a way, it pained me to watch that display on the field today. Am I happy Ole Miss is fixing to win? Absolutely. But to me, it’s just amazing how bad State played today.

    Now clearly Lee has to scramble out to see and that hurt him. Carroll is garbage and Relf doesn’t look like anything special. State has a great QB coming in with Russell from Meridian BUT, he is a true pocket passer and how good will he be with that offensive line? For me, Crxxm was an offensive lineman and should be able to get better results from that group but here’s my main problem. The WR’s are horrible for State. I hate what happened to McCrae today but with a WC offense, you have to get seperation and throw quick passes. If you can’t get seperation on the Ole Miss secondary, there is something wrong.

    As for Crxxm, you guys are a broken record. I try to read insight on State sports from this blog and all you guys ever post is how Crxxm should be fired. WE GET IT! Why not back the team though that is trying to represent the University you support? There are some classy guys representing your school and you should support them. I’m with you that a change should happen, but it probably can’t. SEC Coach of the Year last year! This is Mississippi State, you can’t expect to be competing for SEC titles every year. Every school has a down season. Again, I think he should be gone, but this is just the perception fans need to deal with.

    I’m sorry for the long post, just getting frustrated with all of this “No Support if Crxxm Stays” crap.

  186. charleston11 Says:

    I would tell Tyson Lee to go get on the d*** bus! Only one on the sidelines with his helmet off laughing!!!!

  187. skydawg706 Says:

    I vote this game the worst game of the season……and it had to be against Ole Miss.

    I think MSU players/coach is glad this season is over. Going to be interesting to see all the hoop-t-do buiild up next year…..

    Look at thus way….at least we got the biggest jumbotron in SEC, bragging rights.

  188. carwwest Says:

    STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!!….i’m not racist at all but yall know these excuses would not be made if he was white….

  189. charleston11 Says:

    Roast- then when is enough enough?

  190. carwwest Says:

    nobody cares about your opinion at this moment roast…

  191. RoastBeef1 Says:

    Not making excuses for him, just stating facts. When Ole Miss fired Cutcliffe, there was huge scrutiny among the national media because he had one bad year and got fired. Crxxm has a bad year after being SEC Coach of the Year. Think of the backlash. Also think about the recruiting class he has built up. Next year’s class is very very good. Do you really want to lose those guys? I didn’t hear any of you crying for him to lose his job last year when you became bowl eligible. I even hear SEC West Title talks from you guys. Get over it. Do I have to repeat myself though? I think he should be gone, but it just isn’t feasible. So instead of crying about the whole issue, back the guys who work their butt off to play for your university.

  192. charleston11 Says:

    over/under 48, ummmmmmmmmm

  193. charleston11 Says:

    If Croom is back next year, State will not win a game!

  194. carwwest Says:

    hahaha we are the worst team in the country….

  195. carwwest Says:

    croom couldnt do anything with florida players….i dont care about losing what isnt here….and the liberal media can kiss my azz….

  196. carwwest Says:

    thanks goodness its over….

  197. critter74 Says:

    you can always tell who the true fans are.

  198. carwwest Says:

    what do you mean critter??

  199. imabulldog Says:

    there’s a difference in CC’s case, because Cutcliffe had more than just one year of success.

    I want JOBS- Tonight!!! Absolutley terrible, and we better not recruit anything but a QB and 20 Off Linemen!

  200. dadwithpride Says:

    No way Croom shouldn’t resign. Why stay when you’re a failure, and nobody wants you?

  201. charleston11 Says:

    Not going to happen b/c MSU are in a state of MEDIOCRITY! Nobody has to be accountable for anything, just let Croom and staff stick around another year and watch ticket sales fall. After all it is a business.

  202. carwwest Says:

    i pray byrne understands he cant afford to watch an empty stadium every week….

  203. charleston11 Says:

    I can not WAIT to hear what MR. Croom has to say!

  204. carwwest Says:

    who will he throw under the bus this week??

  205. dawgface52 Says:

    Roast, you make no sense. Enjoy your win, but don’t tell us how we should support or not support our program.

  206. charleston11 Says:

    This may and should make Cristil want to go somewhere else.

  207. charleston11 Says:

    Kiffin to TENN VOLS!

    Boise State Peterson still open.

  208. bulldog22 Says:

    i have tried to use this blog to get info on STATE football but all i have gotten from it is ANTI-STATE I have been a MSU fan for 37 years. We lose some and we win some. It doesn’t change. I’m ok with that. I like the fact we have a coach that stands up for what is right. He realizes the bigger picture that football is not everything for most of these players, it is more important that they get their educations and be prepared for REAL LIFE!!!

  209. imabulldog Says:

    Bulldog22, of all people on here I KNOW the man, worked with for 3 yrs, respect all he stands for, I love the guy, BUT it’s time!

  210. carwwest Says:

    well bulldog22, you have your own opinion but we are not paying him to be a mentor…we are paying him to win games…so if he wants to prepare people for “real life” over football, he needs to look for a new line of work….and this site is not anti-state…having the mentality that we can suck because our coach is a supposed “angel” should be viewed as anti-state….

  211. dadwithpride Says:

    Well, Bulldog 22, it aint like our roster is felled with Rhodes scholars, and model citizens with “Sly” at the helm. Other coaches “do it right” AND WIN, not be embarressed like this season has been. 5 years is plenty, we’re losing and have a less moral team and staff than Sherril ever had.

  212. charleston11 Says:

    How many have been arrested since Croom has been coach?

  213. imabulldog Says:

    and BTW, the people at UT are IDIOTS! What has Kiffin ever done, he is terrible, and besides- you are UT- great coaches will come to you, you don’t have to pursue terrible coaches as if you are desperate

  214. farley662 Says:

    The SOB isn’t a man of character. He blames his players, other coaches and even the fans. His a fat worthless slob who needs to be fired.

  215. charleston11 Says:

    TODAY it is about WINNING! College football is a business!

    I really think that Bobby Hall could coach STATE and MOTIVATE PLAYERS and put the fear of God in them to make them PLAY TO THEIR ABILITY!

  216. carwwest Says:

    i would take kiffin in a heartbeat!!!….anybody listening to his post game comments???

  217. charleston11 Says:

    No what is he saying on the post game?

  218. bulldog22 Says:

    thats not my mentality at all……thats my outlook on life…positive

  219. carwwest Says:

    i dont know charleston, i was asking….

  220. charleston11 Says:

    Sometimes POSITVE will get your azz beat!

  221. bulldog22 Says:

    I will leave you to your whining

  222. carwwest Says:

    call it what you want but we are just tired of the same ole crap week in and week out…it would be one thing if there was potential with croom but THERE ISNT…..

  223. charleston11 Says:

    TENN Vols just hired Kiffin for 2 million a year! His dad Monty will be joing him along with ED O!

  224. jonnychapps Says:

    I am glad this happened. If we didn’t win I wanted it to be a blow out. This HAS to send a message to our AD that we need change.

    RoastBeef, I’m guessing you paid attention to State last year, when we went to a bowl game. You must also understand that that was Croom’s 4th year as Head Coach? You say we don’t give him a chance? After 4 years we made it to a bowl game and we all figured that he finally got our program turned around. It would have been great, I PROMISE you that we don’t expect to win the SEC every year. We’re not that naive! But to think we finally turned the corner and then walk away with a season like this? Even you can’t tell me you would not be wanting someone’s head for that!!

    Bulldog22, if you like State because of the way they shape young minds, then mad props for you. I love the kids and college is a great stepping off point for them. But to say that we shouldn’t be hard on our team because they’re just here to get training for the real life then you’re only kidding yourself. If that were the case then none of them should play football. (This isn’t Pee-Wee). I guarantee you that Alabama’s players get great educations and so do Florida’s. Every die-hard college football fan is going to get upset if they’re team isn’t producing. And ours IS NOT.

    Sorry this was so long, but I feel it needed to be said. I will be a MSU fan till I die, BUT A CHANGE HAS TO BE MADE!!!!!!!

  225. charleston11 Says:


  226. deltawillow Says:

    All I will say is that Jack C. said that the SOnic Drive of the game was going to be his drive home. That about sums it up for our offensive offense.

    Somebody needs to go…

  227. charleston11 Says:

    brad- please let us know if laughing and smiling was going on in the locker room after the game??? I swear, that eats at me. Shows that nobody really cares!

  228. carwwest Says:

    i hear ya charleston…that makes me want to slap some people around…

  229. charleston11 Says:

    Jevan Snead threw for 213 yards and four touchdowns, No. 25 Mississippi set a school record with minus-51 yards rushing allowed. The Rebels (8-4, 5-3 Southeastern Conference), spurred by an opportunity to play in a top-tier bowl, scored 2:20 seconds in, led 24-0 after the first quarter and dominated the fading Bulldogs (4-8, 2-6) in every phase. The margin of victory was the largest in the series since Ole Miss beat Mississippi State 48-0 in 1971. Snead completed his first nine passes for 117 yards and touchdowns of 10 yards to Shay Hodge and 17 yards to Mike Wallace.

  230. thespear Says:

    When will we hear something out of Byrne’s office?

  231. charleston11 Says:


  232. carwwest Says:

    anbody head post game stuff or anything at all yet??

  233. RoastBeef1 Says:

    JC, I said I felt he should be gone. I thought I pointed that out in both of my posts, but I also said that I just don’t think it’s feasible. Way too much backlash. Now if Byrne was to sit Crxxm down and say to fire some of his offensive assistants and he refuses, then Byrne can cut him loose with less backlash. The main reason for my post was to point out that no matter how bad a program is, it’s very selfish for people to say they won’t support a school because of the coach. Crxxm hasn’t gone out and had some type of sex scandal, assault charge, or any of that. It’s not like the football team is corrupt or anything. I’m done with this issue though. You guys can keep on being the same broken record that you’ve been for the past few months.

  234. charleston11 Says:

    Hell, Byrne needs to go! He was at the right place at the right time just b/c of his daddddyyyy being an AD!

  235. charleston11 Says:

    The team is corrupt- they don’t know how to WIN b/c LOSING has become to easy!

  236. carwwest Says:

    we dont reward people with $1.7 million for giving it their all…this aint kindergarten….

  237. charleston11 Says:

    Just the overall attitude of the coaching staff and players not competing today is a shame. And that starts at the TOP! You know why Alabama is winning? b.c they got one hell of a coach that is bothered by the little things if not done correctly!!!

  238. thespear Says:

    I share your frustration charleston, but Byrne has done nothing but prove himself in his new position…. Regardless of how he got the job, I thought he handled the Polk dilemma very professionally. He has yet another test before him. If Croom has the character he’s known for, he will realize his efforts are futile and step down. He has said many times before that when he realizes he’s not doing a good job he would quit. Well, Sly the day has come!

  239. carwwest Says:

    crxxm is all talk….he wont turn down that money….

  240. charleston11 Says:

    And Croom has stated that he would not fire an assistant, that the blame would be put on him.

  241. thespear Says:

    Well, from my eyes, the blames on him… State fans should not have to endure any longer!

  242. carwwest Says:

    not trying to step on toes BL, but i was on veazey’s blog and it was pretty interesting….

  243. carwwest Says:

    ..sorry wrong button…croom raised his voice at him and byrne was there like usual….

  244. charleston11 Says:

    FROM C-L
    As he does so well, Croom, the son of a preacher, went seamlessly from simple answer-the-question mode to rally-the-troops mode.

    “That guy you line up against,” he said, now seemingly addressing his team. “Ten, 15, 20 years from now, both of you may be walking around on canes. You’re going to pass him on the street and you’re going to look him in the eye. And without saying a single word, one of you are going to know the other one got whipped.”

  245. BirdZ! Says:

    Byrne was NOT there, carwwest.

  246. carwwest Says:

    yeah my bad bad guys ….byrne was NOT there….

  247. charleston11 Says:

    Croom can yell at reporters but can’t say a d*** thing to HIS players laughing on the sidelines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  248. toddy22 Says:

    wow, that was shocking, MSU really did not come to play at all

  249. thespear Says:

    any update on pegues injury

  250. charleston11 Says:

    Locke- did you ask him a question?

  251. BirdZ! Says:

    Why spear? He’s done.

  252. farley662 Says:

    Byrne wasn’t at the game?

  253. charleston11 Says:

    Q: Will Croom fire his DC to try and get John Chavis from UT?
    A: Don’t know why he would. Charlie Harbison has done a good job.

    I am laughing so hard right now!!!! 45-0!

  254. BirdZ! Says:

    Not at the Press Conference with Croom. He usually is.

  255. thespear Says:

    i know, birdz, but i wish the guy well in the league… The guys been banged up all year, but he will be in the draft for sure!

  256. farley662 Says:

    Makes more sense. He was too busy answering his emails with, “I read your email.”

  257. imabulldog Says:

    BL, update please???

  258. carwwest Says:

    if we could get todd graham in here with chavis…that would be a staff right there…

  259. thespear Says:

    I think BL is looking for a better team to cover!

  260. charleston11 Says:

    Still got to get the players! What high school freshmen watching the game would want to go to MSU after that pitiful performance?

  261. charleston11 Says:

    BL asked him a better question like, what did you learn from the loss today Coach Croom?

  262. carwwest Says:

    new thread….

  263. skydawg706 Says:

    HEY BRAD…………

    I believe this is a new record for number of post about a game (MSU).

    Ask question…… you still believe in the WC offense? How many more years is it going to take to have more than 8 plays that can be executed.

    Will you be recruiting offense players and corner backs?

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