Egg Bowl Postgame: A Bit Testy


Yes, Sylvester Croom talked about Ole Miss and how well the Rebels played. But the real interesting stuff has to do with him and his future at MSU. He was asked when he might meet with his coaching staff and discuss possible offseason changes: “Well, I’ll look at all that stuff when I get back.”

He was then asked when he’ll meet with athletics director Greg Byrne: “I said, I’ll look at all that stuff when I get back.”

He was then asked if meeting with Byrne is a normal Sunday event: “I said, I’ll look at all of that when I get back.”

Offensive line coach J.B. Grimes and defensive coordinator Charlie Harbison were also asked about the coaching staff’s future, but neither cared to comment on that. Can’t blame them. And all the players asked about the future said they fully expect to have everybody back next year.

As for other Croom quotes:

• “They came in here with the idea they were going to kick our rear ends, and they did that from start to finish.”

• “We were challenged from the time the game started, and we didn’t respond with the kind of intensity that I would expect our football team to respond with. To say the least, I didn’t see that one coming.”

• “We were trying to correct everything. But when a guy just lines up and whips you, there’s not a whole lot of adjustment to that.”

• On his secondary: “I think our guys were a little bit concerned about their speed, and were hesitant. We missed way too many tackles. We didn’t break on the ball well. We just didn’t play well.”

More later. Gotta write.


64 Responses to “Egg Bowl Postgame: A Bit Testy”

  1. carwwest Says:

    blah blah blah….even now he is defiant and will not admit his own fault…there is not one single reason for him to be our coach anymore!!!!

  2. carwwest Says:

    any idea when byrne will answer any questions, BL??

  3. imabulldog Says:

    he yelled at a reporter?

  4. carwwest Says:

    supposedly, he “raised his voice”….i just hope byrne wasnt there so he could be making phone calls to agents about new coaches…

  5. charleston11 Says:

    “And all the players asked about the future said they fully expect to have everybody back next year.”

    You have got to be kidding me! I would get new players as well!

  6. charleston11 Says:

    Tyson Lee has to be the biggest disappointment to me today. I know the line didn’t block but MSU didn’t run the first screen pass all day!

  7. charleston11 Says:

    Headlines for Saturdays DJ Front Page Sports Section: : “CROOMED to the FULLEST”

  8. carwwest Says:

    im tired of excuses…thats all we get from him….byrne has to realize that he will lose a lot of support and respect if he keeps crxxm and that money will be wwwwwaaaayyyyyyy down next year if crxxm is still here….

  9. boonhoggenbeck Says:

    ..sounds like Coarch Croom is as consistently bullheaded with his answers as he is with his offensive scheme…he gets an answer in his head and never deviates. Brad, you’re doing a courageous job…thanks.

  10. imabulldog Says:

    uhhhhhh… Our Qb’s deserve ‘zero’ complaints, they stood on the tracks with trains comin’ all day and from all directions all day. Our O-line got ‘pimp’ slapped ALL day. They probably had to seperate lees braces from his lips at the half. All other aspects we can complain about tho

  11. charleston11 Says:

  12. carwwest Says:

    yeah ima, i agree….they actually did say lee’s braces cut his lip or something and thats one reason he came out….

  13. charleston11 Says:

    Lee was smiling about the azz whooping!

  14. skydawg706 Says:

    Agree there is coaching problems at certain points, do not think it is all Crooms fault. What about some of the players ablity – unable to execute, block, tackle, etc. We have no dept…….WC offense sucks when you do not have the talent to execute it…..

  15. StateDOG Says:

    Wow. They had more points than we had net offense.

  16. carwwest Says:

    well a good coach does the best with what he has…not force feeding the worst coast offense down these poor kids’ throats….even if it wasnt all his fault, something has to give and it should be croom because he sucks as a HC…..

  17. imabulldog Says:

    well there comes a point when laughing keeps you sane

  18. carwwest Says:

    ill be laughing and jumping up and down when crxxm is gone but if he is retained, no bulldog fan has ANYTHING to look forward to next year…

  19. thespear Says:

    If anyone has character on team, it’s Lee. Did you see what Lee was doing when McCrae was on the ground… He was leading the team in prayer. Lee is known all across campus for his leadership on and off the field. Lee and Carroll did all they could today!

  20. thespear Says:

    basketball team down 35-26 at half

  21. kstorey395 Says:

    Can you say…COMPLETE OVERHAUL?

  22. bantyrooster1 Says:

    Croom has GOT to FREAKING GO and take his sideways cap with him. What a damn embarrassing fool his is on the sideline with his gangsta lean going on while his team is getting it’s butt kicked up and down. Props to Ole Miss and their coaching staff. They whipped our butts six ways to Sunday and the game was over mid-way through the first quarter. All you Croom-supporters can kiss my tail. He stinks and shouldn’t be in charge of anything, much less an SEC Division 1 football program.
    What a disgrace.

  23. charleston11 Says:

    and when RELF got sacked, Lee was on the sidelines LAUGHING and SMILING!

    LEE needs to run for Prez since he is such a politician!

  24. imabulldog Says:

    like I said, laughing for sanity…and I think in that case he was smiling at Relf for talking back to the Reb that just hit him

  25. dadawg Says:

    This is the kind of performance and year you get when you have an assistant coach hoping to be a head coach. Head coaches manage coaches, the press, and fans; assistant coaches “look at all that when they get back”. It is time to hire a head coach. Just saying…

  26. thespear Says:

    nicely put

    Basketball team records first loss 63-52!

    Play loser of #4 Pitt and Texas Tech tomorrow!

  27. tupelobizbuzz Says:

    If Croom gets fired, will he say “To say the least, I didn’t see that coming?”

  28. carwwest Says:

    crxxm will call us racist or something…like we didnt give him EVERY chance to succeed….

    skip holtz is still a name i think we could get….he isnt dominating his league but he is in his conference championship and his team is playing very well right, more like they were at the beginning of the year…plus he has a name to bring with him…im not saying he is the best but im just throwing names out there as they hit me…

  29. warbirdz44 Says:

    I couldn’t be happier with the Egg Bowl today so long as it means that Croom is gone.

  30. warbirdz44 Says:

    Also, I was at the game today and stayed the whole time BTW. And once it was apparent that Ole Miss was going to win, I was rooting for them to score as many points as possible in hopes that it would lead to Croom’s firing. I was upset that they didn’t get to 50.

  31. midnightdawg Says:

    Worked all day, avoiding the score so I could listen when I got home. With some strategic screen covering, I was able to log in to M2M and get the game without opening Pandora’s Box 😦 1 quarter thru and can’t take it anymore. 45 points wasn’t shocking after the first 24. 0 for our side was, and that WOULD be the saddest part for me, one of those head in the sand guys who has stuck by Croom (only CC) the whole way, but it wasn’t.

    The most depressing part of listening to the game, er, 1st qtr, was Jack. The man was as professional as always, but even he couldn’t hide his frustration and agitation. After 2nd reb score, and I’m quoting from memory “Bulldogs special teams unit getting tired, gonna need the backup coverage unit”; later in 1st quarter, referring to reb kicker “his leg must be getting tired”.

    I think we’re all on the same page in our love, admiration, and appreciation of Mr. Jack. It makes me incredibly sad to hear him suffer with our Dawgs during the last year(s) of his career here. As much as we agonize over the plight of our team, and believe me, I’m right up there with the most agonizing of you, I can’t imagine how he must feel watching and broadcasting after all his years blessing us. I don’t know how he feels about what coaching changes should be made, but I’m sure he has an opinion and would LOVE to hear it.

    That’s the ultimate Blog Bag question BL. Get his honest opinion on what changes need to be made. I double dawg dare you!

  32. midnightdawg Says:

    i threw up in my mouth reading that post warbirdz. how can you possibly root for ole miss to score more points against us. how can you get up and ring your cowbell on 3rd and inches for our D ever again when you just pulled against them when they’re down? if there’s one thing i’ve learned being a dawg fan all these years it’s you have to to the good with the bad, cause there’s a lot more bad than good, and when the good comes you just roll in it and appreciate it beyond description. but NEVER, NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER pull against your team! gotta go brush my teeth. DISGUSTING!

  33. warbirdz44 Says:

    Let me be more clear. I wasn’t going into the game rooting for us to lose and I would never want us to lose. But once it was 24-0 and it was obvious that Ole Miss was going to win, I was rooting for them to hang 50 so that Byrne would be all but forced to bounce Croom. I tend to look at things from a long term point of view. Yeah, losing 45-0 sucks in the short term, but I honestly thing what happened today will be beneficial in the long term if it forces Byrne to make the right decision and get rid of Croom. I hope you see where I’m coming from now.

  34. midnightdawg Says:

    I understood you the first time warbirdz. I don’t want to argue with you or question your fanhood. Put it in whatever “picture” you want to. All I know is that you rooted for Ole Miss in the second half of the Egg Bowl today. I have to believe that you’re in the minority on that, cause if I’m wrong, there’s nothing Byrne, Croom, any OC, DC, ST coach, trainer, equipment guy, whatever, can do to take this program to the level we want it to be.

  35. bcdog Says:

    I cannot believe the high percentage of idiots on this page calling for Croom’s firing. Who do you think wants to come to MSU? On top of that, NO ONE can argue that we have the best foundation we have had in years…and this years recruiting class should continue to shore up something to build on. This season we were 4 points from being 6-6–all with mostly offensive linemen we weren’t expecting to depend on until NEXT year (which is why they got their butts whipped most games); with our best linebacker out after game one; I will certainly AGREE that McCorvey must go and so in my opinion shoudl Stringer. Our ST this year were horrendous, but with all the problems/injuries, etc to be so close again, I think Croom certainly should get more years (don’t forget this is his first year off probation) UNLESS he refuses to fire McCorvey. How quickly MSU fans forget how bad we were; we have a team that can be competitive and one we can be proud of…because they do not quit.

  36. topdog58 Says:


    I don’t think there are words that can describe lost, idiotic fans like yourself. Keep living in your fantasy world. Four points from 6-6??? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  37. warbirdz44 Says:

    Yeah right bc, we’re all idiots because we have a different opinion than yours. Perhaps if you’d lay off the insults people might respect your opinion a little more.

  38. sprtsfan Says:

    MSU needs to hire Mike Dubose. He will take the job for peanuts and can turn the program around.

  39. theconquistador2 Says:


    Hahaha. People like you are the reason our football team sucks. You’re okay with losing. You probably supported Polk too.

    The whole “a play here or a play there” is a BS excuse that any team can use. If we would have scored 46 points today we would have won. Hell, to use your excuse, we’re just a couple of plays from being 2-10. The fact of the matter is that this is year five we’re a bad 4-8 football team.

    You also said that we’re a team that doesn’t quit. I guess you didn’t watch the game today because that team quit. Well I take that back. In order to quit you have to show up.

  40. warbirdz44 Says:

    Good point there. This team quit as soon as they stepped off the bus. I didn’t see any signs of life out of them the whole game. When a team quits like that, that is a direct reflection on the coach.

  41. carwwest Says:

    bc, you are a joke along with the this coaching staff…if you ACTUALLY do some research before you write your crap on here, you would see that teams that have gotten worse punishments have done better than what crxxm has done…you would also understand that even an average coach could have won 6-7 games with this team with this year’s schedule….you crxxm supporters would follow him into oncoming traffic if he asked you to…talking about probation, while it didnt help, it was not nearly as severe as you people think…some of the crxxm supporters talk about it as if we got the death penalty when it was so far from that…KY, ole miss, and bama had worse penalties but yet better recruiting and won more games…so, so much for that theory….

  42. charleston11 Says:

    Nobody on the Bulldog sideline or staff gave a rip about the game today!
    That was obvious from the first score to the time Relf gets hit hard and then Mr. Tyson Lee wants to laugh about it! Good sport son! SEC ball is not JUCO ball. Words can not decsribe the disgrace I feel for a team that quit, yes QUIT and all the coaches includiing the HEAD COACH allowed it to happen!

  43. toddy22 Says:

    Okay, so I am all for getting rid of a coach that is worthless. We did it last year, and it seems like it was a good decision. But I would say that bcdog makes a good point. We were lucky to get Nutt, and I think it would be difficult for MSU to pull anyone “a whole lot better” than croom.

    Also, wasn’t croom the SEC Coach of the Year last year and didn’t Fulmer go to the game in Atlanta? I think we SEC fans are a bit emotional and should settle down a bit. I know it isn’t my team, so I am a outsider. But I would say, the more the fans do not seem supportive, the worse recruiting will be, and I really do not think Croom is going anywhere for at least one more year.

  44. charleston11 Says:

    Ed thought he was “safe” too huh? Said he never saw it coming!

  45. dawgface52 Says:

    bcdog, that was certainly more entertaining than the game today. Thanks for the good laugh. Think I will go to bed on that note. 🙂

  46. kijabept Says:

    We need to give Croom more time. Besides, if we get rid of him who on earth would want to come to MSU. Could anyone else do better.

  47. charleston11 Says:

    Plenty of coaches could do better! There are a dozen high school coaches in this state that could do better!

    Croom had everything going for him: Green Bay assistant, on Bear Bryants coaching staff, etc, etc.

  48. mathistondawg Says:

    I find it amusing that people who have a different opinion are intolerant of my opinion. Sure people want croom gone – it is their right. Does it make them poor fans – no, once again it is their opinion, and you have to admit, the 4 points or so you mention didn’t happen in part by boneheaded decisions.. I still would like to have sherrill – does that make me less of a bulldog? or more? I want drastic changes made or croom fired. Does that make me less of a bulldog?

    People who were critical of obama were found to be haters. Because I voted for another politician, am I a bad american because I wasn’t in the majority? I think it is my right, as a grad, as a mississippian, as a taxpayer, as a season ticket holder, to get the most for my buck.

    Midnight and BC, your opinion is different. I accept that. Make your argument but don’t consider us as traitors. To say you vomit at the thought of a state fan pulling for ole miss – so what. The game was over, they were playing for a bowl, and we weren’t going to see a comeback were we? Things happen for a reason, maybe this was a wake up call we needed, or croom needed. It was an embarrasment – am I right? I have always said croom is a fine person and needs to surround himself with the best assistants. He hasn’t done that – and after six years of pathetic offense, and special teams blunders – well either make a change or byrne needs to do what they did to coach cut at u of m.

  49. imabulldog Says:

    take away last year, because it’s over, and THINK about this…

    We are worse than we were his first year, really…we won 4 games somehow, competed in 3 others, beat one top 25 team. Sound familiar? We are and already have degressed back to his first 2 years

  50. midnightdawg Says:

    mathdawg, we agree on most points regarding the dawgs. but let me say very clearly: I consider ANY person who openly roots against our team a “traitor”. Your word. Now I used it. I don’t care how much or how little money someone may have given to the Bulldog Club, if you’re rooting for Ole Miss in the Egg Bowl, scratch that, if you’re rooting AGAINST THE BULLDOGS in ANY game, you have some soul searching to do as a fan.

    You can hate the coach and his assistants. I agree, Woody must go, not so educated on the ST coach but won’t shed tears if he goes too. But most of those players some Dawg “fans” were rooting against have busted their axxes day in and day out for months and years, in season and off. We worry about waffling recruits, yet we pull against our kids???? What kid would want to come to some disfunctional stiuation like that?? My only point is HOW DARE any MSU supporter root against them, much less root FOR the webels

  51. imabulldog Says:

    all I got to say is I’m pullin for Auby to get killed like we did, and KAPOOF! New coach…I’d take him

  52. carwwest Says:

    “we should keep him because no one else would come to state that is better”….that is the dumbest crap i have ever heard!!!…the man is 21-37 and wait for it…….10-29 in conference play….i dont care what excuses anybody has….that is terrible….my question to those people, what is crxxm doing that makes you think he is doing a decent job whatsoever???…cant get anything better=already beaten….

  53. thespear Says:

    Sometimes i think a few of you should pinch yourselves and make sure you’re awake, bc some of yall off so out of touch with reality. 4 points? Well, those 4 points meant two more losses. That’s the reality. Do you think Croom really cares more about building character and graduating players more than the majority of coaches in the biz? Sure they all care, but when it comes down to it, they gotta win ball games. The reality is Croom uses words like ‘character’ and ‘the right way’ as some sort of facade to hide behind. The reality is, deep down, most coaches know a lil rowdiness can do some good, jus ask Jackie!!! A competitive lost today would have led to most fans tolerating one more year. But in reality, that never happened. And Croom really deserves to be fired. Forget these facades he puts up, how many other coaches do you know who go 21-37 in there first 5 years with a program are still around? Is that record worth $1.7 million a year, is it worth a stubburn coach who won’t listen to anyone and makes dumb requests like a balcony at his office? If not then why don’t we save some money and high a cheap loser! Either that or reinvest our money. Supporting Croom to stay on board is like investing your money in a collasping company! Sorry for the rant BL, but I have heard to much garbage from the pro and anti Croom camps today! Get in touch with reality FOLKS!

  54. shuffle02 Says:

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    Croom has had some bad years and one really good year, and a heck of a large hill to climb. He’s answered many questions, and he’s still left plenty of those questions unanswered. He’s made good calls, he’s made…. -You get my point by now, I’m certain. He is a coach. He is a human. Just like every other human, he has had accomplishments and failures. He is in a high profile position where he is paid very well. Much should be expected from him, but please remember, he is human. He breathes the very same air we do. No matter how we feel about it all, we should remember a few things:

    1. We’re sharing OPINIONS here.
    2. We should respect others that are sharing their own opinions. We don’t have to agree, but we can respect the other person.
    and most importantly,
    3. We may discuss this till our fingers fall off, but we won’t solve the problems of MS State football here on this blog. So, ease up! Besides, there will ALWAYS be bigger problems in this world than how many games MSU won this year.

  55. Travis Outlaw Says:

  56. tebmsu97 Says:

    Simply put, Croom has to go. He nor his staff have done nothing this year to make me think our offense will ever break out of the hundreds. I couldn’t tell if our Defense was any better or worse because they played the entire year exhausted. The special teams was just plain sorry. These were Croom’s players, Croom’s systems, Croom’s calls. There seems there is one main problem here Sylvester Croom.

    After his only one color speech, I thought we stumbled onto a great one. Unfortunately it hasn’t panned out, this program needs a change.

  57. pgrebels Says:

    Bulldog fans–

    I realize that your team is in a difficult spot right now, but I seriously doubt that Sly will get the guillotine today, tomorrow or anytime in the next year. Because he was just given the highest SEC coaching honor last year, there is no way that he will be fired. In my opinion, Croom has had his chance. How can you go from a great season last year to a complete offensive meltdown this year. How can you go from beating Arkansas last week to not even showing up this week? If Croom isn’t fired, I suggest that state needs to hire a new Offensive coordinator and an entire new offensive staff. State’s lack of offense has been their downfall all year. Croom has the ability to get his team up for games like he did the last two years at Bama. So, if he has some new offensive schemes to work with he may be successful. Look at what happened at Ole Miss–new coaches all around with a motivator at the head and offensive schemes that outsmart even the toughest defenses. Success can be found at state. Just look at this year’s recruiting class. It is ranked no. 21. State is going to be successful maybe under Croom, maybe not. The players just have to remember how to win again. I have to say that during the game yesterday Croom himself could not even hold his head up. How can you ask a team to keep trying if you have given up? These are some big questions that MSU needs to address soon. I’d say that Tuberville would be a good pick for state–SEC head-coach experience, great win percentage, etc.

  58. olemsufan Says:

    MSU fans… do as I did & email Greg >
    Ask him to make Croom make changes or Fire Croom. enough is enough. we deserve better.

  59. charleston11 Says:

    He’s not even reading those emails. Deleting them all. He was so d*** determined to get rid of Polk and did it! Now let’s see what happens when Jesse J. comes to Starkville?

  60. saddawg Says:

    Good job Locke. You are the only reporter in Mississippi with any marbles.

    Keep up the good work.

  61. olemsufan Says:

    11… you dont know that.

    & Firing Polk was the right move.

  62. bantyrooster1 Says:

    It’s 10:50 AM on the Day After the Ass Kicking in Oxford and we still don’t have a press conference set up to announce Croom’s firing! He has got to go today. Tommorrow will be too late. One more hour with this dummy in charge is another hour our program has to eventually recover from. You stupid Croom supporters need to go somewhere else to beg for mercy. SEC Coach of the Year my ass.

  63. warbirdz44 Says:

    Midnightdog, please get over yourself. Nothing pisses me off in sports when someone tries to say “you’re not a true fan” for whatever reason. You act like I was sitting there waving the ole-miss pom-poms and that just isn’t the case. I went into that game really wanting MSU to win and even after we were down 10-0 and 17-0 I though we still had a chance based on what we did to Arkansas last week but once it was 24-0 I knew there wasn’t a chance in hell we were coming back.

    Now let me pose another question to you, if the players are allowed to quit on the fans like they obviously did yesterday, then isn’t it fair that the fans should be allowed to quit on the players for that game? I think it would be hypocritical to say otherwise. I’m not going to sit there in the cold, rainy weather cheering my balls off for a team that quit on me early in the first quarter.

    Now you can sit up there on your high horse all day and say I’m not a true fan but the fact still remains that I only want what is best for this program and in my opinion, getting embarrassed against ole miss like they did yesterday will only benefit us in the future if it leads our administration to see the error of their ways and can croom.

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    […] Egg Bowl Postgame: A Bit Testy Yes, Sylvester Croom talked about Ole Miss and how well the Rebels played. But the real interesting stuff has to do […] […]

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