Byrne Speaks on Croom


Mississippi State Athletics Director Greg Byrne addressed the media this afternoon. He said he has become an NCAA-certified recruiter and will, along with assistant coaches, start contacting recruits tomorrow. Also, he said that assistant Rockey Felker is the interim coach.

Here’s what Byrne had to say about coach Sylvester Croom‘s resignation.

• “We talked about a lot of things this morning, including his resignation. And at the end of the conversation he decided to offer his resignation, and we accepted that.”

• “We talked about a lot of different ideas, and to his credit, he was open to different ideas. And through that conversation, we came to the resolution that we did.”

• “We’ll start a national search immediately for a new football coach at Mississippi State. We don’t have any time frames, we just want to find the right person, whoever that is and however long that takes, obviously being concerned about recruiting and being concerned about the stability of our program.”

• On what he’s looking for in a new coach: “We’re looking for somebody with high energy, a passion for recruiting, strong work ethic. It’d be nice if they had an understanding of the SEC, although experience in the SEC isn’t a prerequisite. We want somebody that has the intensity and the energy level to continue what Coach Croom has built on and take it to a higher level for us.”

• On having a list of candidates: “The old saying I’ve always heard is that you never know when your coach is going to be hit by a bus. You want to be prepared for any situation.”

• On Croom’s buyout: “We feel comfortable where we are financially as a department to fulfill our contractual responsibilities.”

• On public perception: “Our decision-making was what we thought would be best for Mississippi State University and our football program and our athletic department. And that’s what we had to make our decision based off of. We are certainly concerned about the way Mississippi State is viewed. At the same time, too, we have to do what’s right for the university.”

• On the potential negative financial impact of Croom staying (ticket sales, etc.): “As you evaluate your program, there’s several different areas that you look at. You obviously look at performance on the field, or the court, whatever that may be. You at socially and academically, with your program, how you’re doing. And then third you look at is for your revenue-producing sports, the financial impact of your program.”

• “I think we have a good nucleus of kids here that have won games in this league and can continue to build on that. There’s a very good foundation that’s been laid; we need to continue to build on that and grow into a regular bowl team.”


48 Responses to “Byrne Speaks on Croom”

  1. carwwest Says:

    byrne continues to impress me…i hope he makes the right choice and gets the right guy in here soon….

    BL, i know byrne just said there is no time frame and no names but any inside info on anybody you think we are looking at or when we will start interviewing people??

  2. skydawg706 Says:

    Like Byrne comment on about being competitive ($$$) with the rest in the SEC on hiring a new coach.

  3. texdawg88 Says:

    Mr. Byrne,
    As a life long MSU fan and 88 alum,I plead with you to spare no expense and make the right hire. I realize money cannot always buy wins but it sure helps when attempting to attract and keep talent (see Alabama>Saban).You have the chance to rewrite MSU history by picking the right guy for the job. Please do that for all of us who crave a winning program. Go Dawgs!

  4. charleston11 Says:

    Watching the sports tonight, Tyson Lee was not smiling or laughing like he was on the sidelines yesterday.

    By the way, Alabama was winning easily today against Auburn when the Bama punter shanked a punt and Saban went crazy! That’s what MSU needs!

  5. bantyrooster1 Says:

    Thank God for Greg Byrne. The man has some grapefruits in his pants. Good Job. Now go hire Dooley.

  6. charleston11 Says:

    Jim Grobe
    Greg Schiano
    Barry Alvarez
    Paul Johnson
    Bill Cowher
    Norm Chow
    Mike Price
    Dave McGinnis
    Jimbo Fisher
    Mike Dubose
    Mike Shula
    Larrry Coker
    Mike Sherman
    Bobby Wallace

  7. barryc3162003 Says:

    Yeah right, Byrne probally told him either to resign or we’ll fire you, he probally didn’t give Croom much choice, all that he said about how we thank him for his work while he was our head coach is a bunch of bull he don’t care. I agree i hope we finally get someone that get the job done, and I wish Mr. Croom all the best in the world and wish Byrne would quit lying about saying he thanks croom for all hes done. Like i said he doesn’t care. Maybe we need to get the Bosie St. Coach or maybe Philp Fulmer from UT.

  8. nicksabanjr Says:

    I am lovin all you dawgs talking about state getting someone to do for them what saban has done at bama. A year ago at this time yall were raising croom to be the next bear bryant, and bama was a bunch of idiots for paying a man soo much money. Oh how times have changed. Roll Tide baby. I honestly think Mike Dubose at Millsaps would make yall a great coach.

  9. charleston11 Says:

    Yeah and I think Mike Price would have made Bama one hell of a coach!
    Good luck in Atlanta next Saturday for they will surely need it vs. the Gators. UF 35 Bama 17

  10. joekstewart Says:

    I hate to see Croom go. He was a well respected man in Football as well as the industry. Every sports channel that reported on Croom all said great things about him.

    Croom has a good legacy: (1) He brought respectablility to Starkville and the SEC. He proved that you can win games the right way. (2) He brought intensity to our team. Living in Knoxville, UT talked about State as the hardest hitting football team in the SEC. (3) He brought the spotlight to Starkville. He was the first black coach in the SEC in a state with a bad past. Out of 12 games, I think ten were televised.

    But we need to compete and Byrne was brought in to do that. We need money, we need fan support no matter what (that means fans in the stadium no matter what), and we need an offense/top recruit

    I would dare say that there are four top coaches out their for State
    1) Brian Kelly- Cincinnati
    2) Brad Hoke- Ball State
    3) Turner Gill- Buffalo
    4) Jerry Moore- Appalachian State

    I am excited for the new year and to see who is the new coach. I hate to see Croom go, wish he could stay on as something but it is for the better.

  11. mmsdawg Says:

    Memphis station reporting Dooley from La tech has the job?????

  12. joekstewart Says:

    I didn’t even think about Dooley. Dooley would be great if true, Young and SEC ties. I hope it is true. But I hope he does not bring his staff with him. We need some proven coaches at OC and DC- especially huge next year special teams.

  13. ericintupelo Says:

    Charleston I watched the whole game yesterday and you’ve mentioned Tyson laughing but from what I saw he was laughing at Relf jumping up telling the Ole Miss players to bring it. I don’t think he was laughing at us losing or anything.

  14. goldendawg Says:

    is that a question mms or something that you heard?

  15. mmsdawg Says:

    channel 3 reported it…I just wondered if it was really true. I don’t trust them very much…

  16. 2thdoc Says:

    I think Dooley would be an awful hire and don’t think it is anything more than a rumor. I like rumors just not that one.

  17. joekstewart Says:

    I saw it on a blog on the Clarion ledger. I don’t know if it is true but it is not a bad choice. I hope to know sooner than later, for recruiting sake.

  18. ericintupelo Says:

    Yeah I just visited the Clarion Ledger’s page for the first time and atleast two people said they heard Dooley is our next coach that it was on the news. Me personally I would rather have someone else and I wouldn’t mind getting Patterson from TCU or Peterson from Boise State but I think Patterson has already turned down Minnesota so I don’t know if he wants to go anywhere. Florida’s offensive and defensive coordinators have been thrown around and so has Oklahoma’s defensive coordinator

  19. imabulldog Says:

    we better go BIG name, I’m talking Tubby BIG name! Forget small time coaches. I’ve seen lists and don’t really approve of any.

    Peterson from Boise
    Tubby from Auby my #1
    Maybe TCU’s guy

    And….VT’s Def. Cord

  20. ericintupelo Says:

    Just don’t see Tubby coming but his job could be in serious jeopardy after the spanking Bama gave them. Expectations are pretty high at Auburn

  21. skydawg706 Says:

    Mike Dubose – no thank you
    Mike Shula – no thank you

    Charles Strong – Flordia!!

    How about Carwest!

  22. chrisfromcorinth Says:

    I’m behind whomever we get. I just wonder how many of you guys are after we are not the perinial national championship contenter you think we should be. aka notre dame fans

  23. s084swd Says:

    A offense may win games, but a defense will win championships.

  24. skydawg706 Says:

    Article: About ten hours after Mississippi State University head football coach Sylvester Croom announced his resignation from program, WREG 3, the local CBS affiliate in Memphis TN, reported that sources “close to” the MSU program said Dooley would be announced as the next head coach at Mississippi State. MSU’s season-opening 22-14 loss to Dooley’s Louisiana Tech team helped lead to the 4-8 season that caused Croom’s resignation.


    Derek Dooley the son of former Georgia football coach and athletics director Vince Dooley,

    Coached Dolphins under coach Nick Saban, including LSU as running backs coach and special teams coordinator, and also worked as the tight ends coach, recruiting coordinator for three seasons.

    Was a walk-on wide receiver at the University of Virginia. He earned a scholarship.

  25. ericintupelo Says:

    That was his first head coaching job and I just don’t like the hire and I know we need a coach asap but Byrne shouldn’t rush it and make a bad decison on our next head coach. I’ll admit I don’t know too much about Dooley

  26. chrisfromcorinth Says:

    Charlie Wiess. Can I get a second on that. Were looking for a big name right?

  27. ericintupelo Says:

    No thank you. New thread

  28. diamondawg23 Says:

    As a former student/athlete at MSU.We need a Coach that excites the fans and especially the players, as in the hire of Cohen. We need to look past these small schools and go for someone big. I’m sure we can find some money. Dooley doesn’t excite me. Sorry……

  29. farley662 Says:

    No one knows who he is. That would be status quo for us though. Have a chance for a big bang and come out with a thud.

  30. joekstewart Says:

    I don’t think we could afford a Big name coach. What we need is a young guy with proven coaches surrounding him. What we need is good OC and DC, but most importantly we need a even better special team guy.

    Dooley would not be bad for us, but I agree we should not be hasty. Kelly at Cincy is good and so is Hoke at Ball State. I do hope to get a Paterson or Peterson. But are we not a lesser school compare to BSU and TCU? I would love to see Oklahoma’s offensive coordinator or defense.

    But I don’t want a Flordia OC. The spread offense seems to only work if you have Tebow or Pat White- just ask Tubby at Auburn. But the main thing we need is a recruiter of blue chip talent.

  31. skydawg706 Says:

    Diamonddawg…agree with ya….find someone big….someone that “draws recruits” (name speaks for itself). I want State be able to recruit players like Flordia, FSU, Georgia, Bama, VT, etc. Tired of being 2nd rate.

    The TUB can stay where he is or go somewhere else (do not trust him), and Fulmer can move on elsewhere also.

    What is Mike Ditka doing these days (ha)?

  32. diamondawg23 Says:

    Skydawg state means so much to me. I just want them to mak an informed decisions. If you hire a middle of the road head coach, you get middle of the road ST,OC,and OD coaches. We’ll be in the same boat next year. Am I right ??

  33. bantyrooster1 Says:

    Dooley would be a good hire. If Greg hires him, I’m behind him. Right now, I’m a Greg Bryne supporter no matter who he hires.

  34. s084swd Says:

    I know everyone has a opinion about who we should get and it’s going to be interesting to see what happens. However, I don’t see why we can’t find what we need in a head coach for no more than a million dollars a year. Is it just me or has coaches salaries gone crazy? When did a million dollars a year become not good enough? Anyway, I’m sure there are many names floating around as far as candidates out there and I thought I would just throw a few out there as well.

    Kevin Steele(Bama)
    Charlie Strong(Florida)
    Mac McWhorter(Texas)
    Ruffin McNeill(Texas Tech)
    Joe DeForest(Oklahoma St.)
    Matt Eberflus(Missouri)
    Giff Smith(Georgia Tech)
    Norm Chow

    Good luck to GB and MSU!

  35. diamondawg23 Says:

    This is a great blog no one here has bashed Croom. That shows the respect he earned as our coach. Also it shows their is some good folks on here also. Go DAWGS….

  36. ericintupelo Says:

    I know Memphis Channel 3 has said Dooley would be our next coach but Memphis Channel 5 said Peterson is our #1 man to try and get. There will be a bunch of rumors in the next coming days/weeks. I predict Croom will end up as an assistant in the NFL again

  37. jlm13 Says:

    I just wish we could get a coach that makes us respectable on the field. I am not saying a BCS game, but the Cotton Bowl would be nice in the next couple of years. Croom was well respected, just couldn’t pull it off on game day, Good Luck Sly

  38. skydawg706 Says:

    Diamondawg—–I with you – love my dawgs – no matter what.

    Who can Dolley bring with him, all leave LA Tech to come with him.

    If the Dooley story is true….they have been talking before now. Like Bryne said….got to have a plan B at all times.

    Like the old saying goes….you get what u pay for. Just do nto want to rush things, got the time.

  39. mathistondawg Says:

    I agree that salaries are out of control – but what do you do? I say a younger coach for less money and surround him with proven coordinators at higher salaries than usual. Spread the wealth and get the most bang for our buck. No need to rush, however it would be good if we could get someone stating they would like the job – just to see who would be interested.

  40. imabulldog Says:

    All that sounds good, but we can do better than Dooley

  41. carwwest Says:

    well thank you for the shout out skydawg706…im flattered…

    im not a fan of the dooley rumor…i dont think it would be terrible but like ima said, we can do better….petersen should be top priority…then other before dooley…

  42. imabulldog Says:

    fo shizzle

  43. toddy22 Says:

    A name I would consider, which I did not see is:

    Dabo Swiney – Clemtech intern coach

    He beat South Carolina today, and supposedly the money at Clemson wants a new face… He seems like a great recruiter and very energetic

  44. carwwest Says:

    egh, i dont know about dabo….

  45. joekstewart Says:

    Dooley is a good coach to have, but I agree that he would not be a bad ace in the hole. Let us go out an get the best for I think it has been a long time coming for us. We need as big of a name as we can get, but I am doubtful. Dooley is not a bad plan b

    I hope to see as a DC canidate- John Chavis or Tyrone Nix

    and for OC- I really don’t want a Spread offense, you have to be super fast to run that and we don’t have the speed. Ask Tubby what he thinks about the spread.

  46. carwwest Says:

    im not saying i want the spread but i wouldnt hate it at this point…i just want some playcalling and imagination on the offensive side of the ball…

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