Croom Says Good-Bye; Felker Speaks


NOTE: LB Jamar Chaney, who’s applying for a medical redshirt, still plans to return next season despite the coaching change.

Sylvester Croom spoke to the team this afternoon, saying his good-byes. It was not an emotional meeting, according to interim head coach Rockey Felker. Felker spoke with the media moments ago. Some excerpts:

• “Coach Croom said a few words, wasn’t in there very long, but said a few words and wanted to look at the players and talk to them for a few minutes. … I kind of relayed back in my days, when I was a player and I played for two different head coaches here, (Charley) Shira and (Bob) Tyler, that it’s a process, it happens. Very few guys have the opportunity to play for the same coach all four or five years.”

• “I didn’t see necessarily anybody being emotional. I’m sure a lot of players were disappointed. Coach Croom was very professional, in terms of dealing with the players and what he said and how he did it. He did it with a lot of class, which is the way he has lived his life. He not only talked the game of football, but he talked about a lot of important lessons about life that, even though he won’t be their coach anymore, that will carry on the rest of their career here and on 10, 15 years from now.”

• “Coach Croom, in my opinion, has always been a great motivator. Even a 55-year-old guy like me was motivated by the things that he said to the team at different times.”

• “It is what it is, I guess is the best way to put it. They realize it’s a transition time right now. Soon we’ll have a coach on board, and things will get back to normal. There’s a lot of optimism. I think our young players are excited about the future.”

• On recruits: “I would say most of the response has been very positive. I think everybody’s been in a little bit of shock in terms of (they) didn’t expect this situation to come up. The thing that I noticed is that there is a strong bond among the commitments that we do have. They really like this place, they like Mississippi State. They feel comfortable here, and they’re going to hang on and see who our next coach is going to be, get an opportunity to meet that guy.”


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