Day 2: A Closer Look at Two Coaches


So begins Day 2 of the MSU football coaching search.

As I mentioned yesterday, I spoke with a few MSU recruits, and here’s the story that came out of those conversations.

A lot of names are floating around out there. One of them is Cincinnati head coach Brian Kelly. As the Cincinnati Enquirer reports, he’s a hot commodity right now. No surprise there, but no mention of Mississippi State in the story, though.

Chris Peterson of Boise State is another popular target. In Sunday’s Idaho Statesman, Peterson said he plans on staying in Boise but “carefully avoided an absolute answer.” That story didn’t mention MSU either.

I expect this search to be a short one. But you never know, do you? I’ll be in Starkville later today to report on the latest developments.


13 Responses to “Day 2: A Closer Look at Two Coaches”

  1. db33 Says:


    How about putting a poll up with all the names being thrown about. Let’s see who fans that read your site want.

    Here’s a list off the top of my head:

    Chris Peterson, HC Boise State
    Todd Graham, HC Tulsa
    Brian Kelly, HC Cincinnati
    Tommy Bowden, former HC Clemson
    Dan Mullens, OC Florida
    Charlie Strong, DC Florida
    Derek Dooley, HC La Tech
    Gary Patterson, HC TCU

    Did I leave anyone obvious out?

    You could say that if you check other, reply and say who your vote was for.

    Should be interesting!

  2. imabulldog Says:

    My top 5…

    (1) Kelley from Cincy
    (2) Peterson from Boise
    (3) Paterson from TCU
    (4) Bowden or the OU Def. Cord
    (5) Dooley

    Just about everyone of these guys are high energy and strict, maybe with the exception of Bowden. I’d prefer anyone within the top3 mainly. We just need to not make haste and not rush it, but it is also important to keep the recruits interested-with a good choice

  3. dawgbones Says:

    Some say that you left out the defensive coordinator for Oklahoma whose name has floated around. I would probably go with Kelly or Mullens but it sounds like to me that Tommy Bowden is in the lead at present. I am not really high on that but maybe a new start for him would get him back going again.

  4. jcdawgman18 Says:

    A guy nobody has been mentioning is really high on my list:
    Mike Bobo, OC and QB coach at UGA.

    He is an offensive mind who runs a solid system that is not dominated by any one aspect. I also believe he could sell the recruiting class on him. He already recruited Russell at UGA, and he could sell guys like Montrell Conner on Knowshon, and Chris Smith/Pat Patterson on Massaqoui and Green.

  5. dawgbones Says:

    I keep hearing that Leo Seal left a large fund specifically for the athletic department to deal with coaching changes/buyouts. Maybe this is the reason that Byrne seems comfortable with the financial side. He didn’t call around asking for money like Templeton did in the past so maybe that supports the existence of a buyout fund as well. You heard anything like this?

  6. maroon1white Says:

    This is such a crucial time in State’s future, Byrne has got to turn the corner with this hire. My anticipation is driving my anxiety up!

  7. farley662 Says:

    Why would we want the OU DC? They give up 30-40 points a game. Ain’t no way we can keep up with folks then.

  8. bhamdawg Says:

    Whats Jeff Bower doing these days? Sure seems like Southern Miss missed him this season…. just a thought

  9. msudawginbama Says:

    good point, farley.
    we dont need a bowden, either.
    i agree with all the other guys ya’ll named, though.
    Kelly brought Cincy back from the dead.
    Boise runs enough gimmick and WTF plays that the guys from this year oughta be able to pick that up, too.

    well, let’s all hope for a good ending to all this!

  10. msudwc01 Says:

    what about mike dubose? Millsaps and Bama head coach if alabama would hire him surely state would, also be a cheaper coaching salary

  11. deaddawg1 Says:

    Hey, Tommy Bowden may not be the top pick, but if I remember, he took Tulane from nowhere to a 10 win season. Moved to Clemson where he was very competitive in the ACC. I’d take that kind of performance at State and be happy!

    I don’t like Fulmer, but he has a 75% win record over 17 years at Tenn. He is a serious SEC contender year in and year out. Boy, could I live with that for our program. Who says you have to like your Head coach? It’s all about performance on a consistant basis.

    I don’t see taking the risk on coordinators if you can get a proven head coach. Some times they work out and sometime they don’t. I think Tenn. is rolling the dice with their pick.

    As for the other Head coaches on the list, they have shown they can handle the job and I’d take any of them. Any one of them would be such an improvement. My hats off to Byrne, and it wouldn’t suprise me if he had someone in his back pocket when he met with Crxxm. Never pays to negoiate from a position of weakness.

    I’m excited!!!!!!!!!!! Go DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. claytaylor32 Says:

    Please Dear Jesus let it be either of these two….as much as I want a good hire I’m still wounded from the last one and am scared State will find some way to mess this up. Chris Peterson would revive our program. That guy has the type of passion and flair that I want in a coach. Youtube him and just get a feeling for his personality and passion. He would win championships here. He is a motivator to the tenth degree!

  13. kstorey395 Says:

    I keep seeing Dooley’s name plastered all over the internet…anything to this?

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