Players Speak on Croom, Future


Players were not made available to the media today, but MSU’s assistant director of media relations, Joe Galbraith, was kind enough to gather some comments from various Bulldogs. Here they are:

Junior RB Anthony Dixon

On your feelings about Coach Croom’s resignation:

“We are going to move on. We are going to do what Coach Croom wants us to do. We are going to push to be SEC Champs.”

How does this change your offseason?

“It doesn’t change my offseason. I was going keep trying to be the best anyway. I am going to hit the ground running and make sure we get off to a good start.”

Freshman DB Charles Mitchell

On your feelings about Coach Croom’s resignation:

“It hurts, but you know we have to move on. Coach Croom doesn’t want us to hold on to this and would want us to move on.”

Does this change your offseason?

“No, it does not change it. I am going to fight and work hard every day anyway, just under a different coach.”

Sophomore OL J.C. Brignone

On your feelings about Coach Croom’s resignation:

“You know, I just feel upset. I came to play for Coach Croom. They tell you not to choose a place to play because of a coach, but Coach Croom is an amazing person. When my father died, he was there for me. Losing him is a tough deal but as one of the team leaders, I have to pick myself up and show by example. And we have to get to work.”

How does this change your offseason?

“I don’t think it does. I think it will be a motivation to get better next season. After a losing season and losing a coach, with a new coach coming in we don’t want to have the same season.”

Senior LB Jamar Chaney

On your feelings about Coach Croom’s resignation?

“I am pretty down about the situation. Coach Croom recruited me and helped get me into Mississippi State. It is time to move on though. He is a fine man and he will do what he has to do. We have to do the same and just wait for the new coach.”

Does this affect your offseason?

“It doesn’t affect my plans. I want to have my senior year. I want to go through senior day and have a chance to play. I think for me, coming back next year will give me a better chance at the NFL.”

Senior DB Keith Fitzhugh

On your feelings about Coach Croom’s resignation?

“I am a little disappointed and a little sad. You just don’t want to see things like this happen. But, we are always going to be a family and be a team. We have to grow up and go about our lives.”

Does this affect your opinion of Mississippi State?

“It doesn’t make me feel differently, it just feels awkward. Not seeing Coach Croom here. I just don’t know how to take it in now. I guess we will see how things go when a new coach comes in. I wish Mississippi State the best and I’m going to be cheering for them next year.”


9 Responses to “Players Speak on Croom, Future”

  1. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Shows the guys really loved him. Even on his way out he has motivated them to do their best.

  2. carwwest Says:

    yeah it shows they liked croom but i also how they are looking forward to moving on a professional matter…hopefully the new guy can get these boys a little more wins….

  3. westtnrebel Says:

    No offense, but why the repeated question about the offseason? What news was Mr. Galbraith searching for? Was he trying to find out if they were transferring? These are college athletes. Even if they are leaving the program for somewhere else, what would they change about the offseason?

    “Uh, yes sir, Mr. Galbraith. It changes my offseason. I plan to get fat and lazy in the offseason.”

  4. Brad Locke Says:

    westtn: He was simply trying to be expedient, and being a media relations guy, he wanted uniformity. He wasn’t trying to find out anything, just getting us media guys some quotes, for which I’m very grateful.

  5. chrisfromcorinth Says:

    Fellas I’m probably gonna catch hell for but I’m gonna say it anyway. I just saw the say it loud special that ran on ESPN and featured Coach Croom. First time I had seen it. And I must say, that even though we didn’t win as many games that I would have liked just like everybody else. And we may go out and find a better coach, which I hope we do, but we are a better team for having CC for the five years that we had him.

  6. jonnychapps Says:

    I’m with you Chris, I like Croom as a person and think that he had a great influence on our team and the university as a whole. I hate to see it end like this, but it is what we needed. With the ground work he laid I believe that with the right coach this program will do wonders. I can not wait to see where we go from here!

  7. skydawg706 Says:


    I with you..Croom was out to build character in the player and to focus on what was most important of all – getting an education – like he told them most of you will not be going to the next lvel (NFL).

    Hope MSU (and next coach) maintains “discipline”, and keep out and kick out the hoodlums.

  8. westtnrebel Says:

    I agree that CC was a great man of Character and deep commitment to Christ. I feel his moral/spiritual influence upon young athletes will be missed. But, he was hired at MSU to win football games. There’s a great guy running around MSU working with the BSU that can minister to students and athletes. However, I’m not sure he could coach an SEC football team to victory.

  9. bantyrooster1 Says:

    Is Emory Bellard still alive?

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