Hey, It’s Hoops: Stansbury Says …


We interrupt this football coaching search to bring you some basketball news. Coach Rick Stansbury addressed the media this afternoon. His Bulldogs (5-2) are coming off a three-game Northeast road swing, where they lost to Washington State and Texas Tech in the Legends Classic.

Stansbury said F/C Brian Johnson (ankle/foot) is “doubtful” for Saturday’s game against Alabama State. Tipoff is noon, by the way. And junior F Jacquiese Holcombe (foot) is still struggling to catch up. When asked if Holcombe will be red-shirted this year, Stansbury said, “We’ll see.”

Other comments from Stansbury:

• On what he learned about his team over the weekend: “I think it was all a learning experience for everybody. I saw some guys that fought harder and did some things better. But again, doing it better and doing it exactly right every trip is the difference between winning and losing, particularly on the road.”

• Also: “It was about effort in any game so far. I’m pleased with our effort. That doesn’t mean I’m pleased with our toughness. Again, there’s some things only time will heal with some guys. We’ve gotten better in some areas of defending and rebounding.”

• On Holcombe: “When you miss so much, when you’re playing so many games, there’s no catch-up time for a guy like him, there’s no practice time.”

• On F Kodi Augustus: “I think he’ll be like a lot of guys – the more he plays, the better he’ll get, the more comfortable he’ll get.”

I’ll have an update on the Bulldogs in tomorrow’s Journal.


3 Responses to “Hey, It’s Hoops: Stansbury Says …”

  1. darkcooger Says:

    I still say if we can get some good offensive rebounding, we’ll be hard to beat. When you only take one shot at the hoop every trip down the floor but your opponents get two, you’re going to lose. Simple.

  2. nocowbell Says:

    I watched the Wash St. game and they had close to or over 20 turnovers in that game. The offense looked uncomfortable, like they did not know what to do. Maybe Wash St.’s D put them in that position, but there was alot of careless ball handling and when a run seemed to begin they could not sustain it. Hopefully this is just young players and they will mesh as the season rolls on.

  3. s084swd Says:

    I haven’t been able to watch them yet, but I have listened to them some. If they would’ve just shot their free throws a little better against Texas Tech, they probably would’ve won. This is a young team with many new faces. Hopefully, they’ll get better as the season goes on. 5-2’s not a bad start. They’re going to have to get better though. Maybe we’ll get Brian Johnson back soon. I also think Barry Stewart might help more off the bench. Ravern could start at shooting guard and either Romero or Kodi at small forward. That might be a more effective starting lineup. I’m beginning to think Barry’s just not tough enough to start at this level. Every now and then he’ll play good. Seems like he gets a lot of minutes, but isn’t very effective sometimes. Seems like he was much better his freshman year coming off the bench at providing a spark. We’ll see what happens in the weeks ahead.

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