McCorvey to South Carolina; Plus, Tuesday Recap


BREAKING NEWS: According to The State (Columbia, S.C.), MSU offensive coordinator Woody McCorvey has been hired to coach South Carolina’s wide receivers.

I couldn’t get McCorvey on the phone, but I left a message. He was seen on campus today, but he’s declined media interviews this week. For the record, McCorvey was also quarterbacks coach and assistant head coach.

Here’s where MSU’s offense has ranked nationally during McCorvey’s tenure:

2004: 107th
2005: 113th
2006: 103rd
2007: 113th
2008: 113th

Otherwise, here’s today’s recap:

From my end of things, Day 3 of the Mississippi State football coaching search was rather slow. Don’t know about AD Greg Byrne, who’s out of town today through Thursday.

What I do know is that Cincinnati head coach Brian Kelly has taken his name off the table, for what that’s worth. There’s also been news with the Syracuse search, which is relevant to us because East Carolina’s Skip Holtz is reportedly on the short list to replace Greg Robinson there, and he’s also been mentioned as a possible candidate for MSU’s vacancy. Also on Syracuse’s list was Oregon offensive coordinator Chip Kelly, who today was named coach-in-waiting for the Ducks.


30 Responses to “McCorvey to South Carolina; Plus, Tuesday Recap”

  1. bleedmaroon Says:

    Good Luck Coach McCorvey. Woody is a great man and a good recruiter. Just bad at play calling under pressure.

  2. tcfan Says:

    Happy Birthday Brad.

  3. maroon1white Says:

    I guess Spurrier didn’t think his receivers were running their 3-5 yard routes very well so he hired an expert.

  4. skydawg706 Says:

    Wished this had came sooner……guess he could read the had writting on the wall….time to get @!#$* out of dodge – take what you can get.

    Wide receiver coach – step down from OC I guess.

    Wish him the best – maybe one day will get to play against him (SC).

  5. mississippibulldawg Says:

    Good Riddance.

  6. skydawg706 Says:

    Did we miss something or is SC desperate – posted comment in article metiond above – Breaking News.

    This is a good hire for our WR Coach. I’m pretty excited about it. He did a good job when he was at UT, and he had a ton of production in his offense at Mississippi State. Hard nosed, smash-mouth rushing attack kind of guy…. I’m encouraged by this!

    Good for you!

  7. Brad Locke Says:

    Thanks, tc. I’m going to enjoy some birthday cheesecake later. *drool*

  8. Brad Locke Says:

    Yeah, I saw that comment. Raised an eyebrow.

  9. darkcooger Says:

    Wow, skydawg, they must not have been watching the same games as the rest of civilization, eh? I don’t think the words “ton of production” ever come to mind when thinking of MSU’s offense for the past several years.

    Well, at least somebody’s happy.

  10. carwwest Says:

    i hear todd graham is the big man on the top of the list now and that he is interested….just what i heard….i think it would be a GREAT hire!!…he was on my top 5 list….also, i still think holtz could be a good fit here and if its between us and syracuse, i have to think he is smart enough for that….

  11. carwwest Says:

    plus, even though i dont believe it, oregon’s coach is now the new AD and the OC is the new coach….supposedly petersen was waiting for that job and now its not there anymore….weiss is supposedly staying at least one more year at ND, clemson has their coach, kelly said he is staying at cincy….washington is close to getting their coach….do we now have the upper hand if we are willing to spend the bug bucks???

  12. diamondawg23 Says:

    South Carolina what a good place to retire. Spurrier will love those 3 or 5 yard pass plays on 3rd and long. As Coach Polk used to say don’t let the door hit you in th a@# on the way out. Goodbye

  13. s084swd Says:

    Who knows? It might be a week or two before we know who the next coach will be. Obviously, the sooner the better; but, we want to be sure and make a good hire. So whether that takes two days or two weeks isn’t too important. So many names are being floated around I can’t keep up with them all. Being very good at recruiting is certainly important as well as being able to motivate and inspire. Obviously a good deal of energy and enthusiasm is a requirement. The more experience the better but sometimes you can’t find everything you want. Coach Croom may be a great man, but he wasn’t a great recruiter. IMO, he didn’t seem to have much energy and enthusiasm. I don’t think he was the best motivator either. It was pretty boring listening to him. But I don’t want to bash Coach Croom. He did some good things. I do want to learn from the whole experience though as we all should and hopefully have. There are many names floating around out there. It’s going to be interesting to see what the next week or two reveals. Hopefully something good. Coaches that have caught my eye and maybe some of you out there that may be worthy considerations include Kevin Steele(Bama) and Rodney Garner(Georgia). They have a proven record of being great recruiters, coaches, and motivators. They’ve been associated with great programs and coaches in the SEC. Many have talked about hiring a experienced coach. And yes, that would be our primary goal. But I believe there are some great young coaches out there who would love the chance to be a head coach in the SEC and would succeed. We don’t want to overlook them. We need to turn over every rock. I’m sure by the time Greg Byrne is through, we will have the right coach to lead our program. Lets hope so anyway.

  14. thespear Says:

    McCorvey’s a good coach, just not coordinator material… Good luck Woody! I think he will be able to handle his new position….

  15. darkcooger Says:

    s084swd: As to Coach Croom being a good recruiter, he must have been. Though Eric Richards didn’t pan out as being worth the effort, he was pretty heavily recruited and Croom managed to woo him. As I heard it, one visit with Croom pretty much sealed the deal even after multiple visits with other coaches and even some other campus visits.

    I doubt Mississippi State was his first choice, but that’s where he wound up coming. Too bad it was wasted effort, though.

  16. maroon1white Says:

    Well, if Graham & Holtz are the top 2 candidates this weekends game on espn2 will be a lot more interesting.

  17. carwwest Says:

    woody going back to a WR coach just shows he, along with croom, was in over his head….but i hope the rumors are right about graham and holtz….there arent too many that are high on holtz but his team was playing great at the beginning of the season and he was a hot name…he might not be killing people but he is still winning….i think holtz or graham would be a fine hire….

  18. maroon1white Says:

    Graham will have to find a better defensive coaching staff. 94th nationally defensively giving up an avg of 400+ yards per game. Harbison didn’t get a fair shake this year with McCorvey holding his players down. He’ll need a job maybe the new coach will give him a chance.

  19. nocowbell Says:

    What is this news about Kevin Wilson from Okie?

  20. maroon1white Says:

    What news?!?

  21. carwwest Says:

    OK i want this guy!!!…i like this…

  22. nocowbell Says:

    The local news in Tupelo had the guy from Gene’s page (for what it is worth) on and he was saying that Wilson is being considered and stated that it would not be until after the bowl game before anything concerning Wilson would be announced. I got a rumor also of something about 2 million.

  23. nocowbell Says:

    As in 2 million reasons that he would come to starkvegas. Keep in mind, that none of this is official….,but ususally where there smoke……

  24. dawgface52 Says:

    If we have to wait until January for Wilson to be announced, we will lose most of our recruits. Not saying we shouldn’t wait on him but tough to expect recruits to sit on their hands that long.

  25. nocowbell Says:

    Yeah and I remember from the last time names like Jimbo Fisher were thrown around the media until he set the record straight.

  26. carwwest Says:

    if wilson is the guy, that would be a fine hire but he needs to be here soon if he is the guy….but i dont think anyone will know until HE is hired….i dont have a clue who it will be but it will probably be before the end of the weekend…

  27. thespear Says:

    I saw the interview, Gene said he had some rumors up on his page… And he expects us to go for an offensive minded guy such as Wilson. He never said Wilson was the latest rumor… He then went on to say that GB is keepin quiet because nearly every candidate will be involved in a bowl game of some sort… He never said wilson was our guy tho! some of you have selected hearing….. u heard WILSON, RUMOR, AFTER BOWL GAME, and suddenly think hes the frontrunner! haha

    And 2 million has been the ballpark figure thrown around with every candidate that I’ve heard so far…. I haven’t checked Gene’s page, but i didn’t come away from that interview the same as yall did!

  28. nocowbell Says:

    Thespear, you need to go back and read what I wrote, I never said anything about Wilson being the latest rumor or the frontrunner! I stated basically what Gene stated with a discalimer of no official status. You just read WILSON, RUMOR, AFTER BOWL GAME, and suddenly think that I are trying to punch his ticket to be the frontrunner! haha Just trying to share what the wonderful media up here in Tupelo is spewing out which smells alot like what you just posted.

  29. desotodawg Says:

    Harbison is going to Clemson to coach the secondary.

  30. bleedmaroon Says:

    This is getting comical. I wish we would just hurry up and hire somebody.

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