Report: Tuberville Out


UPDATE: Here is the official release from Auburn.

Today just got busier. Or it will, for me. The Birmingham News’ Charles Goldberg just reported that Tommy Tuberville is out at Auburn. No details yet, but an announcement could come later today.

I will keep you posted. And remember, the quickest way to get updates is via Twitter (bradlocke). Like him or not, Tuberville has just fallen into the MSU rumor mill.


117 Responses to “Report: Tuberville Out”

  1. Says:

    Interesting. Like him or not the man’s a proven winner.

  2. joekstewart Says:

    He is a proven winner, but is he damage and will he lower his salary? BUt in the back of my mind I don’t like it. If Auburn did not like Tuberville since he got there will we?

  3. northmissdawg Says:

    There’s a guy at Auburn named Bobby Lowder that someone needs to get control of. He controls the entire University. He’s very much like “Boss Hog” on “Dukes of Hazzard”….a bumbling buffoon with a bunch of money who everyone is scared of. Tub hates Lowder and Lowder hates Tub, and anyone else who doesn’t lick his boots.
    Don’t judge Tuberville on the Auburn years. Petrino stabbed him in the back when he allowed the idiots from Auburn to fly to Louisville and interview him during the season while Tuberville was coaching his team.
    Petrino should have turned them around at the airport and told them to come back when they were without a coach. Of course, we all know now that Petrino is a “little person” after the stunt he pulled with the Falcons.
    Arkansas lost a gentleman and a winner when they lost Nutt and got a real loser of a man when they hired Petrino.
    Yes, Tuberville would be a real asset for Mississippi State.

  4. carwwest Says:

    it is very interesting….i have mixed emotions about him….first, i like the fact that he is a proven winner in the sec BUT he is going through a lot personally right now and i remember what happened to football when jackie had some personal problems off the field….plus, he has never really had an “exapanisve” offense….the next few days are going to be VERY interesting and crazy!!!

  5. joekstewart Says:

    I think GB is too smart to hire Tuberville. Auburn should have never let him go, even for Leach. Tuberville is a winner but he brings damages with him. I want somebody who will stay with us, someone young and brings enegry to the team. NOt AD coach relationship problems

  6. thingreenline Says:

    We need to jump on Tubby like R-Kelly on an underage girl!

  7. bleedmaroon Says:

    Tubberville will not leave us. If this isn’t his last stop we would be. He would retire a happy man after beating Auburn and Bama for consecutive seasons

  8. 1msucub Says:

    thingreenline Says:

    December 3, 2008 at 4:36 pm
    We need to jump on Tubby like R-Kelly on an underage girl!

    We need to pee on him?

    Yucky. 😛

  9. kstorey395 Says:

    We may as well jump out there and get him…seems like nobody else wants to be here.

  10. bleedmaroon Says:

    Exactly…if petersen or anbody else for that matter wanted this job then they would have already taken it. We are not going to get an “up and coming” coach. Lets be real. We had to go get a nfl assistant last time.

  11. joekstewart Says:

    That was Larry Templeton not Greg

  12. desertdog2005 Says:

    Patience people, please. You do not want to announce that either the head coach or assistant coach is leaving your team right before the most important time of year for the team-the bowls. I feel there is already a coach that has agreed to come to State but out of due respect to the team he coaches for it will not be announced until either during the bowl game or right after. I also reserve the right to be wrong-it has happened before and will happen again just ask my wife. I am wrong all the time. I am a man after all.

  13. kstorey395 Says:

    bleedmaroon…You said it best…”Let’s be real.” I wish a lot of State fans would stop looking at Bulldog Football in Maroon and White sunglasses.

    Today, I talked with one of Mississippi State’s most loyal fans and one of the schools top financial contributors, and he even said MSU is a tough sell.

    I’m not looking for a national championship at State because I know better. Give me a competitive team that goes bowling from year to year…throw in a Western Divsion crown evey now and then and I’m happy.

  14. bulldognark82 Says:

    I dont think tubbie is what we need, i do think that we need to go get graham, and malzahn, that would make it fun i Starkville again!

  15. thespear Says:

    get him byrne

  16. bleedmaroon Says:

    If you were the ad and you knew of states past would you not jump on the chance to get a guy that has as much exp as Tubby, Fulmer, or Bowden?

  17. bleedmaroon Says:

    Who do you trust to do busniess with in town? the new guy that has been open a year or two or the guy that has been in business for 15 or 20 years? He must be doing something right to be still in business.

  18. dannyripms Says:

    I’m tired of people who don’t expect alot of state football. We all should expect the most! We have talent. All we need is a good coach to get us to a national championship!!! Yes I did say that!!!! I know it’s not gonna happen over night but we can get there.

  19. msualum01 Says:

    There’s no reason why MSU shouldn’t be competing for SEC titles every year. Not just the western division, but the SEC title. If we don’t have this mindset, why even bother?

    A national title is unrealistic at this point, but it’s also unrealistic for all but about a dozen schools in the country.

    Tubby can win SEC titles. I say hire him. The sooner, the better.

  20. msualum01 Says:

    SEC titles first, the national titles will follow.

  21. bhamdawg Says:

    It’s just my opinion but I do not see Tommy Tuberville or Phil Fulmer coming to Starkville. I agree with bulldognark82 in Graham and Malzahn. That is if Malzahn does not get the head job at Tulsa should Graham leave. That would be a whole new offensive system. The problem would be getting Graham to take the job. His name is a hot commodity right now… it might not be as recognizable this time next year at Tulsa if they do not have the success they are having now… much like last year’s hot names of Jim Grobe and Jim Leavitt. That might be a reason he would come to Mississippi State

  22. imabulldog Says:

    Byrne! Get him on a plane! Go get him

  23. thespear Says:

    tubby has a fire about him… The whole reason he left oxford was to go where he could win championships! He built Auburn into a top tier school…. forget how the guy does his work, his attitude, whatever!

    The guys a winner, go get him NOW!!!! He wont be on the market very long! Heck, he may bring a few Auburn commits with him!

  24. kstorey395 Says:

    dannyripms….I do expect a lot out of MSU. I expect them to compete in the toughest divsion in all of college football–the SEC.

  25. spaceghost1 Says:

    Tulsa lost to U of Houston by 40 POINTS! Why would we want Graham? Has he ever been an SEC head coach? Tubs has been an extremely successful SEC HEAD COACH and we need to go full speed ahead after him now. GB, what’s taking so long?

  26. bleedmaroon Says:

    Auburn has the #5 recruting class right now. why would we not want Tubby?

  27. kstorey395 Says:

    msualum01…you’re exactly right. We do have talent to compete for SEC titles. That’s why I said, I would be happy with winning a SEC Western Division title from time to time….like every other year or so. Got to win the west first.

    My mindset is…get a decent product on the field and let’s see what happens. Tuberville will certainly bring a tradition of winning. I don’t think he is a stand-up guy like Croom, but I feel like he can bring more wins.

    I’m excited by the opprotunity to get a guy like Tuberville, but in the back of my mind I still feel that if Croom would have scrapped the WCO and replaced McCovery we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

  28. bleedmaroon Says:

    And we would have been a better team. I would have given Croom another year if he was willing to change but he wasnt. So we changed it for him.

  29. kstorey395 Says:

    And bleedmaroon…the last time I checked being ranked #5 is much better than being ranked #21 or #23. Not taking anything away from what we have..or well…maybe losing…just stating facts.

  30. spaceghost1 Says:

    I hate to say it because I like Croom, but even if he made a change to the OC, we would continue to be mired in mediocrity or worse. GB made the right call. Now he needs to pull the trigger and grab Tubs!

  31. kstorey395 Says:

    I totally agree…Croom was stubborningly(did I just make that word up?) loyal to a fault.

  32. bulldognark82 Says:

    if you bring in tubberville then i think that we will lose a lot of our recruits, most of them committed to MSU bc of Croom and his integrity. Tubb dosnt have that integrity and character and they would leave!!

  33. kstorey395 Says:

    spaceghost…I don’t know. It would hinge on what offense he went with and who was under center. If Russell is as good as advertised, in a more explosive offense he may have prospered.

    I keep going back to Ole Miss….Kent Austin as OC, Jevan Sneed at quarterback. The difference between going winless a year ago and a possible Cotton Bowl berth.

  34. bleedmaroon Says:

    a lot of you people dont know tubbs that well, i lived in alabama for the past 6 years and tubbs has character. he is a good fellow. anyways crooms integrity class is 26th and tubbs is 5th.

  35. bulldognark82 Says:

    you call telling your team at ole miss that you’re not going anywhere, and the next day your on your way to the plains character?

  36. kstorey395 Says:

    Yea..that’s the down side to Tuberville….you don’t hear the word character and tuberville used together in a positive manner.

    But the little devil on my left shoulder says….”Man..Just Win Baby!!!!”

  37. kstorey395 Says:

    Well everybody keeps talking about Graham and he did something similar to Rice before going to Tulsa.

  38. bleedmaroon Says:

    Name many coaches that don’t do that. that’s just business. you wouldnt quit work just because you had this other job that was interested in you would you? cause that deal could fall through?

  39. imabulldog Says:

    who cares it was Ole Miss!!! How many of us really care that he gave them the shaft!??

  40. bulldognark82 Says:

    when tulsa played ar, they had 528 total yrds, 344pass, and 184rush, when aub played ar, they had 193 total yrds, 137pass and 56rush. Against the same sec defense, which would you rather have?

  41. bleedmaroon Says:

    really ima, i kinda like the fella just for that

  42. spaceghost1 Says:

    Tulsa also lost to U of Houston by 40 POINTS! Is that what you want?

  43. bleedmaroon Says:

    dont count this years auburn offense. we all know what that did. Look at the last 10 years he was at auburn.

  44. bulldognark82 Says:

    if he would do it to ole miss dont you think he would do it to us?

  45. spaceghost1 Says:

    Tubs may have some character flaws, but you can’t deny his track record. 13-0 just 4 years ago. The winningest SEC head coach over the last 5 years. Come on, now.
    GB, pull the trigger! It’s time.

  46. bleedmaroon Says:

    i dont think he would. he is older now and we would probably be his last stop.

  47. bantyrooster1 Says:

    Pass the hat and get the checkbooks out. This is the same opportunity Ole Miss had and they took it, getting Houston Nutt. Go get Tubby.

  48. bulldognark82 Says:

    i honestly dont care if we get graham, i just want Gus Malzahn

  49. bulldognark82 Says:

    i dont doubt his track record, i just doubt his character! i know he has porven he can win in the sec

  50. skydawg706 Says:

    I would not care if he had a crystal ball and could see into the future… not trust the Tub… stick with us… not trust him period….did not like him at Ole Miss…..still do not like him….he would not look good in Maroon and White.

  51. carwwest Says:

    graham had a nice record at rice with applewhite i think as his OC so i do think there is more to graham than people think….

  52. thespear Says:

    Tubbs has character, i know some Aub kids and he puts his players through seminars and workshops. For example, last year they attended one on how to treat women…. that doesnt deal with football, thats real life stuff… He does prepare his players for the real world.

    Another thing i like about Tubbie is the way he runs his football team. They say that everything on the team is run like a business. Production isnt a goal, its a must for Tommy!!!!!

    Get the guy and you will have Grade A talent come along! WE will gain far more recruits than we lose, trust me!

  53. thespear Says:

    If he ever did give us the Ole Miss treatment, that would mean he has had major success in Starkville and is being sought by after elite programs….. Thats a problem I would be glad to have one day!

  54. nocowbell Says:

    Whether you get an experienced coach or an up-and-commer Starkvegas will not hold either if the program is successful. Being on the bottom of the SEC, and a campus in a small rural town will not hardly draw, let alone hold a successful coach. Starkville will be a stepping or a grave stone for whoever comes in to the position. That is realistic. I just hope it is a stepping stone. Mississippi generates the highest percentage of quality player in the nation (granted we have a small population), but if we can get someone to turn it around and hold more of these players in state be successful and see him leave for a better opportunity, then fine with me. A stepping stone is not so bad as long as you have a good replacement.

  55. thespear Says:

    sought after by*, sorry for the typo

  56. imabulldog Says:

    Nocowbell, you are about as upbeat as your ‘name’

  57. nocowbell Says:

    yeah ima, it has been a long year…

  58. msualum01 Says:

    Has Tuberville had any trouble with the NCAA over the last ten years at Auburn? I’m asking because I honestly don’t know. That would tell you a lot about his character right there. What about Auburn players getting in trouble with the law? Any stick out to you guys?

  59. imabulldog Says:

    It has been that

  60. db33 Says:

    Tubernut? Wingnut? at MSU? Are you f’ing kidding me? Have some of lost your damn minds?!?! Ask yourself one question, will you ever think he’s OUR coach? Tatertot??

    He will look to leave here the first day he’s on the job.

    Tuberville is defensive minded and likes to pound it up the gut. All well & good when you’ve got Ronnie Brown & Caddy running behind future NFL linemen!

    Ask any Rebel out there if they could imagine Jackie Sherrill coaching for them at Ole Miss. They’ll make a face like they are about to puke.

    Byrne said he was going for someone young and offensive minded. This doesn’t fit that.

    Let’s get a guy in here that will be genuinely happy to be here, not wishing he was still somewhere else. Let’s get someone where MSU is a step up, not a step down!!

  61. charleston11 Says:

    UNA Hudspeth in Starkville today.

  62. desotodawg Says:

    Could someone please pass the koolade?
    Here is something to chew on:


    This is Tuberville’s SEC record at Ole Miss. Do you think he will do any better at State? recruiting for Auburn is much different than recruiting for MSU or UM. I have to agree with db33. While a Tubby hire is intriguing, he is not Maroon and White material.

  63. Brad Locke Says:

    Elaborate, charleston.

  64. bantyrooster1 Says:

    Hudspeth must be going back to school to get his Masters or something if he’s in Starkville today.

  65. db33 Says:


    You are a Rebel. Here’s a hypothetical for ya. Let’s say Jackie Sherrill has been at Auburn the last 10 years and been real successful. Usually whips his rival Alabama. And, all of a sudden he’s out of a job last year right after you fire Orgeron.

    Could you see Ole MIss hiring Sherrill??? Would any Rebel want Sherrill?

    That’s what I thought.

  66. fleckvieh Says:

    What is Major Applewhite going to do BL? Is he content at Texas even though Muschamp was named coach-in-waiting? I wondered if he might venture back this direction as an OC at an SEC school, since he has been in the SEC previously.

  67. msu4me Says:

    db33 THANK YOU. Finally someone making sense. The thought of Tubby coming to MSU makes me want to throw up.

    As for Hudspeth, I liked him as a player and I respect what he has done at UNA but I’m not sure success in D2 is going to translate to success in D1 especially in the SEC.

  68. chrisfromcorinth Says:

    Worked out pretty good for Senator Tressel, even though it is the Big Ten.

  69. imabulldog Says:

    use your Brain people, Ole Miss is Ole Miss, we are who we are- which is a small MS schools that most people don’t care about. BUT, with Tubbs, who is deep in his career, and has proven himself- could revolutionize our university.

    You don’t judge anybody by their early years in coaching, but rather their body of work as they have gained experience

  70. imabulldog Says:

    if we don’t get him, I’d hate to see him lead some other team to the promise land, and here we are ‘thinking about the future’ with some no name, unproven coach

  71. diamondawg23 Says:

    Tubby walking the sidelines at Scott Field I just couldn’t imagine that. All those bad words I’ve used to describe him in the past. Could I take it all back. I don’t think it will happen but who knows….

  72. 2thdoc Says:

    Petersen, then Petersen, then Petersen, then Graham, then Tubs

  73. msualum01 Says:

    According to the logic here, we should turn down Bob Stoops or Pete Carroll if they wanted to come to MSU because they wouldn’t really be ‘our’ coach? Give me a break.

    Wins are wins. I’m not a huge Tubby fan, but wins are wins. I want MSU to hire whoever will win football games regardless of where they were coaching last season or last decade.

  74. msualum01 Says:

    Petersen would be my #1 choice right now, but I’m not sure that’s an option. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  75. diamondawg23 Says:

    That’s a good way to put it Alum,I can agree with that. Maybe a new coach can make them “EXECUTE” as Sly would put it… If we could just “EXECUTE”.

  76. skydawg706 Says:

    I could never warm up to Tuby – I dislike him as much as do Jones owener of Dallas Cowboys.

    Tub never look good in Maroon-White, walking the side line, especially with the huge Jumbotron – to much to bear.

  77. s084swd Says:

    Tuberville should definitely be on the list. He’s a proven head coach and one of the best recruiters around. He would be a shot in the arm for our struggling program. I know he’s maybe not as young as some would like, but he’s not old. Also, I don’t believe this talk of him having really bad character. I doubt his character is any worse than most. He would probably be a good thing for State and potentially a very good thing. I’m for it.

  78. Says:

    I have heard from some folks that are saying MSU will have a press conference tomorrow @ 1:30 to announce Ears as the new coach. Anybody else hearing this rumor?

  79. ukrainedog Says:

    Here’s a scary thought: We are now competing with Auburn for whatever “names” might be out there. If you were an up and comer and had a choice between State or Auburn, where would you go?

  80. msualum01 Says:

    Could be worse. We could have been competing with Auburn, Tennessee, and Clemson for a head coach. At least Tennessee and Clemson are off the table.

  81. bigdraws Says:

    I’d pick State. They pay just as much, and you get a little bit more room to suck.

  82. thespear Says:

    It might not change things that much, look for them to go for a top tier coach like Leach At Ttech!

    I do know one thing, they wont be hiring Tommy Tuberville!!!

  83. skydawg706 Says:

    TUPELOPIX…………are u talking about Coach Ears Whitworth – from Coach Bear Bryant days…..

  84. bullmanchu Says:


    Have not heard about the news conference. But, he has been in Starkville tonight. hmmmm

  85. msualum01 Says:

    We could always bring Jackie and Joe Lee back.

  86. bullmanchu Says:

    Jackie could at least take us to a few bowls. I’d take probabtion every now and then for a few trips to the Peach and Cotton Bowl

  87. chrisfromcorinth Says:

    Only problem with that is Jackie and Joe Lee couldn’t get along.

  88. claytaylor32 Says:

    It would not surprise me at all in Tubbs as hired here tomorrow. Not in the slightest. He was forced to leave Auburn by one man and he isn’t the kind of guy to just relax and be pushed around. He will want to Coach again and it will be the SEC. Leaving the SEC to coach somewhere else is like leaving your CEO office for the mail room. It would be a digression. Lets face it…I don’t like him as much as any state fan…but the main reason is because he beat our butts pretty much every year at Ole Miss and Auburn. He is cocky but he is good. If he had been our coach and we had one the wins he had at Auburn, we would have renamed Scott Field Scott-Tuberville field. I just hope whoever we get wins regardless of the person.

  89. bantyrooster1 Says:

    At least make a run at Tubby. I doubt he’d come to State but that’s the type of hire we need. Biggest name available right now.

  90. claytaylor32 Says:

    By the way, believe it or not but my uncle is friends with a prominent real estate agent here in Starkville that showed a few houses to Steve Spurrier when we were hiring a Coach after Jackie left. Spurrier seriously thought he was coming here and would be named head coach. He didn’t have a doubt about it and actually wanted to coach here. Thanks Templeton for that kick in the pants. Wow.

  91. bullmanchu Says:

    yeah, I was playing Old Waverly the same day they took Spurrier out there. He was ours for the taking.

  92. westbuild123 Says:

    Just got a rumor tommy west in starkville. Brad, any possibility?

  93. westbuild123 Says:

    I hear tubs is getting a divorce and may take a year off.

  94. bantyrooster1 Says:

    What better place to take a year off than Starkville?

  95. westbuild123 Says:

    I will agree banty.

  96. msualum01 Says:

    I’m getting the feeling that about 95% of the rumors on this blog are bull.

    Has anyone here actually seen Tuberville, Graham, or West in Starkville?

  97. bleedmaroon Says:

    No. but i did stay at the Holiday inn express last night. sorry couldn’t resist.

  98. msualum01 Says:

    Maybe all three of them are sitting the back room at Harvey’s right now playing rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets the job.

  99. claytaylor32 Says:

    I heard Chuck Norris was on campus being interviewed.

  100. msualum01 Says:

    Jeff Bower is back there too, but the other three won’t let him play.

  101. darkcooger Says:

    My grandfather got laid off the day before Thanksgiving. After Croom resigned, I suggested he should apply for the job on the grounds that State’s performance probably wouldn’t get any worse. And he has experience as a star player back in the ’30s, when they played manly football with paper-thin leather helmets and all that stuff.

    He told me he’d let me know as soon as they called him with an offer. Just to keep the rumor mill quiet, he hasn’t called me yet, but rest assured I will post on this blog as soon as it’s official.

  102. westbuild123 Says:

    I hope I am wrong, but I have a feeling state may get a bunch of scraps.

  103. midnightdawg Says:

    We don’t need their scraps. Why not Rocky Felker?? I lived through Rocky, but Rocky II was much better. I’m just sayin….

  104. westbuild123 Says:

    It’s day 4 and nothing to report. It will drang on a little longer and be a really great hire or a make do situation and suffer for years.

  105. midnightdawg Says:

    that was sarcasm at first, but Felker could be a great choice if he’s interested. he’s got the integrity, the background, the experience, ….price tag compared to Tubby, et al………… MSU background (hero) I’m just sayin….

  106. midnightdawg Says:


  107. imabulldog Says:

    I worked with Rocky…weird, plain, and makes you drowsy just being around him, no

  108. carwwest Says:

    ok i heard graham, tubby, jimmy johnson, mark hudspeth, kevin wilson, gus malzahn, now tommy west were all seen in starkville today… all for rumors because they are fun but this is getting a little crazy….

  109. carwwest Says:

    oh and dooley….

  110. msualum01 Says:

    Might as well throw Allyn McKeen and Bob Tyler in as well.

  111. desotodawg Says:

    Someone mentioned Joe Lee .. Joe Lee is lobbying for the New Mexico State job now that Mumme was fired and he was the DC for Mumme and is currently the interim coach.

    As for the spurrier was ours post … a ‘source’ told me he was in the bag until the Redskins pulled a ‘pay us several million to buyout his contract’. That was what killed that deal. I believe that if it was realistically possible to have gotten Spurrier Templeton would have.

  112. mathistondawg Says:

    now that the program is back on track – why not sherrill? we can use rocky’s marketing campaign, “a winner returns to MSU”.

    I’m not serious. Do any of you remember the Sporting News article about Sherrill coming to MSU? One alumni stated (paraphrased) that he was tired of losing for the last few decades and thought selling our soul might be a good thing to try.

    It was fun, but look where we are now – for that reason, I want someone like nutt, experienced, and excitable. I saw him at the UofM WV game and you can tell he is having the time of his life. I know winning changes everything, but I think he is exactly what we need.

  113. jasdeep Says:

    Everyone we are studying pollution. We need you guys to atleast go to my blog. It is 😀

  114. cousinwalter Says:

    If MSU can make this happen(Tubs to Starkville) then they need to get it done. I don’t think they can afford him though.

  115. bigdraws Says:

    Heard he just built a 10k sq ft house near Auburn.

  116. cousinwalter Says:

    My younger brother is about to graduate at Auburn and he says that Tuberville drives around Auburn in a black mercedes. He is not exactly cheap.

    God forbid he actually takes the MSU job don’t be surprised when he takes another job from a higher bidder in 3 years. Tuberville may have been at Auburn for ten years but he is not that different from Bobby Petrino. You can’t count on him to stay put.

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