Reporting Nothing


Just digging away here. Been following the Tommy Tuberville drama in the Plains. Tuberville in Starkville: What do you think?

In other news, WR Brandon McRae (broken leg) was released from the hospital last night and is doing well. Also, MSU athletics can now be followed both on Twitter and on Facebook. From the official release: “As technology advances, our goal is to continue to provide new avenues for our fans to receive information regarding our athletic department,” assistant athletic director John Cade said. “These two popular external sites that we have joined allow a more interactive way for us to communicate with our fanbase.”

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18 Responses to “Reporting Nothing”

  1. darkcooger Says:

    “Tuberville in Starkville: What do you think?”

    If we’re not beating him on the football field, I’d rather he just stay the hell out of town. And that beating on the football field does not necessarily require a football game to be in progress. Just any ol’ beating will do.

  2. BirdZ! Says:

    Tubby is def not my first choice. He’s a good coach, and maybe a new place could get him fired back up. I’d rather have Graham or a few others first.

  3. joekstewart Says:

    No Tubberville. I could not stand me as Ole Miss coach or Auburns.

    I have to admit he can recruit and win, but his choices of lately are questionable (West Coast and firing Muschamp).

  4. goldendawg Says:

    I kinda like the idea of Tuberville. He’s a proven winner and stong recruiter.

  5. joekstewart Says:

    But I still can’t get away from Dooley. He has served on staff with Saban at LSU and was brought to Miami. He has done a terrific job at LA Tech in two years. And he is also the AD. And his SEC ties with Georgia and his father. It is logical to interview him at least.

  6. imabulldog Says:


    Heck yeah!!! If we came out of this with him, I’d jump up and down on my couch. Let’s be honest, he’s a 8 win guy, he’s gonna have a good D no matter what, and he can recruit.

    We are fools to not roll out the red carpet for this guy, love or hate Em, gotta respect him

  7. spaceghost1 Says:

    Tuberville to State
    Petrino to Auburn
    Dooley to Arkansas

  8. imabulldog Says:

    Tubby would bring ‘major’ respect to Starkville, and I’m talking bout “where you come to get your butt kicked” kind of respect!

    Seriously, if Byrne called on us to up our donations for his salary, I’d do it.

    That’s my case. I’ll shutup now, but he’s a winner

  9. bleedmaroon Says:

    I agree ima, I don’t really like the man but he is a winner. To get a guy like him at State would be the jackpot. He would surely bring recruits with him, SEC caliber recruits none the less. all He needed ths season to be successful was an oc. He has the name to go and get a proven oc.

  10. joekstewart Says:

    Shreveport Times has reported that nobody has contacted him, and he wants to stay and as for as he is concern he is too busy building the program. A program which is heading to the Independence Bowl.

    Is there anything about Dan Mullins? I am not a fan of the spread but he is good.

    And for Tuby, fans and alumni were complaning about the West Coast. That is what Auburn ran before Franklin.

  11. joekstewart Says:

    Conatcted Dooley I mean.

  12. bleedmaroon Says:

    Yeah but he had Borges, a west coast guru, hey you can only be as good as your teacher. who knows our players already have some knowledge of the WC maybe with the right “teacher” ….who knows?

  13. spaceghost1 Says:

    According to the Bham news, Tuberville has been fired.

  14. Says:

    Yeah Bham news says ol’ ears got the axe:

  15. northmissdawg Says:

    Tub was told three weeks ago that he would not be retained after this season. Auburn then had to backup and tell him that he had one more year because they could not afford the buyout right now. Now, ask yourself this question: what kind of job are you going to do knowing you’re gone in a year.
    The guy can coach and he can win. Yes, he messed up going to the spread junk. Like Coach Darrell Royal of Texas used to say:”you better dance with the one who brought you”.
    Tub, like all of us, is human and he will learn from his mistake. I think he would make an outstanding coach for the Bulldogs. And, also, he’s a good guy….not the stiff shirt you see on tv.
    Phil Fulmer would also do a good job at State. He has a ready made staff and knows how to recruit talent that State hasn’t seen the likes of.
    Let’s face it…State needs to take a chance on someone. We aren’t going to get a coach who is a head coach and on the way up with his program.
    Boise State, Cincinnati, etc. are all better jobs than Mississippi State right now….with the only plus being…the SEC.

  16. spaceghost1 Says:

    I’m not saying you can win a Natl Champ at State, but being in the SEC gives us a leg up on Boise St and Cincy. No matter how many times Boise St goes undefeated, they will never have a chance to win a NC. Same could be said for Cincy (if they were ever to go undefeated).

  17. s084swd Says:

    Tuberville should definitely be on the list of candidates. I’m not exaggerating when I say he’s a great recruiter. The guy can recruit with the best of them. If he came to State, he would no doubt be able to swing SEC caliber recruits quickly. I think Tuberville could be a real shot in the arm for our struggling program. He knows what it takes to compete and succeed in the SEC. He may be the only coach we have a real shot at getting that we can honestly say that about. He’s not perfect which he showed this year. But there’s not a perfect coach out there. Hopefully, Byrne can meet and interview him within the next day or two. I would like to see State get him. We’ll see what happens next.

  18. westbuild123 Says:

    anyone heard rumor of tommy west being in starkville?

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