Wednesday Recap: Sifting Through It All


If you believe what coaches tell us, then Derek Dooley and Tommy Tuberville are no longer in the running for the MSU job. But if you’re like me, you probably take everything they say with a grain of salt. Dooley issued a statement today saying he’s not been contacted by another university, although you’ll notice he didn’t say he hasn’t been contacted by Chuck Neinas. As for Tuberville, he said he’d like to stay in Auburn and lend a hand if needed. Really? Hmm.

So can we really hone in on anyone? Not really. Lot of names out there. A few of the most legit candidates, in my eyes: Tommy Bowden (ex-Clemson), Gary Patterson (TCU), Todd Graham (Tulsa), Skip Holtz (East Carolina), Kevin Wilson (Oklahoma OC). As for minority candidates, Turner Gill (Buffalo) and Charlie Strong (Florida DC). Am I saying any or all of these are on AD Greg Byrne‘s list? No, because I’m not into rumor-mongering.

I think the level of secrecy Byrne has been able to maintain is in direct correlation to the increasing number of ridiculous rumors circulating on the message boards and airwaves. If everyone is to be believed, then Dooley, Graham and Tuberville have all visited Starkville tonight.

The Tuberville situation affects MSU in two ways: 1) It brings another prospective coach into the mix, and 2) it means the Bulldogs now have some competition. Syracuse and Washington are not looking at many of the same coaches as State, simply because of location.

I’d best call it a night and get some rest. Gotta be ready for Thursday, because In a situation like this, you never know when the real craziness will begin.


9 Responses to “Wednesday Recap: Sifting Through It All”

  1. imabulldog Says:

    ok dad, we are going to bed šŸ™‚

  2. carwwest Says:

    a whole lot of craziness!!!!

  3. claytaylor32 Says:

    Was told by a source tonight, a “higher up” alum, that the job had been offered to Peterson at 3 million a year but he has decided to wait until after the bowl game to decide yes or no….I’m just afraid if that is the case and he says no then we wouldn’t have much left to choose from if we wait on him.

  4. darkcooger Says:

    Even if that’s true, State can play the game too. They can always try to get someone else on the hook and drag out negotiations until Peterson makes a decision. I don’t believe Byrne would let the future of MSU football hinge completely on the decision someone else is going to make in a few weeks.

  5. dawgface52 Says:

    I don’t believe one minute we will wait until after bowl games to name a coach. Recruiting would totally go in the crapper. Now Peterson may have said he wants to wait to see if Boise State is selected for a BCS bowl which he will find out this weekend. I think we will have a new coach by the first of next week. My guess, if we don’t know something on Peterson by early next week, we go with the Tulsa coach.

  6. desotodawg Says:

    Boise doesnt have to wait to the weekend. ESPN says no BCS for Boise this year. Boise is headed to the Poinsettia Bowl …

  7. townball Says:

    A Mississippi State early Christmas! Houston Nutt to Auburn, Tommy Tubberville to MS State, Tyron Willingham to Ole Miss

  8. coldleftovers Says:

    I think Dawgface is dead on about our timetable.

    Petersen would be perfect for us, and until we name a new HC, i’m holding out hope for him.

    Dooley and Graham, on the other hand, spell doom and gloom for a few more years!

  9. dawgface52 Says:

    I hope it’s Petersen. But if we have to settle for Graham, I would be ok with it. He certainly has revived a couple of poor programs. I do wish his defensive stats were better.

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