Croom Staying Quiet; Felker Staying the Course


I called up Sylvester Croom this afternoon, and he actually answered. He seemed in a fine mood, but he declined to be interviewed and said he will continue declining interviews for the next several weeks. Fair enough.

I also spoke with interim coach Rockey Felker, who’s been on the road trying to keep the 2009 recruiting class together. Nothing ground-breaking, but here are some excerpts:

• On how this is affecting recruits: “There’s never a good time for this, but when it does happen, it could be a lot worse times than right now. At least there will be some time between now and the February signing date where all the recruits will have an opportunity to meet the new head coach and have a good feel for what the situation is going to be like.”

• On talking with AD Greg Byrne: “I’m not into getting any information. I’m mainly just focusing on the recruiting right now. I talked to him a couple of days this week, but I know that process has to be a privacy deal until we’re ready to name someone.”

• On his own future: “I’m going to be back at State. I’m toally focused on the job at hand in terms of recruiting and holding it together until we have a coach on board. My plans are to stay either as a coach or in some administrative position.”


12 Responses to “Croom Staying Quiet; Felker Staying the Course”

  1. shmuley Says:

    Croom ain’t talking til his check clears.

  2. boonhoggenbeck Says:

    I could go the rest of my life without hearing anymore “talk” from him. That’s all he did for five years was talk. As far as Felker is concerned, I guess somebody has to be there to hold things together, and he’s about as good as anybody, I guess, as far as an “expediter”…not much else.

  3. madisondawg Says:

    Felker; coach or administrative position, lets see, how bout neither.

  4. boonhoggenbeck Says:

    Felker has been sucking that State teat for a long time, and will probably continue to do so…must know where all the dead bodies are.

  5. diamondawg23 Says:

    Come on, Rocky is just like us he wants what’s best for his alma-mater. Cut him and he’ll bleed maroon.

  6. boonhoggenbeck Says:

    At this stage of his career, Felker just wants a steady check, and probably figures he can continue to get it as long as he can rely on “good ole’ State” to give the “good ole” boy” a job. He needs to go. He has been surrounded by so much losing and negativism that there’s no way he could be a positive influence. I bet GB is not exactly enamored with him, either. Felker is a constant representation of the “past.” He should be eligible for a pension…take the highway, son.

  7. 83dawg Says:

    I agree with you diamondawg23. Felker’s heart is at MSU. There’s nothing wrong with his being “a constant representation of the “past.” You have to know where you came from to know where you’re going. At least he’s someone we can trust to try to keep the recruits.

  8. aladawg Says:

    I have good friend who played for the bear in the late 70’s and was very involved with the team when Felker was on the staff.

    The Bear trusted my friend implicitily and discussed things with him he talked to few others about. When Rocky was offered the top job at MSU, he understood and wished the best for him even though he thought it was too early. The selfish part was that he could not offer him enough to stay at Alabama as recruiter as he was the best recruiter he ever had.
    We need to some legacy or old timers around to remind us of past trail and tribulations. I agree with the others, his blood runs maroon and white.

  9. madisondawg Says:

    Felker is part of the Temleton regime, enough said.

  10. bigdraws Says:

    Felker’s a great guy. His legacy took a hit with those late 80 teams.

  11. chrisfromcorinth Says:

    Felker was the coach when I first realized the school that I would come to love was good at losing football games.

  12. desertdog2005 Says:

    I agree with draws…Felker is a great guy. Look at this way, just about all of Croom’s boys left town as soon as Croom resigned. Rocky has signed and talked about how great the next coach will be-even though he hasn’t been named. Rocky was on ESPN radio yesterday talking about recruiting and how great it is to be at State. He is true Bulldog, maybe he isn’t the best coach, but he deserves and has earned my respect and a job with the admin of the football program.

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