Day 5: So Long, Tubs; Hello, Tubs?


The biggest and most interesting news of the day, by far, was Tommy Tuberville leaving Auburn after 10 seasons. So what’s next for Ears? Kevin Scarbinsky of the Birmingham News says it’s more likely we’ll see Tubs in a TV studio than in Starkville. And there’s the fact that Tuberville said he plans to remain in Auburn for the time being. Here’s what some of the reaction has been regarding his departure. As for what Auburn does now, we know that Mike Leach (Texas Tech) and Bobby Petrino (Arkansas) have been contacted by folks close to the Auburn program.

To reiterate what I wrote last night, all this makes the MSU coaching search that much more interesting, not to mention even more unpredictable. Sure, AD Greg Byrne wants an offensive-minded coach, but Tuberville is a high-quality SEC coach. Be hard not to at least consider him.

In other news, Charlie Harbison, MSU’s former defensive coordinator, is still in the mix at Clemson. As for ex-OC Woody McCorvey, who knows. If nothing else, that situation has taught Steve Spurrier the value of patience. Yeah, right. Tell his quarterbacks that.

Anyway, stay tuned.


14 Responses to “Day 5: So Long, Tubs; Hello, Tubs?”

  1. bamamanreturns Says:

    I am EXTREMELY disappointed in you. It’s one thing for that yo-yo homer Wardlaw to believe Tubbs is coming to state but for you to hold out hope…c’mon. Other than the on-campus affinity fro duck hunting there is NO other incentive for him to come to Starkghanistan. I think within State homer circles there is a serious misconception of the standing of this program. I’ve heard the names Petersen, Kelly, Leach and now Tuberville for the state job…here is a much more realistic list: Terry Bowden (sheer desperation), Curley Hallman (too nice to turn it down), Rocky Felker (the “we don’t want none of them people who ain’t one’n of us choice), Greg Robinson (loves losing…would fit right in)…on a serious note…you guys need to get it together and beat the drum for Dooley, he has the youth, vigor, and energy to get you guys off the bottom rung in the SEC

  2. Brad Locke Says:

    Oh, I’m not saying I think they should go get Tuberville, I’m just saying you’ve got to at least look at him. As for Dooley, the more I study up on him, the more I like him.

  3. rwriffe Says:

    bamamanreturns, be sure and be here Sunday to eat some crow when Florida makes a mud puddle out of the tide Saturday.

  4. bleedmaroon Says:

    Hey Locke, I think you do a great job. Don’t worry about those bamy fans. I don’t know why he is even on here. I guess little boy has wondered away from home. Maybe mommy will come looking for him.

  5. carwwest Says:

    god i hate bama fans….

  6. bb67 Says:

    Them bama fans eating some more of that dead bear. After this many years, you may have to put some hot sauce on it to make it more palatable. Just saying.

  7. darkcooger Says:

    I want to second the posts by bleedmaroon, carwwest, and bb67. And anyone who comes after me who makes fun of Bama fans in any way.

  8. bamamanreturns Says:

    Dooley is the right fit. Hungry and has recruiting inroads throughout the South, particularly in Louisiana. Also, I won’t be in here Sunday, will still be celebrating in the ATL. But, no wonder Sly couldn’t make it in Starkville if fans like rwriffe thinks 12-1 would be disappointing

  9. skoalbandit Says:

    i think we should consider Bobby Hall. i played against in high school and man that guy sure knows football.

  10. skoalbandit Says:

    another good coach for us is Mike Ray. he is a contender for the state title every year at Calhoun City. he will know how to get our boys to play with heart.

  11. skydawg706 Says:

    Appears Auburn looking for a coach only hampers State – Auburn has more money than we do – prize goes to the highest bidder.

  12. imabulldog Says:

    Bamaman will only be celebrating the fact that Bama only loss by 30 and not 40

  13. rwriffe Says:

    Sorry Skoalbandit but Bobby Hall doesn’t have the credintials to be a d1 head coach. That is unless he has gotten them since his last coaching stint at Amory. Plus he is a diehard rebel and probably wouldn’t even consider the job. Realistically high school coaches are not an option. Particularly in going from high school head coach straight to college head coach. They typically go through the ranks first to earn that shot. In saying that i realize that Hall has been doing just that and my last statement is more to the Mike Ray comment.

  14. rwriffe Says:

    And I realize that Hall is back in the HS ranks right now but he did a couple of stints in the d2 division.

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