Thursday Recap: Late Developments


Mississippi State is back to having just two BCS conference schools to compete against for a coach. Washington has apparently hired USC offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian, says So that leaves the Bulldogs competing against Syracuse and Auburn.

One of the coaches Cuse is looking at is East Carolina’s Skip Holtz. However, the ECU athletics director has posted a statement tonight saying, in part, that Holtz “has not had the time or the inclination to consider any other coaching positions, and any institutions that might want to ask for permission to speak with him have had the good manners and professional courtesy to refrain from doing so until our season has been completed.” Good stuff. Go read it.

So that is where we stand right now. I keep having a gut feeling something will go down this weekend, but who really knows. I’ve given up trying to guess anything. Anyway, I’ll be reporting from Starkville tomorrow and Saturday.


11 Responses to “Thursday Recap: Late Developments”

  1. mississippibulldawg Says:

    I could be behind on this but has there been any news of statements by Tyler Russell on coming to State???? I know that they are getting ready for the State Championship game tomm. night against SP but was just wondering.

    They called out his current stats on the Matt Wyatt show today and they were freakin’ ridiculous.

    God knows we need a QB over 6’1”.

  2. 2thdoc Says:

    BL, what is your gut feeling about the coach that Byrne is really after?

    I think it will be Petersen and it is going to be late Sunday or early Monday before we hear much and only because of Byrne’s ability as AD to get what is best for State no matter the price(thanks to Mr. Leo Seal).

    Get ready for a shocking amount of money…and I’m all for it.

  3. carwwest Says:

    his address sounds like a “please dont leave” type thing talking about holtz….i would love to have him here….

    but i started thinking…hasnt it been reported that byrne has been or is in atlanta??….could he be soooooo smart that these planes going out west are all decoys and he is actually in atlanta waiting to talk to mullen???….ha nothing legit whatsoever but just a thought….WE NEED TO FIND A COACH CAUSE I HAVENT GOT ANY WORK DONE THIS WEEK!!!

  4. maroon1white Says:

    Put me on that list too, West. I feel guilty about my paycheck this week but I’m still gonna cash that beeotch, 😀

  5. bigcowbell Says:

    So Texas Tech loses to Auburn? A coach maybe?

  6. Brad Locke Says:

    2thdoc: He said he wants someone with “high energy, a passion for recruiting, strong work ethic. It’d be nice if they had an understanding of the SEC, although experience in the SEC isn’t a prerequisite. We want somebody that has the intensity and the energy level to continue what Coach Croom has built on and take it to a higher level for us.”

    I think that’s what you were asking. If you’re wanting specific names, I got no gut feeling right now. I had a feeling all afternoon that Dooley would be the guy, but I think that was the taco soup I had for lunch.

  7. carwwest Says:

    dooley told reporters that he thinks a coach would HAVE to recruit mostly JUCO players to be successful at state and he doesnt want to do that….

    this jackbutt really thinks highly of himself if he thinks we are beneath him…i guess thats the lawyer coming out in him….douche…

  8. imabulldog Says:

    Dooley better get ready to get his butt handed to him, because whoever we bring in- their first job is going to be getting that bad taste out of mouths with a blowout win vs La Tech.

    All my $ would be thrown at the feet of Tubbs if I was Byrne, but I’m a Dawg and don’t need to get my hopes up I guess 😉

  9. skoalbandit Says:

    I agree with carwwest, the new heated rivalry in the south is MS State and La Tech

  10. bigdraws Says:

    Don’t know if it’s been mentioned but Washington got a coach.

  11. thespear Says:

    Actually Ima they changed next years opener from LA Tech to Jackson State.

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