Crazier Still


Well, there are apparently two new football coaches at MSU. Some oddball Web site says Chris Petersen has been hired, while Derek Dooley‘s Wikipedia page, for the moment at least, has him as the Bulldogs’ new coach.

What’s all this mean? That nobody knows anything. Yet.

By the way, be sure to catch the MHSAA football championship games on MPB. Puckett-Calhoun City right now, Tyler Russell-South Panola tonight.


39 Responses to “Crazier Still”

  1. coldleftovers Says:

    not that either site is reputable, but at least the Mich. State site claims to have called the Kiffin hire before anyone else… anyone can edit Wikipedia.. give me a minute and i can make Vince Lombardi rise from the grave and become our new coach 🙂

  2. marcomarco Says:

    wiki certainly is a credible news source. excellent work sir.

  3. Brad Locke Says:

    Yeah, well, that Wiki page ought to get edited soon. I know that someone with “msu” in their handle made the change, around 3:25.

  4. Brad Locke Says:

    I never said it was credible.

  5. imabulldog Says:

    crazy crackers out there 🙂

    Hopefully Tyler will lead the Cats to glory tonite, then come to State and do the same. We’ll see…

    I would like ol Peterson to come, but I think I’d want Tubs more, but heck- either one is a huge upgrade

  6. fleckvieh Says:

    You are correct Brad, one minute it had Dooley as State’s coach and the next time he was LA Tech’s coach. It was a hoax.

  7. BirdZ! Says:

    Now Dooley is the HC at Boise St.

    Somebody’s having a lot of fun with this.

  8. fleckvieh Says:

    Bear Bryant and Shug Jordan will be in the mix before this guy gets through having his kicks.

  9. bulldognark82 Says:

    where is all this info about peterson coming from?

  10. BirdZ! Says:

    website called

  11. BirdZ! Says:

  12. BirdZ! Says:

    And BL’s link up there. Nothing confirmed through anybody official yet.

    Don’t get excited quite yet.

  13. bmoy Says:

    agh! you beat me to it! I was hoping to dig the deepest! hahaha oh well. maybe we have a coach. Here’s another good website, but apparently they’re a little behind today:

  14. warbirdz44 Says:

    Now Peterson’s wiki page has him as Mississippi State’s head coach.

  15. ericintupelo Says:

    I have to say I check this blog ofcourse everyday and I also check every day trying to get some kind of insight as to who our next coach is. I hope they name somebody soon because I have finals next week and focusing has been tough. Everytime I start looking at my notes and my laptop is nearby I have to get on the blog to see if I have missed something

  16. thespear Says:

    Anyone up for SEC championship predictions

    I’ve got the Gators over the Bummers 42-20!

    Go Gators, get up and go!

  17. ericintupelo Says:

    Didn’t see anything on there about Peterson on the site though. I checked it all morning but maybe I missed it

  18. ericintupelo Says:

    Gators are the hottest team in the nation and they will beat Bama but Bama will keep it respectable

  19. imabulldog Says:

    Gators 42
    Tidepens 10

  20. darkcooger Says:

    I expect Florida to win, but they’ll have to fight for it. I don’t see Florida matching it’s season scoring average against Alabama, either. I mean, 46? Wow.

  21. spaceghost1 Says:

    eric, here’s the link to the rumormill story

  22. darkcooger Says:

    “UPDATE 4:45 p.m.: Today’s Channel 6 (KIVI) is reporting that Boise State coach Chris Petersen has been offered a four-year, $9 million contract to coach Mississippi State.”

    From the IdahoStatesman blog, from a TV station there ( Wow that’s a lot of money.

  23. ericintupelo Says:

    Yeah it’s on the site but we don’t know if it’s legit. If it is I hope he accepts the job

  24. ericintupelo Says:

    Guess Nutt’s not leaving Ole Miss because he agreed to a one year extension thru 2012

  25. gulfwaterdawg Says:

    It is a done deal. You all can fumble around with what ifs all you want. As of Monday morning Chris Peterson will be the head coach of the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Bank it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. spaceghost1 Says:

    gulf, what makes you so sure?

  27. skydawg706 Says:

    It would be nice if it was true………believe it when I hear it from the horses mouth.

    Saw Tyler in pic next to University of South Panola QB – either Tyle is very tall or SP QB is short.

  28. spaceghost1 Says:

    I think the picture you are referring to is the one with Russell next to David Conner — Conner is a Safety, hence the height difference.

  29. gogawgs09 Says:

    I hope it is true! It would be a great hire!! GB would be the man. Larry who? Thank God he’s gone bc he would hire some joke for a coach.

  30. jlm13 Says:

    state actually just named Jack Cristill as HC, AD Greg Byrne saying “He has been here a long, long time and I thought he deserved it. Jack is MSU.”
    Jack added “Well by week 11, I will at least have my QB and wide receivers on the same page.”

    Jack will receive a 2 year contract worth 2 million cigarettes.

    BTW, I am a state fan before I get bashed.

  31. carwwest Says:

    he’s not coming….

    who now??

  32. gulfwaterdawg Says:

    Petersen offered 9 million over 4years. I can not reveil my source but it is not from the interent.

  33. boisestate08 Says:



  34. darkcooger Says:

    He’s released a statement that he hasn’t received an offer and he’s not interested in the job anyway.

  35. omahadog Says:

    Say that he was interviewed, but was either not offered the job, or told that MSU wasn’t interested after the interview. What do you expect Petersen to say? For argument’s sake, let’s say this is the case, and Petersen is doing damage control on his end. You never know. The possibilities are endless.

    The naysayers are getting old. Everyone assumes that MSU is being jilted. I believe Byrne is holding the cards, as this game of poker plays out.

  36. corinthdawg Says:

    I’ve been a Bulldog fan since I enrolled in 1998. Before that, I lived out West (primarily California). I had heard very little about MSU before moving to the south in 1990, though I had been a college football fan all of my life.

    I say that to point to the fact that some of you live in a fantasy world. Football fans outside of the State of MS don’t regard MSU or Ole Miss as legit college football teams, regardless of if they are in the SEC or not. I have a theory, called “the Doormat Theory.” Every conference has to have a couple of bottom tiered teams that everyone else in the conference beats up on. Sure, these teams might sneak up on a powerhouse every now and then and beat them. But for the most part, they are going to struggle to achieve a .500 winning percentage every year. Look back at the achievements of MSU and Ole Miss over the last 30 years. I didn’t have that many ups and downs on my T1-85 graphing calculator in college.

    So, I believe that Peterson would be absolutely out of his mind to take this job. Hawkins left him a program at Boise State that was in very good shape. Although in a non-BCS conference, they continue to be a top 20 team every year. Eventually, the BCS will be modified to allow the Boise State’s, Utah’s, and Ball State’s a chance to compete for the national championship. Sure, he could come to MSU for five years, maybe win 8 games and go to a bowl game during a “freak” year, but in the end, he’ll end up just as Croom did. The reason is, no matter who MSU gets as a head coach, how can you expect him to compete in recruiting with LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, USC, etc. Say what you want, but every year we end up battling the likes of LA Tech and Memphis for recruits.

    I would do flips around Scott field in front of the 55,000 on opening day next year if we got Peterson. But, we have to be realistic about the expectations of our program at MSU.

    Now everyone can hate on me.

  37. darkcooger Says:

    corinthdawg: Ole Miss is very much considered a legitimate SEC football program. Whether we like them or not, the rest of the conference does recognize them as competitive most of the time. MSU is the only bottom-of-the-barrel team in the West, honestly.

    That doesn’t mean that we have to stay that way, though. The biggest thing holding Mississippi State back is priorities – MSU has always tended to regard its athletics program as a fun diversion. Personally, I agree with that position, but I also recognize that Mississippi State is not even remotely competitive in money spent on sports. I really think that’s the difference between same ol’ Mississippi State football and competitive Mississippi State football.

  38. dawgface52 Says:

    You make good points Corinth. MSU has no tradition and is a very tough sell as a result. But a few schools have overcome this problem over the years. When I was in college(long ago) Miami and Fla State were nothing. Today Wake Forest, Kansas State, Rutgers, and a few others are competitive and go to bowl games. I think that is what most MSU fans are hoping for, to follow those examples. And it sure didn’t hurt to give Petersen a try. Greg knows him and although it was along shot, it was worth a try. Hiring him would have giving us some instant credibility.

    Didn’t work so time to move on. Hopefully we will never settle for being a doormat for the rest of the SEC.

  39. corinthdawg Says:


    I’ll agree that Ole Miss is seen as more competitive than MSU. It’s funny, I was just out west visiting family and someone saw me wearing a Mississippi State shirt. They asked, “Is that Ole Miss?” I get that more times than you can imagine from people outside of the south.

    I don’t really think that money is the problem, though. I think it really centers around the “style” of recruit that MSU goes after. State needs to recruit the guys that are overlooked out west. Check out the Boise State roster from this year:

    It looks like Boise State could be located in downtown Los Angeles. Why is this? These players were overlooked by the likes of USC, UCLA, and the other PAC-10 schools. The difference between these overlooked players and the overlooked players in Mississippi is that there are soooooo many players in California, Arizona, and Texas. In Mississippi, the really good players are courted by Alabama, LSU, and Auburn. And most of the time, that is where they end up.

    You want Peterson, and so do I. This is what Peterson brings to the table…the ability to recruit California, something that Croom could not do.

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