SEC Power Rankings: Final 2008 Edition


I guess I should wait until the SEC championship game has been played, but this gives us something to do while we follow the coaching search. Consider these my final rankings, and if Alabama actually wins, you can flip-flop the top two.

Team (Pvs): Comment

1. Florida (1): Could. Get. Ugly.
2. Alabama (2): Unless the Tide D-line can bust some chops.
3. Georgia (3): What’s in your wallet?
4. Ole Miss (4): Sometimes you feel like a Nutt, and sometimes you pay lots of money for one.
5. LSU (6): The dropoff for the rest of the league begins right here.
6. South Carolina (5): Clemson? Embarrassing.
7. Vanderbilt (9): Lost six of their last seven, but yeah, the Commodores deserve a bowl bid!
8. Kentucky (8): Lost three straight, will play in the Pansy Bowl.
9. Auburn (7): Nick Saban can empathize, Tommy T. OK, not really.
10. Tennessee (10): Nice sendoff for Phillip Fulmer. Still, good riddance, they say.
11. Arkansas (12): I know, I know, MSU beat the Razorbacks two weeks ago. But dang …
12. Mississippi State (11): … that Egg Bowl loss was just pathetic. And then you lost your coach. Sorry.


19 Responses to “SEC Power Rankings: Final 2008 Edition”

  1. BirdZ! Says:

    well done, BL.

    Now back to plane tracking.

  2. darkcooger Says:

    Won’t Vanderbilt get a bid by default? The SEC has 8 bowl commitments (Independence,, Music City, Chik-fil-A, Outback, Capital One, Cotton, Liberty, not counting the BCS bowls), and we have 8 teams eligible. Since Florida and Alabama are both likely to make BCS games, the SEC is two teams short of its bowl commitments as-is. I can’t imagine one of the eligible teams being denied.

  3. olemsufan Says:

    BAMA #1
    UF lost to Ole Miss ..

  4. redtoolman Says:

    Brad, Anything to this?

    KIVI-TV in Boise is reporting that WAPT in Jackson is reporting Petersen’s hiring:

  5. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    I make my selection for the Florida Gators, maybe since that I am a Floridian, but an Ole Miss Fan. The Gators have really got their act together since that lose to the Rebels back in season. Alabama seem to me like they are skatting on thin ice and managing to eke out wins as they play them. The Gators will be the best and most powerful team that Bama will meet this season.

  6. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    One other thing; Brad think that you are doing a good job here and PA over on the Ole Miss blob. Keek up the good work.

  7. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    “Keek up the good work.” amended to say: “Keep up the good work.”

  8. redtoolman Says:

    Sounds like it might be a done deal. Peterson to MSU.

  9. BirdZ! Says:

    saban can “emphasize”?

  10. spaceghost1 Says:

    It’s hard to imagine that a team that lost to Ole Piss can beat Bama

  11. 2thdoc Says:

    Not so fast on Petersen. Not looking good.

  12. spaceghost1 Says:

    what do you mean, 2thdoc?

  13. Says:

    Petersen supposedly just issued a statement saying he hasn’t been offered a deal, and is planning to stay in Boise…

  14. spaceghost1 Says:

    Petersen not coming to State after all? Say it isn’t so.

  15. 2thdoc Says:

    Petersen released a statement tonight that he was not offered the job and staying at BoiseSt…we’ll see.

  16. spaceghost1 Says:

    what’s the timestamp on that statement?

  17. dadawg Says:

    What does this mean?

  18. 2thdoc Says:

  19. Brad Locke Says:

    Good catch, BirdZ. Will fix.

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