Day 7: Lots ‘o Links


Friday was a bit of a letdown for Mississippi State fans. It was widely reported/circulated that Boise State’s Chris Petersen was either in negotiations with MSU, had been offered the job but turned it down, or had already been hired. Just nutty stuff.

Another name that’s popped up, with much less frequency, is Buffalo’s Turner Gill. His team upended Ball State last night to win the MAC championship game. He could be a good fit at Syracuse, writes the Post-Standard.

Tulsa’s Todd Graham has also surfaced as a candidate. I spoke with a Tulsa spokesman yesterday, who said, “The AD won’t comment on speculation regarding jobs until employment status changes.”

Auburn’s search keeps going, and now Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson has been thrown into the mix. Or hey, why not the aforementioned Gill? Paul Gattis of the Huntsville Times takes a look at how the coaching shakeups affect the landscape of the SEC West.

Well, that’s enough linkage to last you the whole weekend. Actually, with a coaching search ongoing, it’s probably not.

PS: Don’t forget, MSU hoops at the Hump at noon today.


9 Responses to “Day 7: Lots ‘o Links”

  1. tlfillingim Says:

    Bobby Johnson? Bobby is at Vandy, Paul Johnson is at Georgia Tech.

  2. Brad Locke Says:

    Thanks. First time all year I’ve gotten them confused, though.

  3. thespear Says:

    Wow Graham and Holtz played that half down to the last second(CUSA champ game). Thats something we havent seen in Starkville(at least from our team) in the last five years!!!!!

  4. joekstewart Says:

    What about Ball State’s coach?

  5. corinthdawg Says:

    I like Graham. He has helped turn programs around everywhere he has been. From NAIA to D1. The only downside to him is that he is a defensive-minded coach, but he has managed to bring in great coordinators and coaches on offense.

  6. dc31 Says:

    Forget Peterson, throw as much money as possible at OU’s coordinator Kevin Wilson. That guy is an offensive beast. I’ll bet he can get Tyler Russell to look like Bradford.

  7. leeearl Says:

    I wouldn’t want the Tulsa coach after he lost to Arky….at least Croom beat Arky…

  8. 2thdoc Says:

    I’ll take Graham or Kelly but still think Petersen is coming. Byrne is prolly gonna shock us all. Thank you Mr. Leo Seal…RIP

  9. corinthdawg Says:

    Leeearl, Arkansas beat Tulsa in the last minute. And Arkansas is not that bad of a team. They were rebuilding this year, but were still very talented. Anytime you bring a new coach in, there is going to be an adjustment period. SEC can still recruit better athletes than C-USA. Arkansas should beat Tulsa by 40. For Tulsa to even be in that game, which was at Arkansas, was a feat. Leeearl, it’s obvious you need to watch some football. Do some research on Graham and look at what he’s done at each of the school’s he’s been at, then tell me that’s not who we need.

    You all need to get off the Peterson bandwagon. He inherited a program that was already tops in the Mountain West. He did not have to build a program and had excellent recruits. Graham is in the business of program-building, and that’s exactly what we need.

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