Saturday Recap: Minority Report


I know, I’ve been conspicuously silent since the basketball game. Two reasons: 1) No real developments in the coach search; and 2) I’ve been spending some much-needed quality time with my family. Finally got the Christmas tree put up.

As y’all have probably already heard, Auburn has asked for permission to speak with Buffalo coach Turner Gill. His name’s been in the MSU rumor mill, though not as much as others. Which brings me to something I’ve wondered about: minority candidates. The man who recently resigned, Sylvester Croom, was the SEC’s first black head coach. Between that and the Black Coaches Administrators keeping a close eye on each coaching search, I figure Greg Byrne is very conscious of that aspect of the process.

If Byrne has some minority coaches on his list, I imagine Gill is on it. Probably Florida defensive coordinator Charlie Strong, too. I cannot, at the moment, think of any other well-known minority coaches who might be considered. Ron Prince and Ty Willingham just got fired, so that puts them off regardless of their race. I guess you could try to lure Kentucky’s Joker Phillips away from the head post he’s already got lined up in Lexington.

I had wanted to speak with BCA president Paul Hewitt about this matter, but he declined an interview request earlier in the week. I will be interested to hear what Byrne has to say about minority candidates once this thing is all done. Given the dearth of them right now, I think there is one thing we can say with certainty about MSU’s next coach: He’ll be a middle-aged white guy.


13 Responses to “Saturday Recap: Minority Report”

  1. carwwest Says:

    egh, i dont think race matters one bit in our search just because there is no one that really fits the bill that byrne says he is looking for that is black right now…i mean there might be some but none come to mind…gill i guess would be one but i dont think byrne will go that route….even with a mac champioship i would argue that a kevin wilson, todd graham, petersen, dan mullen would fit better because of experience….granted graham hasnt been a head coach that long but has had more success in an arguably better conference overall….also, even though wilson and mullen havent been a HC, look who they are under….two perennial powerhouses and both will be competing for a national championship…just my opinion…

  2. darkcooger Says:

    Whether or not race will be considered, I certainly don’t think it should be. I don’t care if the new head coach is a purple man from Azerbaijan with a Portuguese mother, a Transylvanian father, and a third nipple, so long as he can coach.

    If there’s one thing Coach Croom did extremely well (and there’s not just one thing, but if there was only one, this would be the one that stood out to me), he looked straight past the race issue. You guys remember? The press was all over this “first black head coach thing,” and Croom never wanted to talk about. The only thing he ever said on the subject was, “Maroon is the only color that matters.” And I believe he really meant it. That’s what we need. As long as the coach is doing what’s best for MSU, his physical appearance is irrelevant. Black, green, tall, ugly, big ears… none of it matters.

    To be completely honest, I feel like associations such as the BCA are actually hurting black coaches because they are drawing attention away from the coaches’ abilities and towards what they look like. They’re more interested in having coaches that look a certain way than coaches that perform their jobs well, and they play the so-called “race card” whenever they feel like their preferred skin pigment is under-represented. Listen up, BCA: Skin color is irrelevant. We just want a good coach.

    And you know what else? I imagine the majority of college football programs feel the same way. The goal is to win, and very few people care what color coach can do that.

  3. thespear Says:

    I feel bad for the minority guys that people interview only beacuse they are forced to by organizations like the BCA.

    Let the Athletic Directors find the best person for the jobs, reguardless of race.

  4. imabulldog Says:

    yeah it’s a crazy issue, shouldn’t be, but always will be till it’s 60/40 black coaches in the country.

    Give me experience over race, no more testruns, I won’t Experience, at a high level.

    Still prayin for GB to bring us Peterson

  5. rwriffe Says:

    Only because its early and BL hasn’t posted a SEC Championship game recap yet I’m going to get an early start here just in case he’s looking.

    WHERE ARE YOU BAMAMANRETURNS? Come eat your crow.

  6. dogsandhogs Says:

    There has got to be something about Charlie Strong that doesn’t make him a good candidate. It seems like his name has been mentioned for possible head coaching jobs for years, yet I don’t recall him ever being offered. Maybe he doesn’t want to be a head coach?

  7. dawgface52 Says:

    Yeah, I could care less what color our next head coach is but your are probably right, it will be a middle aged white guy. I truly wish Croom wouldn’t have been so stubborn about his west coast offense and Woody. If he had just abandoned that philosophy a couple of years ago he would still be here. Croom was a good man, just too stubborn.

    Oh well, I’m ready for our new coach. 🙂

  8. farley662 Says:

    Couldn’t resist stoking the same fire everyone else is could ya BL?

  9. ericintupelo Says:

    Think some of you said it best when you said it doesn’t matter what color coach we get as long as he is a good one. Honestly I get tired of the race card being thrown out. It just gets old after awhile. Was watching Around the Horn the other day and Kevin Blackistone was talking about the race issues and how Croom should not have been let go that the only bad thing he did was lose to Ole Miss 45-0 and that he didn’t make bad decisions. 4th and 15…..4th and 15

  10. kstorey395 Says:

    Being black, I wanted to weigh in my thoughts on this isssue….

    I share the same feelings as a lot of you. Race makes no difference to me. Can you do the job? That’s all I want to know.

    But, I can see the BCAs point. I think there are a lot of blacks that don’t get a shot at being a head coach(in all major sports) because of they’re race. The simply fact that we even have to have this conversation proves that fact.

    I wish is wasn’t like that, but I have come to undrstand that it’s just part of our history as Americans. Race,and the issues that stem from race will have to be dealt with for years to come. Our past will always be a part of us.

    One day we will get to the point when race is really not an issure. We’re doing very well know, but we have a long way to go.

  11. kstorey395 Says:

    Croom was a great guy, but just an awful coach…at least on the college level.

  12. desotodawg Says:

    From what I hear and read it’s not the necessarily the lack of minority HC but the lack of availability to the process. Look at Tennesee and Clemson. How many minority coaches do you think even made the short list for an interview? Or how many minority AD’s are there at the div 1 level? I would love to see Charley Strong or Tyrone Nix in the mix. As long as they brought in a good OC. The defense would make sure that the offense had a short field to work with.

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