Wesley Carroll to Transfer


UPDATE: Confirmed, by a source involved in the transfer, that Carroll is transferring to FIU. Carroll could not be reached for comment tonight, nor could FIU coach Mario Cristobal. I’ll have a short story on this in tomorrow’s paper and will follow up, assuming a new coach isn’t announced..

An MSU spokesman has confirmed that sophomore QB Wesley Carroll has asked for and been granted a release from his scholarship, which of course is what a player must do before transferring schools. Carroll became the starter as a freshman but lost his job this year to juco transfer Tyson Lee.

Details to come.


74 Responses to “Wesley Carroll to Transfer”

  1. chrisfromcorinth Says:

    Not that it matters with Wes, but let the exodus begin.

  2. chrisfromcorinth Says:

    And I mean current player and recruits.

  3. tennesseemarine01 Says:

    If GB don’t make the call very soon Carroll will be just the first of many.

  4. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Chris, I guess, the military term would be “abandon ship” or “eject,eject”.

  5. omahadog Says:

    This one you put on Croom. The QB situation this season was completely botched by Croom and staff. Not saying that Carroll played well enough to start, but the kid deserved better. He proved he has some talent and can play in the SEC last year. POOR coaching staff did not develop him and help him to improve in year 2. This is sad.

  6. tennesseemarine01 Says:

    I wonder if the new Prez Dr. Keenum can get GB to make the call sooner rather than later?

  7. thingreenline Says:

    How the hell is Keenum gonna do that, tennesseemarine, when a coach hasn’t been decided yet? I’m certain an announcement will be made as soon as a determination is made.

    Drink a V8. I hear it’s a cure for dumbass comments.

  8. thingreenline Says:

    That’s not the president’s job. This isn’t Ole Miss.

    It’s not like GB has the opportunity to cherry pick a football coach.

  9. armydawg23 Says:

    Scout.com says Kevin Wilson will be named new coach Wed or Thurs

  10. dawgintheswamp Says:

    “Drink a V8. I hear it’s a cure for dumbass comments” So that’s how are able to put up with yourself

  11. thingreenline Says:

    It’s also a remedy when you rub it on your prick to get rid of the crabs your sister gives

  12. dawgintheswamp Says:

    Now TGL that wasn’t very nice

  13. db33 Says:

    Wes is transfering to Fla International. He wouldve left regardless. He was looking at 3rd or 4th string next year. He knows he’s less talented than Tyson, Tyler, & Relf.

    Best wishes to him. But it’s best for him to move on.

  14. gulfwaterdawg Says:

    Hey Brad do you have any contacts in Meridian. If so Wesley is not the only QB that is jumping ship. Tyler is scheduled to visit SC which is not news, however nobody is reporting that Spurrier himself was in Jackson for the game(Thanks Woody). We need an announcement and we need one soon.

  15. thingreenline Says:

    Life’s not nice when you have crabs. From your sister.

  16. thingreenline Says:

    hey, gulfwater, aren’t you the guy that was pronouncing the press conference that was suppose to be held yesterday or the day before that? Looks like someone’s “contacts” ain’t worth sh*t.

  17. dawgintheswamp Says:

    Look I’m sorry your sister gave you crabs, that’s something ya’ll will have to work out at the next family gathering. Maybe you should get her some help.

  18. thingreenline Says:

    Nice spin tactic. You must’ve worked for the McCain/Palin campaign.

  19. bleedmaroon Says:

    hey fellas, can we keep it about MSU football in here. Im tired of wasting my time logging on here to read a bunch bull that has othing to do with the matter. grow up please.

  20. dawgintheswamp Says:

    Nope sure didn’t, shouldn’t matter to you though, I’m sure you’ll receive some of my distributed wealth.

  21. bigcowbell Says:

    hell, let them go bleed, it is better than reading the rumors.

  22. thingreenline Says:

    Ok, redneck

  23. chrisfromcorinth Says:

    Oh hell, Omahadog. It’s raining like hell now. I guess that’s Crooms fault too.

  24. dawgintheswamp Says:

    I’ll talk football with you, Wesley Carrol will make someone a good QB. He has got a semi strong arm, moves around well, and showed last year that when the opportunity arises can use his feet to make something happen. I think he just got caught up in an offense that didn’t fit him.

    We need to make a hire soon, even the solid commits we have/had are starting to look else where. Things will work out once a decision is made.

    One thing to remember Byrne could hire Bill Belichick and still not everyone would be happy.

  25. thingreenline Says:

    Bill Belichick?! If GB hires that moron I’ll never buy another season ticket!!

  26. thingreenline Says:

    That’s a joke poked at some of this idiots on here

  27. thingreenline Says:

    … these idiots on here

  28. bigcowbell Says:

    case in point

  29. thingreenline Says:

    very funny, bcb

    i’m out for the night bitches

  30. dawgintheswamp Says:

    Good night TGL make sure your sister tucks you in

  31. omahadog Says:

    The source that broke the Petersen story, still stands by it. Also says, that it is not a dead issue. Until GB makes an announcement, I can’t argue differently.
    An announcement is possibly coming tomorrow or Thursday, but no later than Saturday is what the same site is reporting. Hopefully, we aren’t waiting until for Bowl game to be played.

  32. thingreenline Says:

    yours just did. right after she rinsed with my “mouthwash.”

  33. diamondawg23 Says:

    I agree with u swamp. He did show signs of being a good QB. He just lacked some confidence and a little development.

  34. dawgintheswamp Says:

    I think your right omahadog we should know something by the end of the week

  35. dawgintheswamp Says:

    In my opinion it was a tough system to develop in, every QB that tried it struggled. I also think people over look the difficulty the O-line had picking up the system. That’s where it all starts.

  36. bleedmaroon Says:

    I wish carroll would have had a good coach. He would have been a hell of an option QB.

  37. diamondawg23 Says:

    Man I hope so then we’ll have something else to talk about..

  38. omahadog Says:

    When your QB does not improve from being a true freshman to his soph. year, who should we look at? The AD? The Fans? The Boosters? DawgintheSwamp got what I’m saying. Read on Chris. I don’t blame Croom for everything.

  39. Brad Locke Says:

    TGL – be quiet.

  40. Brad Locke Says:

    And anyone who keeps bantering with him.

  41. tennesseemarine01 Says:

    Brad, any clues from Starkpatch?

  42. interface7 Says:

    Wilson will be announced as the new HC tomorrow. Southern Sports Tonight announced it tonight on their broadcast.

  43. dawgintheswamp Says:

    You make a good point Omahadog, one that has been discussed alot in the MSU community

  44. Braves Dawg Says:

    Blather, blather, blather. I need a V8 and some Rid X.

  45. omahadog Says:

    QB depth will be a major issue next year. Even if Russell and Hollingsworth are as good as advertised. Will either one be ready, or be redshirted? That’s all the more reason that Carroll’s leaving hurts. If it is Kevin Wilson, do we expect Tyler Russell to be the next Sam Bradford? Wouldn’t that be something? I’m getting ahead of myself.

  46. bigcowbell Says:

    What about Relf? Was he not the prototypical QB?

  47. omahadog Says:

    According to Croom, Relf was struggling picking up the system. Based on results of this offense, it seems the coaches had the same problem.

  48. m4rebs Says:

    Not trying to get in you guys business, and I rarely post on ya’lls site since I’m what you guys call a Houtie Toudie. I’ve been checking in to see what you guys are thinking/hearing on coaches, I remember the fun about this time a year ago. Anyway, again, none of my business, but I don’t think your QB play will improve until the O Line improves. I was able to witness one game that you guys played and I don’t think our D-Line were the Supermen that your O Line made us appear. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve got a solid D Line, but still, the O Line looked like they wanted someone else taking snaps, just an outsiders point of view. It doesn’t matter if Tim Tebow is taking snaps, if he has a nano second to throw the ball, he won’t be successful. Anyway, good luck the rest of the week on the Coaching search. I thought ColoradoReb may have forgotten where he COMMITTED to tell us all who the next Coach in Starkville will be, so I wanted to check here.

  49. darkcooger Says:

    Wilson seems like he’d make a good choice. I know we all want to see the coaching decision made and everything in the past, but what does everyone else think of him as a possibility? Stellar offensive experience, right?

    Brad, keep up the good work!

  50. bigcowbell Says:

    Well, that is the point. He was supposed to be a great athlete and Carroll showed potential last year. They both were not a good fit for Croom’s system so he limped by with Lee who worked mostly on Heart and individual playmaking. He gave a tremendous effort given the preparation and system he had to work with.

  51. bulldogdug Says:

    I think carroll would have been a fine quarterback if we had someone who could coach instead of wm! He did a good job last year and Croom yanked him before he got in sync this year.

    I am ready to know who the next coach is and only hope it is Wilson. Can you imagine going to a game and actually see us score points? That’s beyond anything I have ever dreamed for MS.

  52. m4rebs Says:

    ColoradoReb just posted on PA’s site that he’s thinking State’s choice for HC is Ellis Johnson. Just FYI.

  53. omahadog Says:

    M4, I Still think that with proper development, Carroll could have shown so much more. I agree with you 100% about O-line play. I don’t blame the talent fully. Blocking schemes could have had as much to do with that Ole Miss whipping, than anything else. I shudder when I think about that game….

  54. bigcowbell Says:

    Our O line blocked Bama, and LSU better than they performed at the egg bowl. I don’t know what happened there, but they just did not show up. I was caught up in the Russell recruitment and have not really paid attention to any O line commits. Is there anywhere to get an update on the commits besides Gene’s page?

  55. darkcooger Says:

    Agreed. I never thought Carroll was awesome, but he wasn’t bad. I’ve felt bad for him this entire season because he basically shouldered the entire burden of leading the offense last year as a freshman and did so admirably, but this year he hasn’t. We know from experience that he’s capable, so what’s the problem?

    I hope he gets in with a quality staff where he can play to his full potential. I hate to see him go because I like him, but I hope it works out well for him.

  56. bulldogdug Says:

    I talked to the Patterson kid in Macon yesterday and he said he was coming if we got a good coach. He would drool all over himself if Wilson came.

    I hope its not Johnson I like him but we need offense.

  57. m4rebs Says:

    Colorado has now said Johnson will be there in some capacity, but there are some potential developments in Texas…..we’ll see.

    I agree with you on the O Line against Bama and LSU, they played alot better in those two games, but I saw those on TV, not live. It just didn’t look like there was much to work with during that game. Maybe it wasn’t fair to judge them in that game. What do you guys feel like the O Line quality was from last year to this year? Better? As already mentioned above, O Line Play leads to a much better producing QB.

    Rivals.com and then go to your school’s team site has the committment lists.

  58. gulfwaterdawg Says:

    I dont think its Johnson. GB said he wanted an offensive minded coach and he has not gone against his word yet. Sense he scares Chuck Norris Im sure we will wind up with what he is looking for. I hope soon b/c I think Russel is getting flighty.

  59. norcross77 Says:

    Carroll was terrible this year, good riddance to him. Mayeb it was Croom’s fault, maybe it was Wes, but he was terrible. Guess my sources were the same as Sparty’s, and Peterson isn’t coming. But it sure was close.

  60. darkcooger Says:

    m4: Worse than last year, and it wasn’t good last year. I imagine by the time of the Egg Bowl, most of the team had given up. They probably just wanted the season to be over, just like most of us fans. I can’t tell you how relieved I was when the Egg Bowl was finally over.

  61. omahadog Says:

    One thing we don’t want to lose sight of, and that’s the status of the stud defensive linemen who have verbally committed; Cox, Skinner, and Boyd. All three are playing in the MS/AL all star game. Think there will be some SEC coaches at that game? You bet on it. We need all three of these guys to stay committed.

    It’s important that whatever “offensive minded” head coach we bring in, also brings in quality defensive coaches. It might be as important to have a defensive coordinator that makes a “splash” as well. Need to have a coach at that game to protect our turf, to keep Saban and Nutt from slithering in.

  62. carwwest Says:

    all the non-new guys on here know that i was a carroll fan and i am sad to see him leave…people gave him such hell at the beginning of the year and i wasnt happy with his production either but then i started noticing things….

    look at all the QBs we had under crxxm….tried to force feed his system to conner and screwed him all to hell….moved to WR and henig took over….henig played his best ball in his first couple games then had an offseason with crxxm and wxxdy….came back as possibly the worst QB in state history….carroll takes over and plays decent, not great or prototypical QB, but won games and was very clutch at times….offseason with wxxdy and crxxm and he comes back terrible and not running the ball….

    i think there is more to this than just beginners luck….plus in carroll’s case, he never had a chance this season….crxxm takes him to media days because he is our leader and QB then a month later, a juco walk on is switching time with you who has never taken a snap in the sec??….THEN tyson played like crap and carroll was once again the “ship” and continued to get yanked after every mistake….people forget that he called the plays at the end to win the liberty bowl, at least thats what was said after the game….

    im not saying carroll is a star and im not dogging tyson but to put carroll in that position, crxxm never gave him a chance….either way, im sad to see him go because we need the depth next year and i think he could have been successful….i wish him the best though…..

  63. maroondog Says:

    Hey, Carroll wasn’t the greatest QB ever, but the guy did lead us to a bowl game and our first winning season in a long time. I agree that he wasn’t the prototypical SEC QB, but he did win for us. I’m glad he was here when he was and wish him nothing but the best of luck.

  64. bulldogdug Says:

    I totally agree with CAR, you cannot establish a rhythm when you get yanked for a mistake. Croom and woody would have benched Favre!

    Hopefully we will get Wilson and pull some recruits from Nutt Miss and Sneaky Saban. At least here they will get a chance to start.

  65. carwwest Says:

    as long as we retain tyler russell…he is a huge factor in this class….

  66. imabulldog Says:

    I swear that I’m becoming an imsomniac! Cannot sleep!

    Anyway,to Wes, thanks a lot for the bowl and a winning season, and now I’m sure you will enjoy being closer to home and your moms cooking.

    I know everyone has sources, but mine told me- that Wilson will be announed as coach before Saturday. And that slipped out of the Bryan building.

    Whatever, get us a good coach and in due time please GB

  67. gulfwaterdawg Says:

    Well today is a new day, hope it will be THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. desotodawg Says:

    A note on Russell reported on a different blog … Steve Spurrier contacted him and said he wants Russell to be the one quarterback they get this year. The intersting part is who turned Spurrier on to Russell …. Woody McCorvey

  69. gulfwaterdawg Says:

    Russell is schedule to visit SC within the month.

  70. Braves Dawg Says:

    Maybe Carroll is transferring because he’s tired off plowing up the field with his face mask.

  71. The Prez Says:

    and Henig called and said, “Dude, it will only get worse. You want to buy a fur coat?”

  72. Braves Dawg Says:

    Croom, Killing QB’s since 2004.

  73. mcpeter1 Says:

    Who cares!!!!

  74. in vitro fertilization Says:


    Wesley Carroll to Transfer « Inside Mississippi State Sports with Brad Locke…

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