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Dan Mullen arrived at the airport about 4:10 p.m. He waved a “Dan the Man” T-shirt – they were giving those away to fans – and then went down the fence high-fiving people. He also spoke briefly with the media. Here’s what we’ve got (thanks to Aaron Seidlitz of the Starkville Daily News with getting them all together).

“I´m thrilled, I´m so excited to be here. This is an unbelievable opportunity. I think we have an opportunity to have a unbelievable program. We´re going to get on the road recruiting right away; get those players in here from the state. We´re going to try and control this state in recruiting as best we can right now, and get it cranked up and put a great team on the field next year.”

“I think the administration, I think the ability of this administration and the direction this program is going in because of the talent in the state of Mississippi is unbelievable. So I´m excited to get those players out here, get them in our program and we´re going to put a good product on the field.”

“Early this morning. I didn´t sleep a whole lot last night, woke up this morning and didn´t need to think about it. I had a big smile on my face, excited, ready to go and couldn´t wait to get out here and can´t wait to get started.”

“That´s something we´re going to decide later down the road.”

“This is great, this is great. You couldn´t ask for anything more, you know, with the passion of the fans here. We´re going to make sure these fans have something to be proud when we get out there on the field next year.”

“I love it, I love it. We´re going to make sure everyone´s going to be out there ringing them as loud as possible every single game.”

MSU Athletic Director Greg Byrne issued a short statement tonight: “We’re excited to have Coach Mullen and Megan here. We feel he’s the right fit for our football program, and we’re looking forward to tomorrow and getting a chance for everybody to meet him. We think he brings everything we were looking for in our football coach.”

Meridian QB Tyler Russell: ““I like him. I think it’s going to work.”

UF coach Urban Meyer on Mullen:

• “He’s a great coach. I made a comment, someone was showing me an article, and I said boy his résumé looks pretty good. You work with a guy and you don’t realize that. He was with me as a graduate assistant at Notre Dame, we worked together at Bowling Green, we developed Josh Harris, went from there to Alex Smith at Utah and then came here with Chris Leak and Tim (Tebow), so the résumé is pretty strong. We wish him all the best.”

• On Tebow’s reaction: “”His reaction was the same as a lot of other guys. You don’t get too many chances to become a coach in college football, let alone in the Southeastern Conference. So doggone it, but we wish you well.”

For you fans wanting to see the new coach, here is Mullen’s Thursday itinerary:

10 a.m. – Starkville, Templeton Athletic Academic Center (Mississippi State Campus)

3 p.m. – Tupelo, The Summit Center

6 p.m. – Meridian, Kahlmus Auditorium (MSU-Meridian Campus)

8 p.m. – Jackson, Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame


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  1. msualum01 Says:


  2. darkcooger Says:

    Does this mean it’s officially official?

  3. shmuley Says:

    Somebody please be sure to keep jortfro away from him.

  4. lollipopkid Says:

    Maybe this will work out. Maybe it won’t. When will State stop acting like a stepping stone program. If you want to play in the SEC you need to start acting like an SEC team. Stop hiring guys with no head coaching experience. Hell, Bobby Johnson had more experience than Croom & Mullen combined before Vandy hired him and their freaking Vandy!

    Steve Spurrier
    Lane Kiffin/Phil Fulmer
    Urban Meyer
    Bobby Johnson
    Rich Brooks
    Houston Nutt
    Bobby Petrino
    Nick Saban
    Les Miles
    Tommy Tuberville

    All of these guys had been a head coach before they got to their respective SEC schools. Only Mark Richt is coaching an SEC school as a first time head coach. And we wonder why we never compete? Maybe Mullen turns out to be as good or better than Richt (although I’m skeptical, i.e., I’m a State fan) but if he’s any good he’ll bolt for a better situation at first opportunity. Dave Ramsey says that if you want to be rich you need to think and act like a rich person. If State wants to be real SEC program and not a perennial doormat, then they need to start thinking and acting like the other SEC teams and hire someone who’s been successful as a head coach before.

  5. gulfwaterdawg Says:

    Guess Ill being using my season tickets myself this year. GO DAWGS

  6. strikerhcs Says:

    In reference to what lollipopkid said, we need to change the way we think of our own school. This upper tier, lower tier schools in the SEC is a bunch of crap. We’re all SEC…and we all want to be champs! And we all have to compete in this league, regardless of who comes to coach here.
    It kind of reminds me of the movie “A Few Good Men.” No where did it say in the marines training manual anything about code reds. It was just understood that they were carried out to make poor marines better marines. Likewise, nowhere does say anything on a registration form or booklet, when you register at MSU that it is a lower or middle-tiered SEC school. We’re all given that same opportunity to compete and we need to start thinking that way and believe that way!!

  7. dawgface52 Says:

    lollipop, How do you suggest we force one of these proven head coaches to come here? We did go after Petersen and looked at others but to no avail. Yeah we could have probably hired a washed up guy but i would much rather go with a young respected OC from a big time University as we just did.

    I’m thrilled with the hire. I can’t understand your thinking at all.

  8. lollipopkid Says:

    The list of guys who’ve gotten a first time HC job in the SEC and done well is VERY, VERY short. Richt, Tuberville, and that’s it. The next winning-est first time head coach in the SEC is Ron Zook. That’s not thinking. Those are facts.

  9. saddawg Says:


  10. saddawg Says:


  11. lollipopkid Says:

    Good catch saddawg. Fulmer was an Assistant at UT under Majors. Forgot about that…

  12. lollipopkid Says:

    I only looked at the last three coaches from each school (or as far as I could remember)…

  13. bedgood Says:

    Amen. I am tired of getting football coaches with head coaching experience that come to Starkville to die. Sherrill, Bellard, Tyler. How well did those work out? Probation for 2 of them and the program set back years because of it. I am tired of starting over after some idiot got the program on probation!! Croom did a great job of making the program at least respectable morally, just not offensively. I have no problem with this hire, Meyer was hired with no head coaching experience at one time and he has not stayed anywhere for more than 3 or 4 years!! His first head coaching job was in 2001. Maybe we can entice this guy to stay for 10 or 15 years. I will pony up the money for tickets now.

  14. bedgood Says:

    What about the Bear?? His first head coaching job was in SEC.

  15. bedgood Says:

    Nevermind. He coached for one year at Maryland. Sorry.

  16. passtheflask Says:

    Yeah, Fulmer got his first head coaching job at Tennessee. I guess that turned out ok didn’t it?

    What has Petrino done in the SEC? Bobby Johnson is 27-56 in his career. Rich Brooks has a career losing record.

    What is your argument?

  17. lollipopkid Says:

    My argument is that winning programs do one of two things. They either hire someone who’s been successful with fewer resources or they hire from within (promote an assistant). They only do the latter if they’ve been successful. Where teams get in trouble is when they hire a first time head coach to coach in the most competitive conference in college football. You’re better cutting your teeth in the minors (MAC, C-USA, WAC, etc.)…

  18. lollipopkid Says:

    State, however, doesn’t act like a winning program. They hire people who are on their way out or they hire people who’ve proven nothing. That’s why we continue to be a doormat (that and the huge money disparity between us and the heavy hitters). If you want to be a good program, you need to act like a good program. Stop hiring people because their black or because their in some way associated with winning and hire someone who’s won.

  19. bedgood Says:

    So if Meyer left Florida and Mullin was good enough to be promoted to HC, then why can’t we hire him?

  20. bedgood Says:

    I call coaching a #1 overall pick (Alex Smith at Utah), success at Utah, a National Championship at UF, coaching Tebow to a Heisman, possibly a second and a spot in the National Championship 2 years after your other one is pretty successful in my book.

  21. dannyripms Says:

    Dude where did bob stoops come from??? I think this was a great hire. There are great coaches who came from being coordinators in great programs under great coaches. I bet in 2-3 years people are gonna be trying to steal him from us. Can’t wait till he gets started, look out f@ckers here comes state. Oh and all of you who keeps fussing about byrne can go to hell. He is doing a great job, wish he was there when I was.

  22. lollipopkid Says:

    look, you want to be excited about the hire? Go for it. I’m underwhelmed. He’s got a 0-0 HC record. Just ask Ed Ogeron how different it was being a HC vs. being an assistant.

  23. lollipopkid Says:

    For every success story like Stoops. There are twenty Ogerons, Crooms, etc.

  24. darkcooger Says:

    Man, he’s laying the excitement on thick and heavy! I hope there’s something he sees in Mississippi State football that we’ve not seen. Anyway, I’m excited and can’t wait to kick the Mullen era off next year!

  25. southavendawg Says:

    We get it lollipop! You don’t like the hire. The majority of us do! Join the bandwagon up the road in Oxford, but don’t come back when we flea flicker your you know what next year!

    Go State!

  26. lollipopkid Says:

    I’ve been a state fan longer than you’ve been alive. I’ve sat through more drubbings than just about anyone on this board. I’ve earned the right to like or not like a move the school makes. You were the same idiots jumping for joy when we hired the last clown that had no HC experience. You’ll be the same idiots getting all pissed when it doesn’t work out. I’d never root for Ole Miss. I can’t stand them. I will say this though. Their hire last year blows ours out of the water.

  27. bigcowbell Says:

    Tuby’s first hc job was ole miss. (Granted I don’t want to help support the kid’s point) We have a coach who is excited about being here, I feel he will shake up the school and hopefully if he is successful enough to jump to a better option, then that will prove to others that this is a viable place to coach.
    We have got to win recruiting and keep some of the talent we have in state. Hopefully McCorvey can’t get Russell to jump ship.

  28. bigcowbell Says:

    Also, I can’t get croom off of my avatar. It has changed on the main screen, but on posts he is still there waiting to block someone! Sorry.

  29. dawgface52 Says:

    Lollipop, tell me who you would have hired and how you would have done it.

  30. passtheflask Says:

    And what happens if he is the 1 out of 20 Stoops or Richt or Tuberville or even better? He seems pretty damn important to me. It’s not like they got some no name coordinator. This is Meyer’s right hand man.

  31. lollipopkid Says:

    Petersen (Boise St.), S. Holtz (ECU), Dooley (La. Tech), Patterson (TCU), Hoke (Ball St.) would be the short list. Maybe not in that order. Of course, I wanted us to hire Johnson from Navy (now GT) instead of Croom. I like coaches who’ve won at smaller schools. Like Jesus said, “If you were responsible with a little bit, then you can be responsible with more.” Obviously that’s a paraphrase of the parable of the three servants but you get the idea. But if it was me, I’d have already lined up a candidate before I got rid of my first one. Don’t misconstrue that to think I didn’t approve of the Croom firing. I did. But I just am frustrated with rooting for a program that can’t seem to get out of it’s own way and I’m not going to get excited about a coach that’s never won a thing as a head coach.

  32. bleedmaroon Says:

    I dont understand some people. They gripe when croom was here and wanted him gone then when GB doesnt hire another Saban or Petrino or whoever they get pissed. Mullen is a great coach with SEC experience. He knows sec recruiting, sec coaching, sec championships, an sec quarterback when he sees one, sec country, and hes has a national champ ring. what more experience do you want? Do you think Dooley or Turner is more ready for the sec just because they are head coaches? NO SIR, I for one am excited and happy for the Dawgs!

  33. msualum01 Says:

    It’s day one. Give the guy a chance.

  34. dadawg Says:

    GO DAWGS!! We have a young President, AD, and Football Coach who are high energy and excited to be here. I have been a DAWG fan longer than some of these guys have been alive but I am excited about the future of MSU. We need to get behind these guys and make this happen. GO DAWGS! Go DAN MULLEN!

  35. darkcooger Says:

    The first three years don’t count! Go Dawgs, and go Mullen!

  36. bigcowbell Says:

    Any hints as to the staff?

  37. dc31 Says:

    I thought Wilson was 1A with Mullen a close 1B. The one advantage Mullen has over Wilson is that he knows the SEC already. He already said one thing that has me fired up…he wants to CONTROL the state in recruiting. I’m in

    Now let’s hang 70 on the Rebels every chance we get!

  38. carwwest Says:

    i think people just need to calm down a little bit….was dan mullen my first choice??….no but DEF not my last…we could have done a lot worse and yeah its a risk but its always a risk when you hire a new coach in college football…HC experience or not….i think he is fired up to be a HC and that is good…he has already shown more fire and emotion than croom ever did…crying doesnt count!…..if we are going to be forced to take a chance on someone, this is a great guy to take a chance on….years of experience under meyer and has won on multiple levels….if russell and others are already excited about this, that is a VERY good thing…

    welcome dan the man!!! GO DAWGS!!!

  39. thespear Says:

    i like it, i like it, i like it!!!!

    Once again, Byrne saves the day!

  40. spaceghost1 Says:

    lollipop, Petersen was on GB’s short list and he went after him pretty hard. It didn’t work out. Get over it and get behind Mullen or go root for another school.
    Like carwwest, Mullen wasn’t my first choice, but I like his attitude and it’s obvious he wants to be here. Petersen wavered. You make it sound like we could’ve picked whoever we wanted. It’s gotta work both ways — the candidates have to want to come here.
    Welcome to the MSU family, Coach Mullen!

  41. dc31 Says:

    Arceto Clark and Delmon Robinson running around like Harvin
    O’neil Wilder
    Robert Elliott
    Relf might be the trigger man
    I can’t wait

  42. gulfwaterdawg Says:

    Dan Mullen just walked into the “Hump” during the BBall game ringing a cowbell and the place went wild.

  43. dawgsfan81 Says:

    Someone just asked me if I had heard anything about Gus Malzahn from Tulsa coming here to be the new Offensive Coordinator. Anyone heard that other than just now?

  44. cwbell Says:

    Does anyone know what time the press conf is ??????

  45. gulfwaterdawg Says:

    Pep-rally tomoorow at 10am is what they are saying at the BBall game

  46. atldawg Says:

    I LOVE the hire!! Mullen WANTS to be a State…he is passionate, excited, and ready to start recruiting!! We haven’t have this energetic a personality as a head coach in decades! You can tell from his comments off the plane what he will bring. The recruits seem to be excited too –

    Jonathan Banks, Tyler Russell, Chris White, Sam Watts – all applaud the hire.

    Fans should be behind him 100%! We need to all change the culture around State football. We need sellouts! We need support – no booing. Show future recruits what State has to offer. I can’t wait for August!

  47. farley662 Says:

    GWD, go thump GG in the back of the head and tell him farley says hi. He should be at the scorer’s table.

  48. cwbell Says:

    Thanks, I just finished reading Brads article and it said 10 am templeton athletic center

  49. dawgface52 Says:

    Lollipop, Greg went after Petersen hard and failed. It was reported Patterson had no interest. How do you force these guys to say yes? Again, tell me how you would do it. Just goes to show you can’t make everyone happy. If we had hired Dooley as you suggest, many would not have been happy with that.

  50. gulfwaterdawg Says:

    farley I would if I was there. My brother-in -law is at the game.

  51. gogawgs09 Says:

    look at the itinerary, dan the man goes to tupelo (chad bumphis) then Meridian (tyler russell). “We´re going to get on the road recruiting right away; get those players in here from the state.”

  52. midnightdawg Says:

    Heard the news on ESPN Radio on my way home from work. Excited! Ignored the dog and rushed to the computer to login… Some of you guys are NUTS. It’s your right, God bless you, but cmon. I feel like a kid who wakes up Christmas morning, runs to the den to see what Santa brought me, and step in dog poop.

    lollipop, you’ve made your point maybe 25 times. Don’t agree with it, respect your right to express it, blah blah blah, but I get it already! You and emil need to get a chat room together. Misery loves company, right?

    You doom and gloomers can’t burst my bubble. I love the hire. I hope our recruits do too. My enthusiasm is tempered a bit in anticipation Mullen selecting the rest of the coaching staff.

    I got the Malinian Falcon for Christmas! Now, did anyone think to buy some batteries?

  53. cwbell Says:

    Has anyone heard Tyler Russel make a comment on Mullen ???

  54. gogawgs09 Says:

    he said he was very excited about the hire, so said

  55. dc31 Says:

    Dixon, Elliott, Clark, Robinson, Wilder, Patterson, Bumphis, Phillips, Conner, Assad, Marlon Anthony


  56. maroondog Says:

    Alright Brad, now that the head coaching search is finished it’s time to find out who his assisstants are. Get to work!

  57. cwbell Says:

    That sounds good.I hope he will sign.

  58. atldawg Says:

    Add another playa happy with the hire – Cameron Lawrence. > gotta be a member to read the stories but check out the recruiting link. If the recruits are happy, the fans should be ecstatic! This is the best group of kids we’ve ever recruited. Give Croom credit…he got them lined up. If Mullen can land them, State has a very bright future.

    I get that for a few, you may not like the hire but it’s done. Let’s all get behind him and support this team.

  59. cwbell Says:

    I heard spurrier name was ment for the AU job.Reckon Johnson would want to come back and be our Def cord.

  60. msualum01 Says:

    Do we really want Ellis Johnson to return considering he ran out on us after one good season? I think he’s a good coach, but we should stick with guys that want to be at MSU.

  61. carl76 Says:

    He is excited about the direction the program is going? Has he even watched us?

  62. cwbell Says:

    Good Point,but what if he left because couldn’t get along with coach croom?

  63. msualum01 Says:

    Good point back at you, cwbell

  64. goldendawg Says:

    Rivals article says that Nutt is still in mix for AU job… It’s a long shot… but that would make this football offseason all the more sweet.

  65. cwbell Says:

    I agree i don”t want anyone that does’t believe we can win or doesn’t really want to be a Bulldog

  66. farley662 Says:

    Saw this on the Fox station outta Jacksons website.

    10 a.m. – Starkville – Templeton Athletic Academic Center (Mississippi State Campus)

    3 p.m. – Tupelo – The Summit Center

    6 p.m. – Meridian – Kahlmus Auditorium (MSU-Meridian Campus)

    8 p.m. – Jackson – Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame

    Lists where Mullen is gonna be tomorrow.

  67. s084swd Says:

    It’s interesting to see the new hire of Dan Mullen. I hope it’s a good move for State. Maybe he’ll do a good job. I can somewhat understand some skepticism though. He’s shown he can be a good assistant coach. Now he has the chance to show how good of a head coach he can be. Obviously, he’ll have to recruit not only the state of Mississippi but nation wide. Good luck Coach Mullen and go State!

  68. carl76 Says:

    Dan the Man!

  69. cwbell Says:

    Good Luck COACH MULLEN Glad to have ya Talk to yall later

  70. swiftdawg Says:

    I wonder how much adjustment will be done to the talent that is curently there, and what type of talent is he going to recurit. I really hope Tyler Russel is going to stay a DAWG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. msustdnt2011 Says:

    Emily and Lollipop I dont see the point in griping and complaining right now. Is this so you can say “told you so” if things dont work out? If your truly fans you will get excited and back our new coach. You never know who reads these threads or who you are impacting. I guess some people love paddling upstream.

  72. dawgsfan81 Says:

    Gus Malzahn from Tulsa for Offensive Coordinator. Anyone heard this???

  73. maroon1white Says:

    Fellow Dawgs! Checkout this video of our new HC & his wife at The Hump during his intro at halftime! Doom & Gloomers beware the landscape of Bulldog nation is about to change!

    Go State!

  74. swiftdawg Says:

    dawgsfan81 I dont think he is ready yet

  75. goldendawg Says:

    My comment with the link is still awaiting moderation, but I saw on rivals that Nutt is still a candidate in the Auburn job despite the recent contract extension. Now wouldn’t that just make all of this just a little bit sweeter….

  76. midnightdawg Says:

    Malzahn?? I HOPE there is truth to that, think he would be awesome. I think that he is a future stud HC in the SEC (NCAA) Not yet, but he will be. Somewhere…. daydreaming …. Mullen does great, DAWGS win big, goes to “bigger” job, his OC, Gus Malzahn, takes over, carries the momentum to a new level…….. GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    like someone said, “go to hell naysayers, go to hell!”

  77. farley662 Says:

    Read somewhere else Hudspeth from UNA is gonna be a part of the staff.

  78. msurulz Says:

    I have been reading this blog for quite a while now. This is my first post. I have to say i am excited about the new hire of Mullen. I realize there are a lot of skeptics that don’t agree, but I think one thing that is very important to remember is that we are talking about being able to recruit young men that are a an age they are impressionable to say the least. It has been well said that it is very difficult to recruit in MS and especially to MSU. What better way to entice these kids to come to MSU than to do it through excitement about what could happen. Florida has beat up on a lot of teams over the years and I for one would love to be able to see us do some whipping of our own. Give the guy a chance and see what happens. With the kind of players he should be able to draw the sky is the limit as to where we could go from here!


  79. diamondawg23 Says:

    If Greg Byrne was handing out gold coins at the junction tonight, somebody would be griping because they weren’t silver. I played for Coach Polk and loved him, but it was time to move on. Cohen was a great hire and Mullen is to. These are exciting times in Starkville, he is excited about the opportunity and we should be to. I woud love to have an opportunity to play for a coach that was coaching in a national championship game. Good job Greg Byrne. Now I can get more done at work….

  80. maroon1white Says:

    The start of Bulldog Nation!

  81. bulllsy Says:

    Mullen at the Hump tonight. See link. . .

  82. tulsadawg Says:

    For all the naysayers and skeptics…Just go away for today please. This is a fun day. Don’t ruin it for us. Are some people going overboard? YES! That is part of being a fan (short for fanatic). We have been abysmal on offense and now we have a guy who runs a wide open fun offense. Some of us are excited. Let us have our joy before you complain about what we didn’t get or don’t have. You’re like a kid at Christmas who looks at the big pile of toys and then complains about what you didn’t get. Even if Mullen wasn’t our first choice (and you don’t know that) it doesn’t matter. He is the guy who wanted to be here. So quit complaining and have some fun.

  83. thespear Says:

    I know this isn’t likely, but any chance he could bring Chip Kelly as his OC? the two are good friends!!

  84. skydawg706 Says:

    Welcome to MSU Coach Mullen from skybox 706……looking forward to kick off…..pumped.

    Lollipop and Emil….give it up…..

    I think it is a great hire, and looks like the guy is excited about the job and challenge that lays ahead of him.

    It is going to take our support to…let him know we are behind him….

    Mullen has an impressive background….and think he will recruit players.

    Looking forward to see who he brings on board with him….

  85. atldawg Says:

    Another great recruit – Nickoe Whitley – happy with the hire! There is talent on our team. And with the great guys coming in, we are setting the stage to have a run like Ole Miss next year. Mullen’s got a busy next 2 months. I hope he does coach in the championship game…what a great experience and more selling points for recruits to have a HC who coached in 2 national title games (and 3 BCS games – 1 at Utah)! Obviously reruiting needs extreme focus too but this guy has the energy to do it plus coach in the game!

  86. diamondawg23 Says:

    That’s right on Tulsa…Now Mullen go get Russel he needs to stay at home. Spurrier will lie to you..

  87. goldendawg Says:

    Tulsadawg, I live in Tulsa too! Nice to know there is at least one fellow bulldog in this city…

  88. mississippibulldawg Says:

    GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great hire in my opinion. Young, energetic. Ready to prove what he can do after being the hired hand for so many years. And oh by the way, coached on an undefeated team, won a national championship with the chance to win another. Good enough resume for me.


  89. scdawg Says:

    I agree great hire. Just think for a minute what if.. just if… Mullen has been the mastermind of all of Meyer’s success. He has followed him everywhere he has gone. Give the guy a chance. At least I dont think the guy will run out the clock so we can go in at half “keeping it close”.

  90. tulsadawg Says:

    Goldendawg…there are a few of us around. What part of Tulsa are you in?

  91. midnightdawg Says:

    get a room tulsa golden hurricanes! give us some inside info on Malzhan, or at least teach me to spell his name

  92. goldendawg Says:

    South/ Southwest. Graduated from State in 07 and now working on my masters at ORU.
    What about you?

  93. mobiledawg Says:

    I think this is a great fit for our football program…I have been a fan for years,… but it’s time we brought a new, youthful and exciting coach to Starkville…… the only problem is if he wants to get with Tyler tomorrow, he is going to have to come down here to see him during practice for the MS/AL all star game (unfortunately, the NCAA outlawed coaches from contacting players) I hope we can keep him..he looks great!!!

  94. goldendawg Says:

    And Midnight…. it’s G-U-S. Gus.

  95. bigcowbell Says:

    My brother lives in Boca Raton and he said the news radio was buzzing with gator fans trashing MSU and Starkville. One comment was that Starkville wasn’t the end of the world, but you could see it from there. They are all pissed for losing him we got a good coach.

  96. tulsadawg Says:

    goldendawg….live in midtown and work down at 61st and Yale. Midnight….not seeing anything here about Malzahn to MSU. He would be a good fit with Mullen. We definitely wouldn’t be losing any games 3-2 with both of them on board. And I would love to see robert elliot or chad bumphis (if we can get him) running the Wildcat formation that Malzahn uses.

  97. mathistondawg Says:

    I like the hire, but how much did it cost us? Will we have the money to spend on some great OC/DC hires as well? Will Mullen act as his own OC? I am excited, please don’t get me wrong – I have been text’ed all day from my gator friends that are upset we got ’em.

  98. mobiledawg Says:

    the Mobile press reported on Chad Bumpis and Tyler Russell today at allstar practice: TUPELO WIDEOUT CHAD BUMPHIS WAS IMPRESSED WITH HIS FIRST LOOK AT RUSSELL. “HE HAD A STRONG ARM AND HE IS VERY ACCURATE. HE IS A GREAT QUARTERBACK. I LIKE HIM” the paper said that Tyler took nearly every snap for MS in practice, drilling dead-on completion after completion to the receivers and running backs, and in the days first passing drill, he completed his first 18 throws……..the article ends that he is still committed to MSU and as of this article, Mullen had not been announced as the new coach

  99. m4rebs Says:

    Congrats on the new hire Bulldogs. I don’t think he realizes that the SEC bans artifical noise makers at SEC events. 😉 Look forward to the rivalry heating up next Thanksgiving. Hotty Toddy and congrats to all of you happy Staters.

  100. ibdawg47 Says:

    Its good to see all the excitment but I’m a bit like lollipop. I just can’t get too excited over a 36 year old with little experience and no head coaching experience. I have seen to many assistant coaches hired at state that never paned out. But, maybe we have a good one this time. If not we can fire him in 5 years and get excited all over again.

  101. maroondog Says:

    With Bryne on board, I believe the days of 5 years “building” are gone.

  102. rwriffe Says:

    I heard a report tonight that Mullen was 46. Which is it? 46 or 36?

  103. rwriffe Says:

    never mind. I found the details. 36

  104. 2thdoc Says:

    Coach Mullen and family, welcome to MSU.

    Mr. Greg Ninja Byrne…Thank You!

  105. bantyrooster1 Says:

    Greg Byrne, give yourself a raise my man. Great hire. Found someone offensive minded, young and excited about being a Bulldog. I don’t know about everybody else but when I saw the photo of our new coach waving a T-Shirt and ringing a cowbell, I got all misty eyed.

  106. Top Posts « Says:

    […] Mullen Updates Dan Mullen arrived at the airport about 4:10 p.m. He waved a “Dan the Man” T-shirt – they were giving […] […]

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