Reports: It’s Dan Mullen


UPDATE: I’ve gotten confirmation from a Florida source that Dan Mullen has accepted the MSU job.

The Clarion-Ledger and guys have reported that Florida offensive coordinator Dan Mullen is the next Mississippi State football coach. I’m checking into it. Details to come.

Some info I posted a few days ago on Mullen:

Current job: Florida offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach (since 2005)
Age: 36
Previous stops
• 2003-04: Utah quarterbacks coach
• 2001-02: Bowling Green quarterbacks coach
• 1999-00: Notre Dame graduate assistant offense
• 1998: Syracuse graduate assistant offense
• 1996-97: Columbia receivers coach
• 1994-95: Wagner receivers coach
Notable: Florida ranks first in the SEC, third in nation in scoring offense. … Gators also ranked first in SEC, third in nation in scoring in 2007. … Florida was only team in 2007 to run for at least on TD and pass for at least one TD in every game. … QB Tim Tebow won the 2007 Heisman


180 Responses to “Reports: It’s Dan Mullen”

  1. maroon1white Says:

    Dan, Dan he’s our man!


  2. bmoy Says:

    Football Rumor Mill said it was Kevin Wilson earlier today. That thread has since been deleted.

  3. maroon1white Says:

    Good now my blackberry can rest. Twitter has been blowing it up for the past 11 days!

  4. markillas44 Says:

    hypothetical question…if it is mullen are we going to see state attempting to run the spread next year? not sure that’s a good idea but i think mullen is a good hire…it it’s true.

  5. desotodawg Says:

    It’s on ESPN too. If they if have it … it must be true right?

  6. darkcooger Says:

    Whether Mullen or Wilson, here’s something worth keeping in mind: both will be coaching in the national championship game. Nice.

  7. bigdraws Says:

    Good hire. Welcome to MSU mr. Mullins. Glad to have ya.

  8. 2thdoc Says:

    Good job Mr. Byrne.

  9. interface7 Says:

    Maybe Wilson is Mullen’s OC…LOL!

  10. dawgface52 Says:

    I’m happy with Mullen but i wonder what happened on Wilson?

  11. darkcooger Says:

    He fell off of Tom Hanks’s raft and floated away.

  12. nova3930 Says:

    Ill be happy with either they just need to make a decision. Poop or get off the pot before it hurts the recruiting class

  13. dadawg Says:

    Greg Byrne is the man! Exciting times at MSU! Go Dan Mullens…GO DAWGS!!!

  14. dawgsfan81 Says:

    darkcooger Says:

    December 10, 2008 at 1:08 pm
    He fell off of Tom Hanks’s raft and floated away.


  15. dadawg Says:

    Sorry, it is spelled Mullen…

  16. Says:

    When and where’s the press conference?

  17. mississippibulldawg Says:

    Finally maybe some offense. When’s the press conference.

  18. darkcooger Says:

    I hope Mullen brings an offensive style that offends all kinds of people. Alabama and Ole Miss are at the top of my list. And aren’t we hosting Florida next year? Let’s gun for them, too.

  19. madisondawg Says:

    If its the “spread offense”-it will be more effective than croom’s version of wc offense.

  20. carwwest Says:

    yeah we play florida next year at starkvegas….i think it is a good hire…we could have done a lot worse…people are going to say we are taking a risk but people need to remember he has had years of experience under meyer on almost every level of competition in football…..he can adapt to what he has….leak didnt run half as much as tebow….and they didnt run nearly as much option heavy stuff until harvin and tebow so i think he can evaluate talent and make it work…thas what we need….im still waiting on the official word but im pretty sure this is a “done deal”….haha i couldnt wait to say that….lets go dan the man!!….call russell RIGHT NOW!!!

  21. darkcooger Says:

    Maybe he should have called it the “left field” offense, since that’s where most of the playcalling seemed to come from.

  22. darkcooger Says:

    Hey carw: BANK ON IT! 😉

  23. madisondawg Says:

  24. markillas44 Says:

    i like the hire, not sure about the spread but i agree anything is better than the west coast croom debacle…nice work ninja byrne.

  25. buzzardroostus Says:

    I personally prefer Wilson over Mullen. Wilson at least has some head coaching experience & is a proven recruiter. We really don’t know what we’re getting with Mullen, other than the fact that he can call good plays for an offense with unlimited weapons and Superman as quarterback. I have a bad feeling about Mullen. I hope I’m wrong. If he’s coming to State.

  26. skydawg706 Says:

    I think he has an impressive resume and being QB coach may be of interest to QB recurits…..

  27. Braves Dawg Says:

    I like it!

  28. dawgsfan81 Says:

    I personally prefer Wilson over Mullen too for the same reasons as buzzardroostus. Wilson may have more head coaching experience but Mullen has more experience coaching against SEC defenses and has a better chance to be the better recruiter in the SEC.

  29. imabulldog Says:

    Guys whatever happens, this guy can coach. He’s won at all levels of College ball. If his system works the way it has on the other levels with no talent at some of those places, it will be effective enough to put points on the board in Starkville.

  30. sparty Says:

    Bank on it!

  31. carwwest Says:

    i would have prefered wilson but i always said mullen would also be a great hire….just from what i have read though on other sites, mullen seems to be a very good recruiter….

  32. gulfwaterdawg Says: does have a plane schedule to land in Starkville from Gransville in the next hour. Also I beleive State has schedule a 3 to 3:30 press conf. Correct me if Im wrong about the press Brad.

  33. msualum01 Says:

    If it is Mullen, we need to forget about Wilson and Petersen and all those other guys and get behind our guy.

  34. msualum01 Says:

    Coach Dan is a winner. If he can do it at Utah and Bowling Green, he can do it at MSU!

  35. darkcooger Says:

    I’ll forget a whole bunch of names as soon as Ninja Master Byrne tells us who our new coach is.

  36. Braves Dawg Says:

    Who cares about those other names.

  37. emilmac Says:

    Okay…so our AD hires a guy who is the OC for a team where the Head Coach makes all of the calls and all of the offensive decisions and you people are assured of his all-encompassing wisdom…why again? Exactly what decisions had Byrne made since his ascension that have been PROVEN right? NONE…there hasn’t been enough time to know.

    I don’t believe in Byrne and won’t until he’s given me a reason to do so. Given his daddy’s history at TA&M and his similarity to Bob Bachrath (the Alabama AD that ran off Gene Stallings and Wimp Sanderson and sent Alabama on a deep slide during the 1990s), I don’t see those reasons as being forthcoming soon.

  38. bigdraws Says:

    emil, we just got a new coach and are excited about that. I think I speak for everybody when I say Go to hell. How about that?

  39. Braves Dawg Says:

    Go to Hell Emily Go to Hell!!!!! *clap* *clap* *clap*

  40. dawgsfan81 Says:

    emil, I want us to play in the SEC championship too but right now I’m to the point if we win more than 4 games next year, I will be VERY happy with Coach Mullen!

  41. gulfwaterdawg Says:

    Emil is just pissed we did not hire another Alabama alum.

  42. dawgintheswamp Says:

    emil what decisions have you made that have been proven right?

  43. Braves Dawg Says:

    The decision to drop that y from Emily and stop tucking back his junk.

  44. 2thdoc Says:

    emil, I’m sure Byrne will lose sleep that you don’t approve. Sylvester, is that you? Ron?

  45. BirdZ! Says:

    Mullen is a good hire. I’m glad we got him. Byrne has done more for MSU in the last six months than LT did in his last 6 years. Thank you, Greg.

  46. The Prez Says:

    Emil, what do you me by “you people”????

    (crosses arms and raises eyebrow)

  47. kstorey395 Says:

    I’m just glad we got an offensive guy.

  48. msualum01 Says:

    You actually just compared Croom to Stallings?

    Nothings guaranteed in college football. That’s for sure. Regardless, this looks like a pretty good hire. Give Byrne some credit.

  49. emilmac Says:

    Why is Mullen a good hire? What has he shown by doing what Urban Meyer told him to do for the past ten years?

    And again…what decisions has Byrne made that have been PROVEN right? What has Byrne “done for MSU”? We will not know the consequences of these choices for some time.

    I’ll ignore the puerile comments.

  50. darkcooger Says:

    I hope next year’s team is significantly more offensive and the post-game interviews are less offensive.

  51. emilmac Says:

    No, musalum01. I compared Byrne to Bachrath. Read again.

  52. Braves Dawg Says:

    The penile comments?

  53. ibdawg47 Says:

    Mullen not a good hire. He is to young to be a headcoach at a BCS school. He is a O.C. figurehead. Myers runs the O at fla. But he may be a good one , who knows! If mullen is the best we can do it tells me no one wants the MSU job or Byrnes did a poor job.

  54. msualum01 Says:

    We just hired one of the top OCs in the country (SEC champ, heading to national title game) and we’ve still got somebody bitching!

    Pessimism is no longer allowed on this board. We’re excited and we don’t care if you are not.

  55. fr8dawg Says:

    What a great hire! Now, more fun watching Coach Mullen fill out his staff.

  56. dawgsfan81 Says:

    Just announced on ESPN College Football Live. All the commentators say “Good hire for MSU”.

  57. emilmac Says:

    ’emil, I’m sure Byrne will lose sleep that you don’t approve. Sylvester, is that you? Ron?”

    So because I don’t jump on the bandwagon behind some young AD whose daddy has a history of screwing ish up everywhere he has been and has never played a day of football in his life who came to MY alma mater and immediately started saying that HIS way was the way to go and hiring lackeys so that he can turn the athletic department into his personal fiefdom and who has not proven that he is capable of doing anything more than getting the offensive coordinator for a school whose head coach IS the offensive coordinator (who no one else has even seriously looked at for the entirety of his career), I’ve got to be Sly Croom?

    Can’t I just be a lady who loves her Dawgs and doesn’t like the storm she sees brewing at the Bryan Building?

  58. emilmac Says:

    msualum….the problem is that URBAN MEYER runs that offense, not Mullen.

  59. bigdraws Says:

    msualum, you hit the nail on the head. Some folks aren’t happy unless there’s something to complain about. My wife don’t bitch more than some of these folks.

  60. Braves Dawg Says:

    LT’s daughter………..

  61. dawgsfan81 Says:

    Actually Mullen was the starting Tight End at Ursinus College ’93-’94.

  62. skydawg706 Says:

    EMIL……why don’t u ignore ur self completely out of this blog.

    I know I should not say anything because like so many others said, ur opionion does not matter and I’m sure MSU president, AD, and the Alumi could care less what you think….

    There I go again—my bat—-apolgize for making negative comments about ur opinion.

    This is America, you have the right to be wrong.

  63. bigdraws Says:

    I knew it!! Nobody with a set could complain that much.

  64. emilmac Says:

    I believe that I have expressed legitimate gripes about Byrne and the Mullen hiring.

    If people like draws and msualum want to wear rose-colored glasses and pretend like either Byrne or Mullen have proven themselves capable leaders, that’s fine. But don’t expect me to take your opinion seriously.

  65. dawgsfan81 Says:

    emil, didn’t realize you were talking about Byrne.

  66. Braves Dawg Says:

    Why don’t you take your opinion and a Midol and go to Oxford.

  67. bigdraws Says:

    Ok we get it. Now go iron my shirt.

  68. Braves Dawg Says:


  69. emilmac Says:

    skydawg…I am an alumna…that would be part of the alumni.

    And bigdraws has just shown why his opinion should be discounted altogether. No one with a degree would be such a sexist as to consider a woman incapable of holding a strong opinion about college football and the future of her alma mater’s athletic programs.

    If you’re not going to make a point about how Byrne or for that matter Mullen has proven leadership, how about doing the Great State of Mississippi a favor and not show off your sexism, infantile humor, and lack of education for all the world?

  70. emilmac Says:

    Iron mine. I’m pretty sure with your fine grasp of American popular vernacular and accepted spelling that you work for me, not the other way around.

    Now…sexist pig…can you address my arguments or do you need to go beat your wife to make yourself feel like a man?

  71. bigdraws Says:

    No, the point is we got your opinion. 5 times now we’ve got your opinion.

  72. markillas44 Says:

    i’d say hiring john cohen as the baseball coach is a good start for byrne…not everyone will agree on mullen but i think it’s a good hire for the program, there’s not many places to go but up compared to where we’ve been. only time will tell but as fans we should support the hire and give mullen a chance.

  73. dawgsfan81 Says:

    emil, hopefully after next season we can have an argument for Mullen’s proven leadership

  74. bigdraws Says:

    Are you done now?

  75. BirdZ! Says:

    emil, Greg Byrne has hired a baseball coach who won at a school that sold less than 100 season tix before the got there. There was nobody at the airport to meet him when he arrived in Lexington. Cohen can and probably will bring MSU back to the forefront of College baseball.

    Greg Byrne has landed a communications package with Learfield sports that will bring major $$$ to MSU.

    Greg Byrne led MSU to having the largest Videoboard in the SEC. This equals mre ad revenue.

    Greg Byrne decided to sell courtside seats to MSU basketballl games at 12,000 per pair. Guess what? He sold them.

    Greg Byrne has greatly increased communication with the Bulldog Nation with his weekly email/press release.

    Most recently, Greg Byrne has hired exactly who he said he was going to hire for a Head Football Coach. A young, energetic coach who will recruit hard and stress offense.

    To summarize, Greg Byrne has breathed new life into a sports program that needed some youth and energy, and he has found ways for MSU to generate cash. So far, he has done a great job.

  76. markillas44 Says:

    well said birdz

  77. darkcooger Says:

    emil, you’re not doing yourself any favors by continuing to engage your protagonists. You’re losing style points left and right. And you’re also just jumping right into the game with the insults. Way to keep it going.

    Anyway… You want to know why people like Byrne? Because he hasn’t given them a reason not to. Most of us are willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt. It doesn’t matter who his father is or who he acts like. Until he does something that gives us a reason to dislike him, we probably won’t.

  78. emilmac Says:

    I’m sorry, draws, does this board belong to you? If not….

    Can anyone on here give me any CONCRETE reason why they think that Mullen is a good hire? Urban Meyer runs that offense at Florida, and ran the offense at all of the places Mullen followed him to before that. No other school has ever shown serious interest in him.

    So…why is this a great hire?

  79. bigdraws Says:

    Ok, who had you rather have emil?

  80. Braves Dawg Says:

    I think someone was a 12:05 for Byrne.

  81. bigdraws Says:

    Dang, did this hostility come out of nowhere or what?

  82. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Congrat Miss State, hope the best for the coming football season under your new coach.

    I thought everyone over here would be happy and excited, not fighting quarling and spitting at each other.

  83. mullendawg Says:

    Check out some of the Florida Gator blogs if you dont think Mullen was a factor to gator fans. Most are afraid that Meyer will begin calling the plays.

  84. Braves Dawg Says:

    Everyone is happy JB. Can’t you tell.

  85. mullendawg Says:

    It only takes one bad apple to ruin our excitement. Bad apples be gone, come back a later day. Let us rejoice for at least one day without your negative crap.

  86. emilmac Says:

    I disagree, Birds.

    Cohen has not coached a game for MSU yet, so there is absolutely no way to know how that is going to work out. Byrne did, however, alienate one of the most influential coaches in the history of college baseball from our program, a man who could have been an ambassador of MSU athletics for year to come.

    The Learfield contract is pathetic piddlywinks compared to the SEC/ESPN deal, which Byrne had absolutely nothing to do with.

    The videoboard was not Byrne’s brainchild…it was in the works before he was hired.

    Bulldog basketball sells itself. Byrne had nothing to do with the Bulldog nation believing their boys were going to have a good season and deciding they wanted to shell out the money to see it.

    The weekly e-mails…really? Although I will say that the the weekly e-mails are how I learned that little Napolean wanted to ban dogs from tailgates (at a school where people buy bulldogs as a show of pride).

    Mullen has been seriously looked at by no one….ever. He’s the OC on a team where the head coach performs all of the OC duties. What has he ever proven to warrant this job?

    I disagree…Byrne has proven nothing.

  87. dawgsfan81 Says:

    I’m excited to have a high energy coach who will be a motivator instead of one who writes on a clipboard, Jackie Sherrill, or puts his hands on his hips and pouts, Sylvester Croom, when a game starts to slip away.

  88. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    I guess so Braves, at least you, Draws, and BirdZ are happy. Congrats.

  89. dawgsfan81 Says:

    Any update on a press conference?

  90. bigdraws Says:

    “Bulldog basketball sells itself. Byrne had nothing to do with the Bulldog nation believing their boys were going to have a good season and deciding they wanted to shell out the money to see it. ”

    Byrne figured out a way to get the maximum donations towards the bulldog club by the current season ticket policy. There were people sitting at midcourt on the bottom level who weren’t even members of the BC.

  91. gomsudawgs1977 Says:

    Why did Myer keep him around at all of the different places
    he went to. Could it be that Mullen has something to do with
    Myers success?
    Just something to think about.

  92. Braves Dawg Says:

    Thanks JB.

    You still haven’t said what you would have done differently. Within reason too. Don’t just say “I would have hired Pete Carroll and Joe Torre if it had been me. Greg Byrne don’t have a hair on his ass.”

  93. emilmac Says:

    So Byrne went to the games and enforced the seating chart. This is his great accomplishment? Nothing to do with the possibility that the Dawgs might own the West this year, huh? All Byrne-seating-arrangements?

    If you don’t like being responded to with hostility, big draws, how about you try discussion instead of immediately telling someone to go to hell. It makes me question your home-raising, and I like to operate under the assumption that everyone’s mamas are really nice ladies.

  94. The Prez Says:

    Can anyone, man or woman, give some CONCRETE evidence to indicate that Urban Meyer ran the offenses at Bowling Green, Utah, and Florida? I don’t know if he did or not. But lets assume for a second, that Dan Mullen did in fact do what his job title of Offensive Coordinator entitle him to do, and that is………….wait for it………..coordinate the……you guessed it…….offense. That would mean he did what he was paid to do and was good at it. I’m sure Coach Meyer didn’t pay him a few hundred thousand dollars a year to iron his shirt. So until someone indicates to me otherwise, i’m going to assume that he coordinated one of the best offenses in the country over the last four years and i’m dang glad he came to Starkville. Wait. Can i finish? Can i? ok im finished.

  95. darkcooger Says:

    emil: I guess you didn’t notice that it was Polk who came out looking like a big baby in all of that, did you? Should Byrne have just hired whoever Polk wanted because Polk wanted him?

    Byrne was going to make Polk mad with any choice but one, and MOST people agree that Polk’s choice was a wrong one. Not bad, but not the best. Byrne opted to try for better. Score one for Byrne.

    Polk cried and threw a temper tantrum that he didn’t get his way. He demanded to have his name removed from the baseball stadium and said he would remove MSU from his will. Within a matter of days, he had backpedalled and was whining about not being able to build an office on campus. Take one point away from Polk.

    The baseball affair didn’t tarnish Mississippi State at all, and it certainly gave Byrne a lot of credibility for being willing to stand up to Polk. That took brass.

  96. emilmac Says:

    I don’t know…how about actually trying Borges? How about someone who has actually held a head coaching position? How about holding off on pushing Croom to resignation until there were some coaches out there interested in the job who might come?

    1977…or it could be that Meyer likes having a yes-man to do what he says, implement his system and not question him. All I know is that is Meyer’s offense, not Mullen’s.

  97. farley662 Says:

    “The weekly e-mails…really? Although I will say that the the weekly e-mails are how I learned that little Napolean wanted to ban dogs from tailgates (at a school where people buy bulldogs as a show of pride).”

    Really? That’s a serious problem with an AD? This is why women shouldn’t talk.

  98. BirdZ! Says:

    Press conference tomorrow morning, according to some of the twitter feeds.

    gee, emil, you completely destroyed all of my points. You’re right, I’m wrong.

    Suffice it to say that LT would have handled all of my points differently. Raffo would be in place to continue the same style of baseball that we saw last year, the videoboard would not have been built yet, the $12,000 seats would not be there, the Learfield deal was in place before there were any whispers of the ESPN or CBS deal. Plus, its an MSU thing, not a conference thing. Good riddance to the dogs. I don’t like stepping in dog mess. They’re better off at their homes.

    Oh yeah, and Croom would still be there leading MSU to another losing season for 2009, with the same frustrating playcalling on offense, even if McCorvey was out.

    Nobody was interested in Tubberville or Cutcliffe before Ole Miss hired them. Both of those hires worked out pretty good.

  99. Braves Dawg Says:

    I don’t give a Bianco if it was Charles Manson’s offense. It’s one championships with Mullen.

  100. farley662 Says:

    “How about holding off on pushing Croom to resignation until there were some coaches out there interested in the job who might come?”

    Here we go. The root of the problem. She believes Croom was a man of character and all that jazz. Chicks talkin football. (Shakes his sexist pig head and throws a beer can at the wife)

  101. gomsudawgs1977 Says:

    Well emil, let’s hope that Mullen is a human being and not just a robot. Maybe he was capable of learning something from his master Myers and can apply that at MSU.

  102. rwriffe Says:

    Let me ask. Even if Mullen has only coached under Meyer and Meyer calls all the plays, don’t you think some of that Meyer mystique has rubbed off on the guy. Hell, I couldn’t be happier. He’s young, he understands todays game and you can bet that a lot of commits were just saved.

  103. bigdraws Says:

    Didn’t say it was his best, but it did generate tons of money for the athletic department. Take two seats at mid-court before Byrnes that were generating $200/season ticket. With the current format those same seats are probably generating closer to 3000 including a BC donation. I don’t see how you can deny that would generate a ton more cash. If all else fails insult someones parents. I like that.

  104. skydawg706 Says:

    EMIL…as for as Mullen I think he has a proven record as an offensive coordinator. A head coach cannot do it all – reason he hires the staff he does….feel if he was not good Myer would have had hired him, etc., etc.

    There were others I would like to have had but feel Mullen has what it takes.

    Bottom line I am willing to give him a chance…..State could had hired a female for head coach as far as i am concerned….

  105. emilmac Says:

    I’m not saying that Byrne should have hired who Polk wanted. What I am saying is that there were ways to placate the man and Byrne instead decided to get in a pissing contest with him. I don’t have much respect for little boys who come in and don’t at least show some respect to a man who has brought a lot of honor and pride to our program.

    You may think that Polk came out looking bad. There are man of us who do not agree with you.

  106. The Prez Says:

    (still waiting on CONCRETE evidence)

  107. markillas44 Says:

    john cohen is a great baseball coach…if you don’t know that go do your homework. polk is a legend and did more for college baseball than anyone but his time had come and gone…the game changes and it takes fresh look at training/conditioning (something polk didn’t believe in) and game improvement (that’s coaching) to maintain success and win. cohen’s success at UK is a testament to his ability.

  108. goldendawg Says:

    I think it’s a good hire and I’m cautiously optimistic about our future! The truth is that we don’t know how Mullen is going to turn out… But that would be the same with anybody.
    Templeton, Polk, and Croom all represented mediocrity. They were happy with working hard and hoping things turn out better next season. Byrne may take some risks, but at least we have some hope now.

  109. emilmac Says:

    rwiffe…did any of the Bear Bryant mystique rub off on Sherrill or Croom? draws…I didn’t insult your parents. I said that I assume that everyone’s mamas are real nice ladies. The implication is perhaps your should act like your real nice mama raised you right.

  110. carwwest Says:

    emil, im not trying to dog you but it seems you are a fan of what was at miss state and scared of change….yes, mullen is a risk but then again so is everybody else we could hire because we are not going to get a pete carroll, bob stoops, nick saban, urban meyer or people like that….mullen has been under one of the best coaches in the country at many different levels of college football…i dont think mullen is any more of a risk than a lower division or significantly lower conference coach…yeah, we all would have loved to get a proven head coach but it looks like that wasnt going to happen….getting on the nations best OC is not a bad hire in my opinion for a schoo that hasnt had an offense in a long time…

    you talk about it being a bad hire because of experience and stuff but im just curious, were you glag croom was hired or unhappy he was fired?? just wondering….

    BUT do not discredit the hire of john cohen…so what if byrne didnt get intimidated by polk and his huge ego….polk is a jackass and i know that from experience….i will agree that he did a ton for our university but to say he is above the university like he acted would be stupid…and polk quit last season, plain and simple…i went to many games and it was very apparent….plus, how many games did he get tossed from??….john cohen is a proven winner and one of our own….it was a great hire!!

    mullen might turn out to be not ready but then again, he might turn out to be a steal…we dont know but this was a lot better hire than some we have made in the past….byrne has proven he is innovative and eager to work for the university….byrne is much more down to earth and cares more about the fans than LT ever did…LT would sacrifice anything mississippi state had to offer for his own personal attention and for the right price….croom’s hiring showed that….

    sorry for the long post and like i said, im not trying to dog you….

  111. emilmac Says:

    Prez…watch every single interview with Meyer, in which he describes his building of the system that he has implemented at Florida. Of particular interest will be interview with his former players at Utah.

    I’m not doing your work for you. If you don’t know anything about SEC football, I suggest you go learn for yourself.

  112. bigdraws Says:

    She did. I’ve got a good job, good education, a nice family of my own. and dawgonit people like me. Thanks for your concern.

  113. skydawg706 Says:

    Just like any other business (CEO), head coach cannot do it all……what’s the purpsoe of having staff if they cannot do their job – it is evident that Mullen was good at his job.

    Besides, all the head coaches I know worked their way up from another position.

    Bottom line EMIL has her opinion, entitled like everyone else.

    Oh well, time to go fold cloths and wash dishes.

  114. emilmac Says:

    I just disagree with you carwwest. I see what Byrne’s father has done to TA&M by letting his ego take over and I believe that his son is going to do the same at my alma mater. I don’t believe that Byrne has proven himself and I believe that he’s ultimately going to be bad for MSU. It’s my opinion…you can hold a different one. But I do appreciate you actually discussing my points. You are one of the few posters on here who seems to be respectful and have class.

  115. The Prez Says:

    Thank you emilmac. Thats the concrete evidence i was looking for………..

    Oh, and Lord knows i wouldn’t ask you to do my work for me. That would be perceived as sexist.

  116. bigdraws Says:

    Does that mean it’s over now?

  117. bigdraws Says:

    race card vs sex card. You make the call.

  118. passtheflask Says:

    I don’t know, but it seems like this article gives a lot of credit to Mullen for the offense. Notice it doesn’t just say Meyer’s offense, it says Meyer and Mullen’s offense.

  119. mullendawg Says:

    Emil, why are you such an authority on Meyer’s offense? What evidence do you have of this bulls__t. What Greg Byrne has done is get the masses excited about MSU. He is appealing to the Big Dogs with big money and to the Little Dogs too. Someday these Little Dogs could be Big Dogs and MSU will benefit because someone had the foresight to realize you cant just keep going to old Big Dogs and ignore the others. Byrne appeals to all MSU fans to contribute and I think he is doing an outstanding job.

  120. markillas44 Says:

    old school (templeton, polk, croom) meet neu skool (byrne, cohen, mullen)

  121. emilmac Says:

    Count me among those who want to see if the new school can actually achieve anything before I wet my pants with excitement.

  122. markillas44 Says:

    well i hope we all have something to get excited about…but don’t wet your pants, save that for ole miss.

  123. darkcooger Says:

    We need a catchy phrase to welcome Mullen. Nothing about pant-wetting, please.

  124. BirdZ! Says:

    I don’t know many folks who are to that point, emil. I’m actually optimistic about MSU athletics now. I think football is a year or two away from going any better than 5-7 or 6-6, but at least there’s reason to be hopeful.

  125. 2008cubswschamps Says:

    whether you agree or not about polk emil, the man ended up looking bad after he threw his temper tantrum because byrne did not allow him to run all over him like he wanted to. NO coach has the right to make an athletic director hire exactly who he wants, whether has been at a school 30 years or not. Polk came out looking bad regardless and you are making yourself look worse and worse with your repetitive arguments, which you have no basis behind. Either get on board with what’s going on at MSU right now or get out. We don’t need fans that bitch and moan about every little thing that goes on. Be happy we have a young, energetic AD who is doing a lot of good things right now for our school or go somewhere else where they like to complain about everything because you would fit in good there

  126. Braves Dawg Says:

    I hear ya! LMAO at the username though!!!!

  127. lostdawg Says:

    The Prez, for emily

    It is intoxicationyawn with no penetrationyawn.

  128. emilmac Says:


    “Either get on board with what’s going on at MSU right now or get out. We don’t need fans that bitch and moan about every little thing that goes on.”


    It’s my alma mater. It’s my team. I can say what I want to say and pay what I want to pay. I’ve had to listen to everyone’s bitching and moaning up to this point, suck it up and listen to mine for a while. Or don’t. But unless you’re going to actually address the points I’ve made about Byrne (as carwwest did), why respond at all?

    I don’t like this AD. I’ve given my reasons why. You think he hung the moon…good for you. I disagree.

  129. 2008cubswschamps Says:

    haha… well, i made my account before the playoffs started Braves Dawg!!! bad idea as a cubs fan, right? we always seem to choke one way or another. and as the saying goes, there is always next year! i have had to get used to that one too as a state fan, but i am excited about the future of bulldog athletics with byrne as our AD. I have liked a lot of things he has done so far!

  130. farley662 Says:

    But we can’t have opinions. Do you have really short hair and wear lots of flannel?

  131. maroondog Says:

    Emily, tell us how you really feel.

  132. Braves Dawg Says:

    You can change your username. I suffer the same as a Braves fan.

    In the immortal words of Eric Cartman, “Get in the kitchen and bake me some pie!”

  133. darkcooger Says:

    Your main reason for not liking Byrne is because of what his father did. That’s a retarded reason. I respect your opinion, though. You can dislike whoever you please.

    2008cubs: I live in Huntsville, and I’ve been asked several times over the past week when Mississippi State got serious about football. They’re amazed at the sort of names that have been dropped in our coaching search. They’re impressed that we snagged Mullen. The lone Auburn fan that I work with is a little worried that MSU could become a serious threat in the SEC west.

    This is what Byrne has done. If nothing else, he’s generated substatial buzz. And I, for one, am thoroughly enjoying it.

  134. emilmac Says:

    Farley…you know this is a forum about football, right? And you know SEC alumna are both good-looking and well-versed in the intricacies of the Southern Religion. Or are you a Yankee or some other sort of confused individual? You’re not impugning the femininity and beauty of MSU coeds, are you?

  135. Braves Dawg Says:

    Cooger, Mac & Cheese went full retard. You never go full retard.

  136. norcross77 Says:

    Emil, you sound like a whiny 7 year old who didn’t get his bicycle for Christmas. Give it a rest. You don’t like Mullen, so it’s automatically a bad choice? I don’t think so. Give the guy a chance, if he stinks next year, then you can rant all you want.

  137. darkcooger Says:

    norcross77: Remember, the first 3 years don’t count.

  138. passtheflask Says:

    According to emilmac’s logic, Spurrier, Walsh, Lombardi, Bryant, etc, etc should have never been hired to be a head coach at their first job because they weren’t head coaches before. That is such a flawed argument.

    You have to work your way up before you can get promoted, and it’s pretty obvious Mullen has done this.

  139. emilmac Says:

    No…my main reason for not liking Byrne is that the steps he has taken seem to show that he is going to follow in his father’s footsteps, try to impress his will upon the athletic department and make it his own regardless of the best choices for the department, and run our program into the ground. Haven’t I made that clear from my first post? Please don’t misrepresent my arguments and then say you shot them down…that’s not logical.

    darkcooger…there are only Yankees and NASA geeks in Huntsville…they don’t know anything about football. I’m not a “buzz” kinda girl. Buzz is empty and meaningless…it’s whatever the airheads at ESPN decide will sell ads this week. I’m about substance…and I haven’t seen any from Byrne.

  140. maroondog Says:

    Great news emily, you may have already won a very prestigious award.

  141. Braves Dawg Says:

    It’s my understanding that the football program has already been ran into the ground.

  142. lollipopkid Says:


    For every Bryant & Spurrier there are 20 Crooms & Ogerons.

  143. darkcooger Says:

    emil: Wow, there you go again. Only yankees and NASA geeks, right? Right. Stop by my work place, I’ll see if I can find a yankee to introduce you to. There’s probably one around here somewhere. I think the CEO may be a yankee, but I’m not sure. He’d be a rare breed. I wonder if you’ve ever actually BEEN to Huntsville.

    That notwithstanding… I see that you miss the point of the buzz. You know how the university makes money? Buzz. You know what they do with that money? Spend it on improving the program. I’m sorry that you think buzz is “empty and meaningless,” because you’re wrong.

  144. emilmac Says:

    passtheflask…that is not my argument. Put down the flask and try reading comprehension:

    Mullen has not been in charge of a scheme; he has only implemented Meyer’s scheme. Each of the coaches that you named ran their own scheme’s prior to becoming a head coach. The idea is that you don’t want to hire the OC from a team where the head coach runs the offense and you don’t want to hire the DC from a team whose head coach runs the defense. This is pretty basic.

  145. darkcooger Says:

    emil: Also, sorry for misrepresenting your argument. I still disagree and I still think your argument is goofy at best, but I did misrepresent it.

    And I never claimed to shoot anything down. Please don’t put words in my mouth. Or at my fingertips. Whatever.

  146. passtheflask Says:

    Lollipopkid, that’s understood. My point is that his argument that Mullen shouldn’t be our coach because he’s never been a head coach is flawed. There would be no head coaches if people only hired existing head coaches as head coaches.

  147. lollipopkid Says:

    There are currently 2 out of the 11 active head coaches* in the SEC who weren’t head coaches before they got their current job (Mark Richt and Dan Mullen). Every other coach had been successful as a head coach somewhere else before coming to the SEC. I’d say that Mullen’s lack of HC experience is a valid concern.

    *-Auburn is HC-less right now.

  148. Braves Dawg Says:

    *fights back the urge*

  149. lollipopkid Says:


    Sure that’s true. But SEC schools ought to be letting the Western Kentuckys and Middle Tennessee States of the world break these guys in, and they do, except for State…

  150. passtheflask Says:

    Quoting emilmac, to validate my argument:

    “I don’t know…how about actually trying Borges? How about someone who has actually held a head coaching position?”

  151. darkcooger Says:

    Tuberville’s first head coaching job was Ole Miss. Just sayin’.

  152. passtheflask Says:

    Look to the NFL. Look at what Jacksonville’s 2007 DC Mike Smith is doing with Atlanta. Coaches are coaches. If you have it, you have it.

  153. emilmac Says:

    darkcooger…that’s the running joke about Huntsville in the rest of Alabama and North Mississippi…one that is fully and willingly repeated by several of my friends (who are NASA geeks and proud). I actually prefer the Shoals area myself because of the music history.

    So empty buzz repeated every couple of years is good enough for you? Croom was buzz…do you believe that was the right hire? Borges coming back to the SEC (particularly considering the straights his absence has put Auburn in) would have been buzz…would that have been a good decision? At what point to we demand that empty buzz be put aside and decisions be made for the long-term health of the program?

  154. maroondog Says:

    What happened to all of the talk that anybody would be better than Croom. I’m excitied just for the change itself and guess what, if it doesn’t work out Mullen will be gone and we’ll start again. By the way Tyler Russel has been asked about the hire. He said that he is excited and that the whole MS team is excited. If players are excited, then that is a good sign.
    Emily, we get it, Byrne kicked you in the shin or something. Okay, let’s just calm down.

  155. carwwest Says:

    emil, i will say that you seem to be basing byrne off his father and i dont hink thats fair….my best friend growing up had a father that was a complete moron and jackass….his son is almost too nice and is a doctor now….im just saying, you cant judge our byrne from what his dad did….

    as for mullen and the scheme….i dont see a problem implementing a scheme….meyer didnt come up with that scheme, i read that in an article a while back…meyer actually said play calling was one of themost important parts of running that offense….i cant remember the article but it reminded me about the malzahn….malzahn said he didnt invent the wild cate but just brought it back….we didnt hire mullen to bring in a different offense than he is used to….he will sun the same type offense he ran at florida, utah, and bowling green because he is in charge of putting people in the right positions….meyer didnt do everything….ill try to find the articles but i also read one earlier about how mullen really does adapt to his personnel when other coaches just claim to….ill try to find those articles….

  156. emilmac Says:

    passtheflask…go back and actually read my argument. You are not addressing it.

  157. emilmac Says:

    Okay boys, I’m off to Jackson. It’s been fun…sort of. 🙂 Thanks to those who actually wanted to discuss the issues rather than act like little boys! CW, DC.


  158. darkcooger Says:

    Croom was buzz for the wrong reasons. Nobody ever buzzed about what a great coach Croom was going to be. Everyone had a kind of hopeful reservation. The buzz surrounding Croom was almost entirely because he was black. That wasn’t fair to him, but that’s reality.

    Mullen buzz is because he’s an offensive-minded guy with a national championship under his belt, another likely on the way (if he stays for it), and a Heisman-winning quarterback, and he’s heading to Mississippi State, which hasn’t had meaningful offensive production in a decade. That’s very interesting. He’s proven as an offensive coordinator (or so nearly everyone in the world says; you disagree) and now he’s striking out on his own. What will happen? Exciting!

    The fans are excited. Look at what everyone is saying here alone! My co-workers, Alabama and Auburn fans, are interested to see what’s going to happen. My mom has texted me several times today about it. Everyone’s excited. That will sell tickets. Money will be made.

    This was a good decision for right now. We’ll have to wait a couple of years to decide whether or not it was a good decision overall. No sense deriding it yet because we don’t know. Neither do you.

  159. Braves Dawg Says:

    Nope, not it.
    Nope, didn’t read.
    Nope, not going to do your work for you.
    Nope, didn’t address my argument.
    Nope, not going to give any valid reasons I’m just mad.
    Yeah, I’m a Debbie Bitchin’ Downer.

  160. 2008cubswschamps Says:

    so tell me exactly how you know that mullen has not called the plays for meyer’s offense ever since he has been with him emil? you know meyer personally or are you just making up a biased argument just to have something to complain about?

  161. Braves Dawg Says:

    Well said Coog and I agree, but that didn’t address her argument.

  162. lollipopkid Says:

    Would you rather choose a coach from the first list or the last? I think that pretty much settles the argument.

    Previously HC’s in SEC: Spurrier (x2), Meyer, Donnan, Majors, Fulmer, Kiffin, Holtz, Dowhower, Johnson, Mumme, Brooks, Sherrill, Tuberville, Nutt (x2), Ford, Petrino, Dye, T. Bowden, Saban (x2), Franchione, Miles, DiNardo.

    New HC in SEC: Zook, Goff, Widenhofer, Morriss, Croom, Mullen, Tuberville, Cutcliffe, Ogeron, M. Shula, M. DuBose.

  163. maroondog Says:

    lollipopkid, would you rahter choose a coach from the first list or the last?


  164. Braves Dawg Says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me…….

  165. lollipopkid Says:

    If I’m an SEC AD, I’m looking at 90% head coaches of non-BCS schools with a solid track record of winning and recruiting. I might look at one or two assistants at top flight programs. But being a head coach and being and assistant are two very different things.

    Just look at those lists. The two best coaches in the second list are Tuberville (who’s also in the first one), Richt (who I accidentally left off) & Zook! Seriously! That’s the last three coaches from every SEC program (minus the coach before Holtz at SC, couldn’t remember him) and there’s an overwhelming trend of previous HC’s doing better than first time HC’s.

  166. maroondog Says:

    Oh, I know, we should have hired Sylvester Croom. He has five years of SEC head coaching experience

  167. maroondog Says:

    Oh, I know, we should have hired Sylvester Croom. He has five years of SEC head coaching experience

  168. Braves Dawg Says:

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day lollipop. Did Mayor of Munchkin City make that list for you or did you do that all by yourself.

  169. bmoy Says:

    Yeah, maroondog. That’s good idea. only one problem, I’m not sure that the relationship between him and Mr. Byrne are very conducive to negotiating.

  170. lollipopkid Says:

    We should have never hired Croom in the first place. But he doesn’t have a successful track record anyway, so he shouldn’t even be considered. Of course that’s easy to say now, but the same principle holds true. If you hire someone who’s been a head coach before you don’t have to endure the growing pains of them learning to be a head coach.

    And don’t be intimidated by my list of coaches Braves. That’s just what I could remember off the top of my head. I wonder what the winning percentage of those coaches would look like against one another. Again, probably a huge nod to those who’ve been head coaches before.

  171. Braves Dawg Says:

    Whatever dude. LMAO!!!!!!

  172. ericintupelo Says:

    Wow I go to school to take my finals and miss out on all the excitement but I’m excited as hell we finally got our man. I was expecting Wilson but we got Mullen and I welcome him with arms wide open. Now maybe I can focus on the rest of my finals

  173. passtheflask Says:

    That’s great lollipopkid.

    What you’re failing to consider is that it took a promotion from assistant/coordinator to head coach for each of those guys on the first list to become head coaches.

    I’m also fairly sure there are plenty of guys who had been head coaches who faltered in the SEC that didn’t make your first list. Especially since your list was comprised of people who support your argument.

  174. msudawginbama Says:

    hopefully this will be the end of 3-2 football games!

  175. lollipopkid Says:

    My list is people who’ve been a head coach in the SEC (the last three for each school). I actually made a mistake though. Fulmer was an Asst. at UT under Majors so he hadn’t been an HC before. I already answered your argument though. It’s better to let HC’s have their growing pains at MTSU, WKU, ECU, etc. and then hire them once they’ve proven they can win. That’s what Florida did with Meyer (Utah). That’s what LSU did with Miles (Ok. St. pre-Pickens). That’s what Arkansas did with Nutt (Boise St.).

    Look, if it works out with Mullen. I’ll be happy. But I’m just saying that the odds are it won’t because first time HC’s don’t do well in the SEC. At least, not in recent history.

  176. bigdraws Says:

    Emil has to be related to someone who got the axe. No way would anybody say ridiculous crap like that otherwise.

  177. dawgbone Says:

    Emil is just ANGRY, she can work it out.

  178. mathistondawg Says:

    how much are we paying him? I haven’t seen it yet. I think it is a good hire, but if it is alot more than croom was making, I would have preferred to spread the wealth and had better paid OC, and DC as well. Maybe he will act as his own OC though.

  179. bantyrooster1 Says:

    I’m pretty sure this man won’t wear his cap sideways and to me that’s a vast improvement over that sloppy walrus we had to look at for the last five years.
    Now if we can get him to get rid of the white helmets, we’ll even have more to cheer about.

  180. compare product Says:

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    […]Reports: It’s Dan Mullen « Inside Mississippi State Sports with Brad Locke[…]…

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