Mullen Era Begins: Instant Reaction


Welcome to what is officially Day 1 of the Dan Mullen area for Mississippi State football. Remember, pep rally at 10 a.m. at the Templeton Athletic Academic Center, and then he’ll make stops in Tupelo, Meridian and Jackson. Here are today’s stories from yours truly:

MSU taps Gator coordinator, Mullen, to lead football team (1A story)

Florida’s offensive coach makes quick dash, splash

There has been reaction aplenty to Mullen’s hiring from around the nation. Here is the Miami Herald‘s version of events; Dennis Dodd of writes about how it affects Florida; Andy Staples of wonders if Mullen’s departure will cause Tim Tebow’s early exit.

Now, I must rush off to Starkville.


24 Responses to “Mullen Era Begins: Instant Reaction”

  1. tennesseemarine01 Says:

    For the love of God Coach, please, please, please bring back the MAROON helmets. The white ones look so…..not manly.

  2. desertdog2005 Says:

    It looks like his wife is expecting? (from the video of them at the Hump) If so when is she due?

  3. bigdraws Says:

    Everything I see and read about this guy I’m liking. His attitude is very refreshing. I wonder about bringing in the spread a little. Couldn’t be any worse than what we had of course, but still. Anyways, I’m enjoying a renewed excitement I have for msu football right now. I’m ready for kickoff next year already.

  4. bigdraws Says:

    I saw that too desert. Looks like she’s gotta be 7-8 months along.

  5. boonhoggenbeck Says:

    Need to get rid of the damn clown socks with the horizontal maroon circles at the top…look like a damn circus clowns

  6. joekstewart Says:

    I have to admit, I questioned Byrne when the Croom comments came out. but he proved me wrong with this hire. He got a winner in Mullens. The futrue is getting a bit brighter at Starkville.

    Saw on the Clarionledger that Tebow might leave Florida for the NFL because of Mullens departure. The future is getting brighter and brighter. And it seems recurits like the choice. You have to give it to this AD- really really Good.

  7. carwwest Says:

    if recruits get excited so should the fans….but anybody see the new logo…its very ugly in my opinion….i just hope they can mess with it someway to get it on a maroon helmet….i think adidas can come up with some decent looking uniforms….thanks LT for those russell POS’s….new coach, new unis, new offense, hopefully new helmets…exciting….

  8. joekstewart Says:

    Where a shot of the new logo? I have not seen it.

  9. Braves Dawg Says:

    It’s in “The Van” Joe.

  10. Braves Dawg Says:

    Since I’m in moderation. It’s in The Van joe. Check it out.

  11. bigdraws Says:

    I like the sideways dog with the banner on side. Looks like a throwback to me. The new M banner looks bad though.

  12. bedgood Says:

    Great hire as Mississippi State Football Coach, it snowed in South Louisiana, apparently Hell has froze over. BCS trip soon anyone??

  13. darkcooger Says:

    I don’t particularly car for any of those logos. The M-State banner looks too much like something from Michigan, plus it’s fat. Croom is gone. No more fat. I’m still fond of the existing M-State logo, but I’m open to change.

    The bulldog reminds me of the Mack truck bulldog hood ornament. Kinda cool. I could see it being a good secondary logo.

  14. bigdraws Says:

    Am I to assume that it would take place of “walking bully”?

  15. lollipopkid Says:

    I don’t mind the white helmets since two teams (Bama & Arkansas) in our own division already have both have maroon-ish helmets. I think that was part of the reason for the change to white. But I’ll never understand why we went from MSU to M-State. Michigan State doesn’t use MSU on it’s helmet (they’ve got that cool little spartan helmet decal) so it’s not like we’re worried about confusion. Those white helmets with the MSU that we wore circa the snow bowl were pretty sweet in my opinion. Of course, I guess it could have something to do with the switch from Nike to Russell.

  16. bigdraws Says:

    “I guess it could have something to do with the switch from Nike to Russell.”

    That’s what I’ve always heard.

  17. bedgood Says:

    I hope the service gets better now that we have a good coach. It has frozen multiple times. Typical.

  18. bedgood Says:

    Where are these logos?

  19. bigdraws Says:

    bedgood, I saw them on Farley’s website. Look on the right side of Brad’s main page. Go down to brad’s blog roll. You’ll see the van by the river link on there. That’ll get you to them.

  20. jbuzz74 Says:

    hey lollipop, it has everything to do with the switch from nike to Russell. the MSU logo was trademarked by nike and cant be used without there permission.

  21. carwwest Says:

    supposedly the maroon helmets are officially back!!!…..but not the interlocking msu….supposedly they will look like one of these….

    the guy made them them but from what i hear that is what the looked like at the pep rally….BL can probably tell us for sure….

  22. bedgood Says:

    Thanks for the direction to the logos.

  23. dawgface52 Says:

    Go to the sixpack board and you can see the new helmet. Look pretty good.

  24. tennesseemarine01 Says:

    IMO bring back the maroon helmets, get rid of the maroon pants…at home wear maroon helmet, maroon jerseys, and white pants. Away wear maroon helmets, white jerseys, and white pants. White sox without the 70’s style stripe. Hey what can I say I am old school MSU. I really liked the interlocking MSU on the helmets. Maybe we could get under armour to be our new uniform supplier…Hey new coach, new attitude. I say we get a swagger about us that says we don’t take shait off no one. Just my opinion. If you think and act like a winner eventually you will be one…that is if the kids start practicing and playing like they want to be winners.

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