Photos from Dan Mullen arrival



Mississippi St Mullen Football

Mississippi St Mullen Football


7 Responses to “Photos from Dan Mullen arrival”

  1. mathistondawg Says:

    Looks like he is excited, but I could’ve done without the pick of you Brad.

  2. redtoolman Says:

    Brad, Any thoughts on whether this brings Chris Garrett back into the conversation at State?

  3. atldawg Says:

    We don’t need Garrett. Russell is a much better QB and runs a version of the spread at Meridian. Let’s get the people who want to play at State like Russell! And now we have a great shot at some uncommitted great WRs like Chad Bumphis and Pat Patterson (who originally was committed to us but decommitted after the Auburn game saying that our offense wasn’t the offense for him).

  4. Brad Locke Says:

    Yeah, I couldn’t contain my excitement. 😛

  5. msudawginbama Says:

    lol, mathiston!

    glad he looks like he’s excited in the land o’ the bovine bells!

  6. tcfan Says:

    Chad Bumphis was never committed to Mississippi State, get your facts right. With that being said, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he committed there in February.

  7. thespear Says:

    He never said Bumphis committed. Learn to read TC

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