Dan the Man Has His Day


Good morning. Boy, is it cold out there. My antennae is still frozen.

You’ve already seen pictures and video on here from new coach Dan Mullen‘s introduction yesterday. Now, here are the stories from today’s Daily Journal:

Sealing the deal

Pulling the rope

Meeting the fans

Mullen has made a big initial splash with the MSU faithful. The hire has received overwhelming approval. From an objective standpoint, I’d say it was quite a find for AD Greg Byrne.

Like everyone, I have a first impression of Mullen. He’s got energy, enthusiasm, passion and all the other qualities Byrne was seeking. But as I stood and watched the introductory pep rally Thursday morning, my mind kept wandering into the future. I wasn’t here for Sylvester Croom‘s hiring, so I can’t speak to the amount of excitement it evoked in the fan base. I have seen enough coaching hires up close, however, to know that the honeymoon period lasts only so long.

Mullen has great credentials, and he says all the right things. He is indeed “The Man” in most everyone’s eyes. But he has quite a task ahead of him. I’ll save most of these thoughts for a column in the near future, but after this short period of excitement – and goodness knows MSU football fans have needed something like this – it’ll be time to deal with reality.

In short, I do think MSU can be competitive next season. History shows that in Mullen’s previous stops with Urban Meyer, positive results came in Year 1. But each situation is different.

It’s kind of like starting over for MSU, and the big question is: What will this program look like five years from now? Even though I’m not a fan, I’m eager to see.

Note: Ex-MSU quarterback Wesley Carroll is not, as previously reported, transferring to Florida International. He told me he has not decided where he will be next year.


35 Responses to “Dan the Man Has His Day”

  1. bleedmaroon Says:

    Think maybe after seeing Coach Mullen that Carroll thinks he may have a place in his offense? He would be a great option qb. Always need good depth at the qb spot. If Russell comes and Carroll stays, that would give us 4 qbs on the chart. It’s been a while since state has had 4 qbs on the chart.

  2. joekstewart Says:

    Didn’t Carroll run the spread in high school?

    And besides Carroll has two things going for him: (1) a fresh new start and (2) He is 6 ft tall, nothing against Tyson but height is an issue for the spread- Josh Harris, Alex Smith, and Tim Tebow

  3. Braves Dawg Says:

    I think the consensus on the Croom hire was, “What the Hell?”

  4. joekstewart Says:

    Well, Jackie left it in a mess. At least with Croom, he cleaned it up and left it with some talent. So one point for Croom.

  5. darkcooger Says:

    Yeah, I don’t remember there being much excitement about the Croom hire. Everyone liked him pretty much from the beginning, but it wasn’t very exciting. I mean, let’s be honest: he’s not an exciting person.

    This is definitely different. What we knew we had with Croom was an opportunity to clean up the mess that Sherrill left behind and maybe win some games. What we expect from Mullen is different because he’s inheriting a clean program. I think that plays into it, too. Croom was tasked with cleanup duty, which isn’t very exciting anyway.

    I will say, however, that I think most of us were pretty excited at the start of Croom’s first season. It’s always fun to see something new. Too bad it was same ol’, same ol’. 🙂

  6. tebmsu97 Says:

    I think croom won over the crowd early on with his tough talk, but as far as a splash hire I would say it isn’t even close. It is funny how the coaches are reflextions of the men who hired them. LT was a don’t rock the boat stay the course kind of guy, GB is a young lets shake it up and see what happens guy. I think their hires mimic that well.

    I am definitely excited by the future of MSU athletics under GBs watch.

  7. atldawg Says:

    I definitely agree that Mullen is a fantastic hire and I’m excited about the future for us! But let’s stop talking down about Croom. He took a very hard job…one that very few people wanted. He took a program with no talent and scholarship limitations and go the most out of it. He lined up an excellent recruiting class for ’09. He setup the program to have potential. He wasn’t a great play caller or gameday coach but he also didn’t have the advantage of a lot of talent. Let’s give him some credit. He helped get us out of a mess…now the foundation has been laid for Coach Mullen to come in and light up the scorebaord! But we should also be realistic about what to expect from Mullen in the first year.

  8. msudawginbama Says:

    Bonus: no Winston Churchill quotes as of yet!

  9. rwriffe Says:

    Well said Atldawg. I pretty much said the same in a post yesterday and feel the same. As I said then I think that the future will hold that Croom was the man for the time and he handled it well. He wasn’t a good game coach which became evident and he had taken us as far as he was capable of. People need to put themselves in his shoes and realize that this has hurt his pride somewhat and anything he says for a while should be taken as a reaction to that.

    Hopefully Croom will catch on somewhere in some capacity and he can focus his attention there as opposed to focusing it on our school. If and when that happens things will be fine and he will or should see that our hire of him gave him a good opportunity and with some sound judgment financial wise he should be set for life. I know that a few million may not be a lot in todays world but he should be able to retire in good shape in the years to come.

  10. dawgface52 Says:

    I wish Carroll would reconsider. Selfish on my part as I doubt he would receive much playing time if Russell comes, but we sure could use him next year. Not very deep in that position.

  11. desertdog2005 Says:

    Someone teach Boobie or Ducre or Robert to throw-quick….LOL
    I reserve the right to say its funny but could become reality.

  12. maroon1white Says:

    Well, Tyson has to know his time at State was this year, b/c he’s not an option qb as far as I can see. He gets rid of the ball almost as soon as he takes the snap. Not too fond of taking a hit will do that for ya. Did we run the option much with AD in ’07? I thought Ducre was in most of the time, anyway I will be there for the spring game fo sho! We need to pack the stadium let the SEC know we’re for real.

    Go Dawgs!

  13. maroondog Says:

    I really like Tyson, but I think that Relf or Russell will be the guy next year

  14. bigdraws Says:

    We almost packed the spring game last year. We were only 50k short.

  15. biloxi13 Says:

    I see the Wild Dog formation happening until he can get some experience at the QB position. We have plenty of guys that can run that today.

  16. themaroonandwhite Says:

    thanks for letting us know you aren’t a fan. good journalism.

  17. gulfwaterdawg Says:

    Good pts atldawg. Croom’s foundation will be the starting point for Coach Dan’s success. To top off Croom’s problem didn’t we axe 10 to 20 players right off the get go.

    Another reason “The Man” will prosper at State, take a look at next years schedule. With just the slightest increase in Offense we play in a bowl his first year. I see a 6 or 7 win season next year. And yes I know it will be a lesser bowl, but State fans live for bowl games. It is a cowbell experience like no other( the only bowl I have missed going to was the “snow bowl” in LA since 1986).

    Point three in the past 10 yrs I have seen a large increase in fan support. I can remember while in college before the east side upperdeck, skyboxes, and endzone student section when we were lucky to get 15K fans in the stands. Fan support is building.

    Number 4 is funds. Between the large “gift” recently donated and alumni support we are begining to show we can fund a high profile program, which in turn allows for easier recruiting.

    These are just a few reasons I see Coach Mullen succeeding at MSU.

  18. bedgood Says:

    I read last night that Carroll has said that he is not going to FIU, but has asked for release. Has anybody else heard or seen that?

  19. maroon1white Says:

    I vote Stallworth to run the Wild Dawg. The move he put on that KY defender for that 1st TD, he made that dude look stupid.

  20. msurulz Says:

    Has there been any word on who we might be getting for assistant coaches and or coordinators?

  21. norcross77 Says:

    Let’s just hope that the spring game doesn’t go into overtime with a score of 0-0 again.

  22. Braves Dawg Says:

    If that wasn’t a sign of things to come I don’t know what was.

  23. joekstewart Says:

    I foresee this for our offense:

    (1) Tyson moved to a slot receiver, as well as Arnil Stalworth
    (2) AD and Ducre running backs, but both still have good hands-maybe one of them/both moved to TE (weak at that position and a key to the spread- Ingram @ UF)
    (3) Elliot and Bonner are the prime ruuning backs
    (4) Russell, Reif, and possibly Carroll competeing for quarterback

  24. maroon1white Says:

    To run the spread, do you need a dominant offensive line?

  25. carwwest Says:

    joek, no offense but i dont see much of what you said happening at all…tyson is not some super athlete and will not move to a receiver position…stallworth, dixon, and ducre are all good running backs who will be used in various roles but will still be running backs…they might line up as a H back and run routes but they will still be running backs….elliott still has to heal and bonner doesnt seem to be anything special, albeit was under croom…russell, relf, and lee will all compete for the starting nod next year and we will probably see more than just one like when leak and tebow….carroll is still leaving i think, he just doesnt know where….it will be interesting to see if mullen throws russell into the fire right off the bat or tries to redshirt him…

  26. captainwhupass Says:

    Sounds like Mullen is going to run the spread like the Gators and I truly hope it works well, since Mullen IS the head coach and that is his style. A really bad thought is how it failed so miserably at Auburn this past year and the guy that brought it in, Tony Franklin got the ax as the OC, and Tubbs immediately went back to basic run it straight at you style football. Pretty much wrecked their season. So, DM better get it started fast and get the players in the spread frame of mind.

  27. JB Says:

    “Dan the Man Has His Day”.

    Ole Miss Rebels have beat the Florida Gators 3 out of the last four games. Not too bad for the Rebs. Hope Dan remembers this.

  28. spaceghost1 Says:

    captain, a big reason the spread didn’t work at Auburn is because Franklin wasn’t allowed to bring in his coaches to implement it. He was basically left on an island. Our case is different since Coach Mullen is the head man and will bring in the right coaches to make it work.

  29. farley662 Says:

    Nice little jab JB. Every time I think OM fans are half way decent, then I remember I live in Oxford and you all truly suck.

  30. mathistondawg Says:

    maybe dan will bring franklin in. Spread or bust. No more west coast. Never again.

  31. imabulldog Says:

    isn’t Franklins offense for sale like in book form, if that’s true don’t bring him in, anyone with a booksamillion card could stop us

  32. msustdnt2011 Says:

    joekstewart Says:
    December 12, 2008 at 2:48 pm

    I foresee this for our offense:

    (1) Tyson moved to a slot receiver, as well as Arnil Stalworth
    (2) AD and Ducre running backs, but both still have good hands-maybe one of them/both moved to TE (weak at that position and a key to the spread- Ingram @ UF)
    (3) Elliot and Bonner are the prime ruuning backs
    (4) Russell, Reif, and possibly Carroll competeing for quarterback

    I seriously hope this is some sort of joke. Did you say Anthony Dixon at tight end? Bonner at running back? Bonner proved this year to be NOTHING special if not one of the worst running backs i have seen in a while, and though Croom liked to line Dixon up as a wide receiver on the outside, Dixon should never do anything but run the ball. By the way Wes Carrol is HORRIBLE! Am i the only person that watched the Ole Miss game?

  33. msualum01 Says:

    “anyone with a booksamillion card could stop us”

    Now that’s funny!

  34. JB Says:

    “Nice little jab JB”. Just something to look back on and think about, farley. Keep your fingers on your wallet up there in Oxford, you might get your pocket picket. See, if you were a poor old Tula farmer, as I once was, you would not have to worry about that.

  35. JB Says:

    “Ole Miss Rebels have beat the Florida Gators 3 out of the last four games.”

    I must apologize to Dan, two of those losses by the Gators to the Rebs were when Ron Zook was a the helm. Sill 1-1 record against the Gators, this season – last season.

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