Mullen Talks; Hudspeth Coming


About two minutes after Dan Mullen conducted an interview at halftime here at The Hump, we learned from the Times Daily in Florence, Ala., that North Alabama coach Mark Hudspeth will join Mullen’s staff (in what capacity, we’re not exactly sure, but the story says probably wide receivers).

As for the interview, here are some excerpts:

On Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford winning the Heisman:
“I tell you what, it’ll make a little more hype for the national championship game this year.”

On staff changes:
“I had to let a couple of people go from the previous staff, but in the next couple days here, I think we’re going to have a couple more announcements tomorrow, some guys coming on board for us.”

On new hires:
“A couple of people have come in, some phone stuff, I think we’re going to have some more people come in tomorrow. Just try to get us in place. We’re not in a hurry, I don’t think we’re going to complete the staff in the very near future, but I want to have enough of the staff that we’re up and running for recruiting next week.”

On getting coordinators in:
“It’s a little mix and match. I have an idea of what I want the staff to be like, so it’s kind of finding that right combination of things. I think when we do get the coordinators in place, I also want to leave some flexibility for them. I know as a coordinator in the past, you like to have flexibility, and you like to have people you know in there, so I want to leave some flexibility for some coordinators when we get them in place.”

On the road this week:
“Probably most of the days. I want to get out there and hopefully see a lot of our commitments, just solidify things with them.”

When are you going back to Gainesville?
“Not until after the dead period starts, which is after next Saturday. We’ll get back there just a couple days before Christmas probably. And for me, I need to get back and start looking a little bit at my involvement with the team for the national championship game, immerse myself when I get back into Oklahoma.”

On juco signing day (Wednesday):
“We’re going after those guys just as hard. I’m hoping Wednesday we can have a pretty good announcement on some of those guys coming to play for us. … We’ve got to just finish it off right now and hopefully have a happy Wednesday.”

What’s the pace of all this been like since arriving?
“It’s been a crazy pace, but that’s what I expected coming in here right now. You’re not going to get it all done in one day. I guess as a coach, though, you’re paranoid all the time. So I’m trying to go as fast and hard as I can, constantly. There’s a lot of things we have to get done. Right now all of my focus has really been on getting the staff in place and making sure all the recruits have been talked to and excited still about coming here and getting everything ready to roll.”

What’s the most pressing need on roster:
“We need to go get some wide receivers here. And a lot of that is just the new style of offense we’re running right now. We’ll play at least eight wide receivers every game, and last year’s team that wasn’t the case.”


9 Responses to “Mullen Talks; Hudspeth Coming”

  1. irondawg Says:

    Awesome stuff. Very glad to hear Hudspeth is on board. I think that’s a sign that Coach Mullen will be able surround himself with really good coaches.

    And everyone should notice where Mullen said he wasn’t going back to Florida until afte the dead period starts. That’s for anyone who has reservations about him coaching the final game for Florida. He’s totally focused on MSU right now, and during the dead period there’s nothing he can do anyway for recruiting.

  2. jcdawgman18 Says:

    As far as receivers go, guys here who could play a factor
    -Delmon Robinson
    -Arceto Clark
    -Brandon McRae (assuming he heals up as planned)
    -Charles Bailey (redshirted)
    -O’Neal Wilder (redshirted)
    And guys who are committed:
    -Chris Smith (Meridian, MS)
    And guys who could potentially sign with us:
    -Chad Bumphis (Tupelo, MS)
    -Pat Patterson (Noxubee County, MS)
    -Montez Phillips(Oxford, MS; fifth thoughts, anbody?)

    We’ll have enough receivers. I expect we will get both Chad and Pat. And receiver is a position where guys can definitely play as freshman.

  3. imabulldog Says:

    Man do we need all of those guys to contribute. I really do think he’s going to sway a recruit or two.
    I’m just glad, that no matter what- Mullen will have the best players on the field, and being used to their fullest potential.
    That’s comforting

  4. tebmsu97 Says:

    Russell, Conner, Patterson, Phillips, and Bumphis would be a nice core to build an offense around over the coming years. Would make for a nice class on the offensive side of the ball. Wondering what his thoughts are regarding the o-line?

  5. tennesseemarine01 Says:

    Well it sux right now…anybody with size and quick feet would be an improvement.

  6. atldawg Says:

    jcdawgman – Montez Phillips already decommitted from us and has committed to Ole Miss. He is from Oxford and was getting a lot of pressure there when he committed to State. Hopefully the new staff can convince him to come here but I don’t think it will happen. Patterson is also high on Ole Miss but I’m really hoping he and Bumphis will sign with us…Russell said the three of them spoke about going to the same place. And Chris Smith already plays with Russell so hopefully their chemistry is high before they even set foot on campus.
    Also, I’m hoping we sign Maurice Langston (a JUCO). He is a burner and could start immediately. He seems to be high on us so may committ on Wednesday.

  7. gogawgs09 Says:

    i’m not real familiar with the new hire, what do ya’ll know about him?

  8. jcdawgman18 Says:

    atldawg, forgot about Langston, thanks for mentioning him. He could help us right away at receiver and in the return game. It is just a matter of time until he committs I think.
    I knew Montez decommitted to us and then committed to Ole Miss, but like I said, fifth thoughts? Rumors the other day were that after he heard who we were hiring, he began questioning that decision. Either way, he does not make or break this class.

  9. msustdnt2011 Says:

    I’m originally from North Alabama I grew up in Decatur, Al but now go to State. My sister attended UNA. They are always ranked highly and compete for championships year in and year out. With that said he is either an excellent recruiter or a really great coach, possibly both. Either one of those would make him a great candidate.

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