Mullen Musings; Stansbury Still Out


I overslept again today. But the coffee is helping. Dan Mullen, I bet, has been up for a while and is in high gear. He has been since arriving as MSU’s football coach, and that’s a good thing, I write in today’s Daily Journal. Speaking of Mullen, he apparently will not be calling plays for Florida in the national championship game.

In basketball news, MSU coach Rick Stansbury spent last night at North Mississippi Medical Center. He had a spinal tap yesterday and should receive the results of that this morning. We’ll update you when we learn more.

Meanwhile, Stansbury’s team is preparing to leave Wednesday for Cincinnati, where the Bulldogs will play the Bearcats in the Big East/SEC Invitational. Robert Kirby, the associate head coach, is running things right now. He will address the media this afternoon, so I’ll report from that.

Now, I should probably pay attention to the radio show I’m taping.


12 Responses to “Mullen Musings; Stansbury Still Out”

  1. maroondog Says:

    Sounds like you are pretty excitied about the new hire Brad. Sometimes not knowing what will happen is much better than knowing.

  2. Brad Locke Says:

    Sarcasm doesn’t translate well into print, I’m told, so I’m not quite sure what to make of your first statement. But I agree with your second statement.

  3. maroondog Says:

    I was being honest. I just seemed that after covering last year, you were excited about something different.

  4. msudawginbama Says:

    lord knows we all are.

  5. Brad Locke Says:

    I’ll admit, it is exciting, even for an objective journalist, when change happens. And I would much rather cover a winning team.

  6. maroondog Says:

    Yeah, I am starting to get afraid that all of our journalists are going to turn into alcoholics, like the announcer in Major League.

  7. deaddawg1 Says:

    BL, does your comment on DM not calling the plays for Florida imply that he will be working on the tasks at hand and not returning to help prepare for the championship game?

  8. Brad Locke Says:

    From what I’ve learned, he’s still planning to prepare to help Florida, but he won’t return before next week.

  9. deaddawg1 Says:

    thanks BL.

  10. thingreenline Says:

    BL, I was ready to rip you on today’s aritlce until I read the last sentence. State fans know our football history as been below average, but we don’t need a dude that covered high school sports within the past year to tell us that.

    I guess honeymoons end for “thought-provoking” articles as well…..

    What happened to the pre-GG-trying-to-get-a-job-at-MSU writing days?

  11. Brad Locke Says:

    Just putting everything in proper context, tgl. And I call it like I see it. But by all means, rip away. I can take it.

  12. skydawg706 Says:


    With the helmet change – what about the jersey and pants, any change there?

    Like to see maroon shirt and white pants – to go with the maroon helmet.

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