Mullen to Call Plays for Florida


Florida coach Urban Meyer said today that new MSU coach Dan Mullen will call plays for Florida one last time, when the Gators face Oklahoma in the BCS championship game Jan. 8. So say and the AP. Here is the ESPN story.


21 Responses to “Mullen to Call Plays for Florida”

  1. atldawg Says:

    We wish you luck Coach Mullen and GO GATORS!!!

  2. skydawg706 Says:

    Wish Gators luck… make Coach Mullen look good, lost not sure if it will matter – not in my book.

    Do not luck the new MSU logo – to plain – but can live with it.

    Hope they do not do anything weird with the jersey and paints.

    preference maroon jersey – white pants.

  3. maroon1white Says:

    If the Gators win that would be excellent for us. You know the media & announcers are going to be talking about Mullen & State all throughout the game. I can’t wait for the spring game!

    Go State!

  4. imabulldog Says:

    I think they’ll keep the maroon pants.

    Yeah, I’m glad he’s calling plays, because once he hasv that ring and knowing he played a part- makes us and him look better

  5. darkcooger Says:

    Good luck, Coach Dan! Go Gators!

  6. bigdraws Says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth m1w. We oughta get some good pub out of this deal.

  7. Dapper D Says:

    his calling plays will definitely be a plus for all us dawgs!

  8. imabulldog Says:

    M1w, you are right man- I can want til the Spring Game. In fact, I don’t know the last time I was excited about that one!
    This year we’ll have our highest ticket sales and highest attendence ever at the Spring Game.

  9. imabulldog Says:

    I guess Mullen only has to sell like what 38 or so thousand to break the ticket sales.

  10. bigdraws Says:

    There’s no way we ever sell that spring game out though. If we had 10k I’d be surprised.

  11. 2thdoc Says:

    I’m just glad we have a 99% chance of scoring a freaking touchdown in the Spring game this coming year. If you score, they will come.

  12. bigdraws Says:

    “If you score, they will come.”


  13. Braves Dawg Says:


  14. joekstewart Says:

    I imagine a lot of recruits will be watching the game. all of us need to become gator fans for awhile.

    I have seen Meyer alittle worry about the game without Mullen. show we have got a great coach.

    has Mullen name any more coaches, especially defense coach?

  15. chicagodawg82 Says:

    I would like to think that considering the spring game usually occurs on Super Bulldog Weekend that our fans would come out support the new coach and our Bulldogs…. Auburn vs. MSU in baseball & the spring football game all in the same day… why shouldn’t we have a record setting crowd…? There cannot possibly be that many other activity options for a Saturday in Starkville that we can’t show up and support our teams! Get your butts in the seats and start selling out games!!! There should be 4 Phases to a home game: Offense, Defense, Special Teams, & The Fans!!!

  16. bigdraws Says:

    spring game is always right before the baseball game on SBW. The attendance at the baseball game more than doubles the attendance at the football game. I usually go catch a little of the football, but if the baseball game wasn’t being played I probably wouldn’t go at all. It’s just boring.

  17. benzadawgfan Says:

    6reat exposure for our dawgs! Anybody remember that woman who was so critical of coach Mullen? She was saying he doesn’t even call plays at fla. wonder where she is 2day? Amazing how many of the loudest voices belong to the most igrorant among us.

  18. benzadawgfan Says:

    Or ignorant……

  19. maroon1white Says:

    From what I’ve seen from the Ninja (GB) so far, how he’s brought the big university experience to State in the small time he’s been in charge. I expect him to change SBW too. Make the entire weekend like a can’t miss event.

    State will only be a big time university, if the fans & administration think of themselves as a big time university.

    Think BIG, be BIG!

    Go State!!!

  20. bigdraws Says:

    benza, don’t even mention her name. It’s kinda like saying the word beetlejuice too many times.

  21. emilmac Says:


    Hey…all I’m saying is that I’m not drinking the koolaid until I see that the man can do something. I realize that a bunch of you boys are all excited because the man is undefeated (0-0 is undefeated, you know), but I’m concerned by some things Meyer himself has said:

    “Offensively, we’re a little different than maybe some programs, where the coordinator calls a lot of the plays. We script every series, between plays, between series there’s a great discussion. I have a very talented offensive staff and I’m very involved. It’d be different if that was a one-man show and it’s certainly not. It’s a group of very talented coaches and the head coach is very involved in the offensive side of the ball.”

    I do respect Mullen as a developer of quarterbacks…but I also respect Mike Shula as a developer of quarterbacks and we see how much success he had a Bama. My point is that the offense is Meyer’s and has been Meyers (and has been the same) since he was at Bowling Green and Utah (where Mullen was the QB coach and not involved in play calling responsibility). I’m concerned that MSU made the wrong decision hiring a head coach who has never had full play-calling responsibility for either an offense or a defense and that MSU will be his first experience out from under the enormous shadow of Urban Meyer. I also disagree with many of the decisions made by the new AD.

    What exactly is ignorant about that?

    As for where I’ve been…well, boys…I have a job…and a life.

    How’s that for “ignorance”?

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