Robert Kirby Says …; Stewart Update


Associate head coach Robert Kirby, who’s filling in for the ill Rick Stansbury, addressed the media on the Humphrey Coliseum floor this afternoon. He and the other assistants had just gotten off a teleconference with Stansbury, who is still laid up at the Tupelo hospital with a viral infection. Still no word on whether he’ll make the trip to Cincinnati for Thursday’s game – the team leaves Wednesday – so the Bulldogs are preparing as if he won’t be there.

Also, injured guard Barry Stewart (left wrist) has not been practicing this week. As for playing Thursday, he said: “It’s too soon to tell.”

Here are some excerpts from Kirby’s media chat:

• On preparing for Thursday: “We’re going to prepare as if he’s not going to be there, but we expect him to be there.”

• On Stansbury’s current state: “He sounded very good over the phone a minute ago, had a good conversation. It’s just a question of the virus running its course with the treatment. I think he’ll be fine.”

• More on Stansbury: “We were talking a little while ago, and he said, ‘You guys call me as soon as practice is over.’ He’ll be sitting on pins and needles. He’s trying to get those videos up there as fast as possible to evaluate.”

• On the lineup: “We’ll work with the same lineup we started the last ballgame. We’ll do small and big today in practice. Much won’t change with our lineup.”

• On Cincinnati: “They’re very big, and they have a very, very good point guard (Deonta Vaughn) that really acts as a two. He’s a point until he passes the ball, and then once he passes it he’s a two guard. He’s probably the best, if not one of the best guards we’ve faced this year.”


One Response to “Robert Kirby Says …; Stewart Update”

  1. thespear Says:

    you have to admire Stans. The guys sittin in NMMC sick as a dog and hes wanting to evaluate film. He’s a driven guy, and its shown over the years!

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