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Tupelo’s Chad Bumphis dropped by the Daily Journal offices yesterday afternoon – no particular reason – and so I cornered him for a few minutes to get his thoughts on recruiting. It’s down to Alabama and MSU, and coaches from each school have been/will be visiting him this week, and he had some other interesting things to say. So here it is.

BL: How much of your being attracted to Florida was Dan Mullen?
CB: Pretty much all fo it. Because that’s who was recruting me. He was keeping me up with everything. I like the offense he was running, so that had a lot to do with it.

BL: What makes him such a good recruiter?
CB: The thing I like is that he seems pretty much like he’s straight up, and he’s going to tell you straightforward. He’s not going to tell you what you want to hear, he’s going to tell you the truth. That’s what I liked about Coach (Sylvester) Croom.

BL: How often have you talked with Mullen since he got hired?
CB: Just about every day. He’s coming to my house Thursday.

BL: Obviously State has shot up your list. Is it because of his arrival and his system?
CB: I just felt like I can go in and play early in that offense. I know wherever I go I’ll have to compete, but I just feel like with the offense he’s going to run and how many receivers he’ll need, that I could play pretty early.

BL: How well do you think that system can work at MSU?
CB: I think it’ll work, I just don’t know when. They pretty much hated it at Florida when Chris Leak ran it.

BL: How do you think the quarterback situation will be with that system next year?
CB: I’m not sure. I played with Tyler (Russell) this weekend, so I know what he can do. I know he’s a great quarterback. A lot of people are going to think that you’ve gotta have a quarterback that can just run, but everybody’s not going to be like Tim Tebow. I think whoever lands the starting job is going to have high expectations, because pepole are going to want to see our offense work right away.

BL: What do you like about Alabama?
CB: I just like it a lot. Coach (Nick) Saban was at my house (Tuesday) night, and we talked for a while. He and my mom talked about different things. I like the sitaution. They’re winning, and everything’s going good, and I feel like I can play pretty early there, too. I never really saw anybody just play in the slot. Coach Saban and Coach (Curt) Cignetti – he’s the wide receivers coach – they were at my house last night talking about what they want to run, how they weren’t able to run it this year because they didn’t have any slot receivers that could make big plays.

BL: Do you have a deadline for a decision?
CB: The first day I know, I’m going to do it (commit). I take my official visit to Alabama on Jan. 9, and then some time after that I’ll go to State. And then, I should pretty much know.


42 Responses to “Chad Bumphis Says …”

  1. maroondog Says:

    “I think whoever lands the starting job is going to have high expectations, because pepole are going to want to see our offense work right away”

    It probably means nothing, but I like that he said “our” offense instead of “their”

  2. darkcooger Says:

    I was going to comment on exactly the same thing, maroondog.

  3. bigdraws Says:

    Beware of Bama Chad. Just look at Jimmy Johns…..

  4. lollipopkid Says:

    Man, that’s a tough decision. I’m always in favor of guys playing in-state because it gives them a much better chance of succeeding after football, but it’s probably pretty tempting, as a high school kid, to have Nick Saban at your house talking about how he’s going to make you an integral part of his offense. Especially with Julio Jones drawing all that attention on the other side. That said, hopefully Chad will stay in-state and go to MSU. I know most people in Tupelo (even Rebel fans) would agree that it’s better for the kids if they stay in-state.

  5. boonhoggenbeck Says:

    Good report, BL…thanks.

  6. skoalbandit Says:

    I agree he should stay in state and go to MSU, with all the exposure he will get with the heated battle for 5th and 6th place in the SEC west, he is sure to have a head start in life after college football.

  7. Braves Dawg Says:

    Hustle on back to your spot crouched at the glory hole bandit.

  8. markillas44 Says:

    petty jealousy…i noticed he didn’t mention ole piss as one of his choices.

  9. Braves Dawg Says:

    Oh, Ole Miss doesn’t want him. They say he would be a 3rd or 4th choice for them. “He doesn’t fit” their offense. Never mind that he doesn’t have them on his list either.

  10. lollipopkid Says:

    It wouldn’t make sense for Bumphis to look at Ole Miss. Houston Nutt doesn’t develop receivers. Never has. Never will. I think Bumphis will choose State and I think it’ll be a wise decision.

  11. maroon1white Says:

    This kid seems to be on top of his game even off the field. His answers would make you think he’s much more mature if you didn’t know he’s in high school. If he really thinks about it. Even with him in the slot Saban is going to be starting a new QB so he’s probably going to run the ball 75% of the time for the next 2 years at least. Mullen’s already said he’s going to play 8 WR’s a game no matter what. Chad, make the decision that’s best for you. I believe you already know its State. Good choice 😉

    Go State!

  12. JB Says:

    Looks like another happy and excited day for the bunch at Miss A&M. Just who is Chad Bumphis? I have not hear this name floating around the rebel bunch.

  13. bigdraws Says:

    WR from Tupelo. One of the top recruits in the state this year.

  14. JB Says:

    The Rebs could definitely use WRs next season. Grad could take all the goodies out of the cupboard. My thinking, never a shortage of WR up there with a QB like Jevan. Chad, take another look at Ole Miss, you will fit in good up there.

  15. tcfan Says:

    “It wouldn’t make sense for Bumphis to look at Ole Miss. Houston Nutt doesn’t develop receivers. Never has. Never will. I think Bumphis will choose State and I think it’ll be a wise decision.”

    Yep, considering Ole Miss receivers had over 200 yards receiving and over 2,000 for the season. Players like Markeith Summers and Lionel Breaux having breakout years. You’re right. LOL.

    BTW, look out for Melvin Harris (RS Fresh WR, 6’7 220lbs) next season. Redshirted due to an injury in the offseason. Just a heads up.

  16. tcfan Says:

    ** had over 200 yards receiving vs. State **

  17. midnightdawg Says:

    They’re about to talk bout Mullen on Around the Horn after commercials

  18. midnightdawg Says:

    That was good. Like everyone else, I love hearing positive stuff bout the Dawgs from the national media

  19. thespear Says:

    yeah and Cowlishaw(sp?) had to get a starkville joke in..

  20. warbirdz44 Says:

    I’m loving all the Mullen talk on ESPN today. The more pub, the better!

  21. dc31 Says:

    Chad, if you’re reading, Please don’t be like Freddie Milons and leave home. If Freddie had been playing in hometown, he and the Bulldogs would have won a National Championship. I’m not kidding…it can be done. The hometown fans will treat you like a King over here. Don’t be like Terry Grant and Jimmy Johns and even Freddie for that matter. After Freddie got hurt, Bama had no use for him in his senior season. Come play with Elliott, Dixon, Langston, Wilder, Connor, Clark, and Robinson. You guys can be great. You will be our Percy Harvin, no doubt. Show some home state pride! It’s time for all of the MS boys to ban together.

  22. JB Says:

    Chad, believe you would be better at Ole Miss. Percy Harvin, a great player,but remember, he and his Gators and Miss A&M’s new head coach was defeated by the Ole Miss Rebels. So, Chad consider your options, really think that the only logical options for you would be at Ole Miss.

  23. jmbulldog Says:

    dc31 and JB,
    Im sure that Chad Bumphis reads the comments of a State blog to help him decide where to go to school. I mean, who needs school visits or coaches conversations? Recruits would be better off just reading comments on a blog.

  24. dawgbone Says:

    Well, get all the opinions you want to, and then do what YOU WANT TO DO. These guys will have a lot of decisions to make, they can only
    hope they make the correct one

  25. imabulldog Says:

    I know one thing- besides JB, I’m about ready to “pimp slap” some of these Ole Piss idiots.

    And someone on here was right, Nutt has never developed recievers, all I can see that may make that list is Monk. Snead is the reason for those numbers, not Nutt-who’d run it 80% of the time, if he had “total” control of the Off.

    Sorry I said anything Rebels, I might have given yall a heads up as to why everyone hates yall. You are arrogant, and run your mouths too much.

    I forgot, God created man, and then according to Manning 3:16, he created Rebs whose crap doesn’t stink.

    Hey TCfan…Mullen, will own Mississippi before he’s done, and your Rebs too- keep your eyes open for him too

  26. imabulldog Says:

    Why do yall even come on here? Get outta your mom’s basement, and take off that Ole Miss pajama set and helmet she got you for Christmas.

    Get a life

  27. gulfwaterdawg Says:

    Need help to get the football vault to publish a MSU book. Log on to the site below a make a request. They put to together a complete history of your schools football history with ticket stubs, news clippings, etc.

  28. benzadawgfan Says:

    Nice logic jb. Why in the world would you want to go play for the man who ran the #3 scoring offense in the country that features your position? Why would you want to play with the best qb prospect from MS in recent memory? Why would you want to go where you would have the opporitunity to be an impact player next year? Coach Nutt would love to have you… him run the ball 40 times a game.

  29. benzadawgfan Says:

    Nutt did develop one other receiver…… jones of course he had him at qb, probobly the best he had at ark. once sneed is gone, ole piss will be watchin tape to make sure they’re recruiting the right guy to hand the ball off 40 x and throw 15 passes a game.

  30. rwriffe Says:

    Let me just say for the record. I felt this way before but some of these ole missy fans comments on here just reinforces the fact that I am really going to enjoy the a#% stomping they are going to get in Dallas.

  31. dawgeatreb Says:

    Deep down they know they are going to take an a$$ stomping thats why they are trolling the ms state boards instead of texas tech’s. Go Red Raiders!

  32. dc31 Says:

    jmbulldog, who the &*$S% are you? Don’t come at me if you don’t know me. The last time I checked I can post whatever I want to on this board as long as it’s in good taste…newbie

  33. RoastBeef1 Says:

    I love the people who just think Nutt wants to run the football. If you had DMac and Felix on your team with Casey Dick as your QB, wouldn’t you be running the ball? It’s funny that ESPN has praised Houston Nutt for the job he’s done but State fans can’t stand it. Sure, some OM fans are getting arrogant, but wasn’t it State fans who were talking all of the crap last year? Oh the difference a year makes. OM fans are excited about a bowl just as State fans were last year. State fans are excited about their new HC, just as OM was last year. Can’t we all just get along?

    And ima, I love how you just brought up OM fans taking off the “pajamas and getting out of their mom’s basement”. You’re on here just as much if not more than anyone else. You’re the biggest homer I’ve ever met and you always use the line “when I worked for the team” to try and get people to actually care about what you’re saying. So if anyone should be taking off the school pajamas and getting a life, it’s you.

  34. imabulldog Says:

    Roastbeef, what did you become a state fan yesterday?

    I’ve never said one bad thing about Nutt, and the last thing I am is a person who needs a jealousy check and a dose of reality, I respect the guy and what he’s done.

    Heck I’d love to have a proven coach, but I feel Dan will do a great job.

    Oh yeah, I’m a homer alright- states going to Nat’l Championship next yr- you didn’t know. I’m a realist that had ‘some’ confidence in his team, friends (who are players), and some coaches that I developed good relationships with.

    For the record, I gave my “when I was with the team stories” when someone needed to know the truth or had something all wrong- and I’ve already said I’m done mentioning that-but thanks for bringing it up.

    And don’t turn remarks back around on me, because if I’m on here ALL the time- wouldn’t that mean that YOU were too, because otherwise how would you know.

    Btw,get a new screen name. Thought you were cool beef, nevermind that

  35. imabulldog Says:

    That was the most “Judaslike” remarks I’ve ever heard-bulldog to bulldog.

    Make sure you direct proper comments- to the proper and deserving blogger.

    Wish I’d seen this earlier

  36. Braves Dawg Says:

    Ima, RoastBeef is an Ole Miss student.

  37. rwriffe Says:

    Well, that explains a lot

  38. imabulldog Says:

    Yeah that does explain a lot.

    Guess he’s never made comments like that before, but hey now we know- he’s just like the rest, on cloud 9 and arrogant when winning, under a rock- far away when losing.

    I like nate, Jb, and oxfordreb, but beef just joined his tree huggin grove buddies.

    And for the record, last night before all this- I was calling out fans from different schools who love to come on here, and rub crap in our face, even when our record was terrible. And as far as I know none of us went on OM site last year when they sucked and took shots at them

  39. maroondog Says:

    To everyone:


  40. emilmac Says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m rather happy that Jimmy Johns went to Bama. Kids who are going to get in that kind of trouble started down that road long before they got to college…if it was inevitable that Johns was going to break the law, I’m glad he did it in Tuscaloosa rather than in Starkville where it made MSU look bad.

  41. imabulldog Says:

    done, but one more thing, maybe instead of saying “pimp slapped” earlier, I shoulda said “andy kennedy” slapped.

    Anyway, I’m cool maroon, just wanted to set the record straight.

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