Rick Stansbury: On the Road


Caught up with MSU coach Rick Stansbury a few moments ago as he and the Bulldogs were heading toward Jackson for Monday night’s game against Nicholls State. Tipoff at Mississippi Coliseum is 7 p.m. Some excerpts from our conversation:

• On what Thursday’s loss to Cincinnati exposed: “It’s very obvious we’re not the toughest team physically or mentally. You combine that with so much youth, that’s a bad recipe.”

• On injured F/C Brian Johnson: “Better than he was, but he’s a long ways from being back full speed. I may be  forced to have to play him a few minutes tomorrow night.” Stansbury said using Johnson is partly necessitated by an ankle injury to Elgin Bailey.

• On Nicholls: “They spread you out and play Princeton stuff, don’t have a center. They spread you out and shoot threes and try to take your big guy away from the basket.”

• On G Ravern Johnson: “He’s understanding the whole game. Before, in high school, was easy, just catch and shoot. Now you’ve got to understand how to come off screens, how to pass it and catch it. That’s an adjustment for all new guys.”

• On 6-9 C Jarvis Varnado and a smaller lineup: “I think Jarvis is one guy who’s benefited from it. All of a sudden we went from a guy we didn’t know could score, and now we’ve established a scorer down there.”


3 Responses to “Rick Stansbury: On the Road”

  1. cajundawg Says:

    I know that this Nicholls St team hung in there with LSU, but [and I may regret these words or live to eat them] I believe that we are a much better team than LSU, but only time will bear out that opinion. I just have a good feeling about this team… I believe the 3 pt shooting is going to come around and when it does and Brian Johnson is back on the court we are going to be force in the West and will contend for the SEC title… mark my words here! I am a glass half full kinda guy!

  2. bigdraws Says:

    Shoulda asked him what kind of bourbon Andy Kennedy drinks with his breakfast.

  3. JB Says:

    Draws, what have you against bourbon for breakfast? Mr. Kennedy probably needs it this stage of the game. I don think that coach Rick Stansbury need it, he has a relative good basketball team. That new head football coach might need it or much stronger stuff before his tenure is up at Miss A&M

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