Hoops: MSU 82, Houston 65


MSU hit 11 of 25 from 3-point range and cruised past Houston at the Hump this afternoon. Phil Turner led the way with 16 points, hitting 3-of-4 from downtown, while Ravern Johnson scored 14 and Romero Osby 13 for MSU (9-5).

State shot 46.2 percent from the field; Houston (8-3) hit only 27.6 percent. Houston won the rebounding battle, 53-46. Some quotes now, first from MSU coach Rick Stansbury:

• “I thought it was probably the most complete two halves, offensively and defensively, we’ve probably put together. … I thought we came tonight to play to win. I thought I saw a little urgency in us that I don’t always see in this team.”

• “We made the extra pass, and I think that led to better shots, and I think that’s the reason we made some shots.”

• On Barry Stewart‘s defense: “I thought Stew did a particularly good job keeping (Aubrey) Coleman out of the paint on that dribble. He creates so many plays on that dribble, and I thought Stew did a great job there.”

• On Osby, a freshman: “He posted up in there, made easy plays. That’s what we need him to do.”

From Osby:

• “This was the first game where we all didn’t think, because we are a young team, but it was the first time that we all just didn’t think, we just played and reacted to things.”

• On coming off the OT loss to San Diego on Tuesday: “We went into practice with a  different mindset, with a different intensity, that we were going to rebound and defend, which is what Coach Stansbury always preaches anyway, but sometimes we get away from that. We also said we were going to share the ball more, and we shared the ball more I think.”

From C Jarvis Varnado, who sprained his right ankle:

• “A little sprain, that’s all, but it’s good to go.”

• On how he hurt it: “Dee (Bost) went and go the rebound, and somehow I got up in the air and it came down on Ro.”

And finally, a little something from Houston coach Tom Penders:

• On his team’s shooting woes: “We couldn’t hit the damn Mississippi River from the pier.”


8 Responses to “Hoops: MSU 82, Houston 65”

  1. gulfwaterdawg Says:

    Not to derail your blog Brad, but has anything been said about former U of Miami quarterback Marve visiting Starkville. I was in central Florida yesterday and it was mentioned that M State was on his consideration list.

  2. darkcooger Says:

    Welcome back, Brad. Good post. I like Houston’s coach’s comment. I’ve felt like that about our Dawgs a few times in the past. 😛

  3. carwwest Says:

    glad we won today….but gulf, i hear about the marve thing too but just from looking at stuff on the internet, i dont think he will come to starkvegas…but, who knows…

  4. imabulldog Says:

    I felt like todays game was a lot like many this years already. Very scrappy, fast-paced, physical game, and as usual pretty ugly at times.

    If it weren’t for UH’s terrible shooting, and our good 3 pt shooting, I feel we woulda been right there in another san diego situation again.

    We are definitely hurting in the rebound column- because we have no size down low with the exception of Swat.

    As far as Marve, I’m in no objection to him coming-why? It would give ty russell a year to learn the system, and the kid has talent both running and passing the ball. Could be a perfect fit for just a year, ya never know.

  5. imabulldog Says:

    Btw, read some of what the Gator fans had to say about us on one blog, pretty rude and condescending.

    Guess they have ‘amnesia’ from all the butt-whoopins they receive in the state of MS

  6. ericintupelo Says:

    Don’t know if anyone has seen it but McPhee signed with us yesterday. Now if we can hold on to Boyd and Cox and we redshirted Hardy last year our defensive line should be a good one in the years to come

  7. carwwest Says:

    pretty much everybody outside of state fans have condescending views towards us….marve would have to sit out a year and they would mean he would be a junior when he was eligible and IF we redshirted russell, he would be a redshirt freshman that year…i say the more the merrier though…but i dont know what the new coaches will do, but hardy was listed as an OL the whole time last year…people said he was too soft to play DT….one guy that no one is talking about that i think has the potential to turn into a good DE is trevor stigers….but we will have to wait and see how everything turns out in the spring…

  8. imabulldog Says:

    I finally feel that we have a coach who knows how to recognize, distribute, and utilize talent. So, maybe we’ll all be shocked next year when we see players who sat the bench last yr- playing a critical role this upcoming year. We’ll see…

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