Stansbury: Keeping the Confidence


MSU coach Rick Stansbury addressed us media folks this afternoon at Humphrey Coliseum. He expounded on many topics during our 22-minute chat, including his team’s mental state heading into Saturday’s SEC opener at Arkansas, which is 11-1 heading into tonight’s showdown with No. 7 Texas (8:00, ESPN2).

The last two games, both big wins over solid opponents, have inspired a bit of confidence in the Bulldogs. Maybe even, dare we say, a little swagger? Well, of freshman point guard Dee Bost, who had 18 points last night, Stansbury said, “I’m starting to see him get a little swagger out there.” That’s a good thing for a young team beset by injuries (to Brian Johnson and Jacquiese Holcombe in particular) and the benching of Kodi Augustus (for reasons unknown).

The key will be to carry that confidence into Bud Walton Arena, which I’m sure will be rockin’. Stansbury thought his team carried confidence from the Houston win into the Western Kentucky game.

“Our challenge will be with this young team is to block all (the surroundings) out, take that same confidence we’re playing with right now, and take it on the road,” the coach said.

Arkansas, of course, is riding pretty high as well. The Hogs own a win over then-No. 4 Oklahoma, and a win tonight would send them into the stratosphere. I’ll take a closer look at the Razorbacks later this week.

But back to the Bulldogs, who have played 10 of their 15 games at home, where they are 8-2. We’ll really see what they’re made of Saturday. And while this next quote is something Stansbury has said many times, it’s very true: “Everybody’s good at home. At home, you get the artificial motivation. On the road, you’ve got to do it from within. It’s a different mindset when you go on the road.”


6 Responses to “Stansbury: Keeping the Confidence”

  1. imabulldog Says:

    I hate Arkansas…in every sport I cant stand em’

  2. midnightdawg Says:

    Wow. Just got home from the Ark-Texas game. Michael Washington is a BEAST. Also went to that OU game where he dominated vs OU’s stud post guy. Swat is gonna need some help to stay out of foul trouble. Gonna be tough. If it wasn’t the SEC opener, I’d say it could be a trap game for AR.

    Ima- I hear you. They have the most crybaby, my team has never commited a foul fans I have ever witnessed.

  3. maxdawg Says:

    Arky should be confident now. Theÿ just beat Texas. It’s gonna take a miracle to win at Fayetteville.

  4. carwwest Says:

    yeah i dont see it happening but we’ll see…

  5. maxdawg Says:

    Just think what that would for our RPI#. Was 142.

  6. midnightdawg Says:

    U AR is the MSNBC of the SEC. Could’ve been watching Comedy Central. Packing.. moving to Texas… should be the first to seceed…

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