Augustus’ ex-Coach: ‘I Think It’s Really Unfair’


Bet you’re wondering what’s been up with Kodi Augustus lately. The sophomore forward (6-8, 220) has been riding the pine for five straight games, and all coach Rick Stansbury will tell us is that, “It’s a coach’s decision.” Well, Augustus’ old AAU coach, John Eurey, is wondering what’s up as well, and he’s none too happy with what’s gone down.

I caught up with Eurey this afternoon. The Houston Superstars coach, who speaks with Augustus at least once a week, said, “I don’t understand why he’s not playing. I don’t understand. … It’s some things he’s done, some things here and there that he’s done, but it’s not all his fault. He’s not to blame for all of it.”

As for the source of whatever beef there might be between Augustus and Stansbury, Eurey said it stems from Augustus refusing to check in late in a blowout win over Houston on Saturday. “One minute left to play, you want to go in with one minute left to play? You go figure it out,” Eurey said. Thing is, whatever sent Augustus to the bench occurred before the Houston game. It was after the Nicholls State win in Jackson on Dec. 22 that Stansbury first addressed the issue. “Coach’s decision,” he said at the time. “That’s about as easy as you can put it without going into any kind of detail. You’ve just got to make decisions sometimes to try to do things to help the team and to help improve players, too.”

Eurey said he knows Augustus, who’s averaging 7.3 points and 5.0 rebounds per game, would be well-served to have a better attitude, but he still comes down on his former pupil’s side. “I think Kodi probably could have a better attitude in terms of how he’s going about it. But the thing about it is, when you’re sitting so long and you know guys that are playing aren’t better than you, what kind of attitude are you going to have?”

Eurey is not high on the Bulldogs. “Mississippi State is not that good, period. They have terrible guards, and they have one big man that’s good (Jarvis Varnado). You’re going to tell me those other guys are better than Kodi Augustus? Trust me, they’re not. … I don’t want to do anything to hurt Kodi, but if he’s not playing, something’s wrong with the situation. I think it’s really unfair.”

Eurey advised Augustus during his recruiting process and thought Tennessee would have been a better fit. But he didn’t push his opinion on Augustus. “I ain’t saying it’s all Rick’s fault, because Kodi’s got some issues, too. But my issue is, you knew who Kodi was when you got him. You knew he was an offensive player. Certain players are going to be offensive-minded, certain kids are going to be defensive-minded. … Kodi is a scorer, but I don’t understand why he’s not playing.”

Eurey said Augustus is doing well academically and working to get back on the court. Eurey doesn’t know if Augustus plans to leave MSU after the season, but he has noticed the trend of players transferring out of Starkville (see: Gary Ervin, the Delk twins, Ben Hansbrough, et al.). “Something’s wrong,” he said.


38 Responses to “Augustus’ ex-Coach: ‘I Think It’s Really Unfair’”

  1. BirdZ! Says:

    MSU deifintely has problems with players transferring, but we get some transfers in here, too.

    Plus, I’m not sure how much stock to put into what an AAU coach says. I keep hearing that AAU is a major problem.

  2. carwwest Says:

    i dont know if it is “wrong” but there is def someting weird going on to have starters transfer out every year….and this is coming from a stansbury fan…

    im not going to claim to know anything about the situation but it seems kind of like it is an in-house suspension for something he did….i could be wrong though….unless something drastically changes, i think kodi will leave…but eurey might need to shut his mouth about some things….talking bad about div 1 schools publically might hurt when it comes to recruiting out his players…

  3. shuffle02 Says:

    I know I have a different perspective than Kodi, but I’m sitting on the bench in D1 basketball and the coach calls my name with a minute left; I don’t refuse. I get my butt off the bench and run, not walk, onto the court. If he doesn’t want to play the last minute in a game then he doesn’t need to play any minutes in a game.
    Maybe instead riding the pine he needs to not even be dressed out.

  4. imabulldog Says:

    I just think he doesnt put up with crap, personally…but all that have left are either Thugs or Big Babies…I side with Stanz

  5. midnightdawg Says:

    Agreed, seems strange all the transfers. Agreed, Stans is a great recruiter and so so gameday coach. Maybe Skip Bayless can get to the bottom of it. However, Gary Ervin transferring was a blessing. It’s the greatest practical joke MSU has ever and will ever pull on Arkansas

  6. topdog58 Says:

    You can’t argue with his assessment. We do have terrible guards. Phil Turner and Brick Stewart should be 20 minute players, not 35 minutes per game.

    Ravern Johnson should be the one to carry this team, and I’m glad to see that he’s been allowed to do that for the last couple of games. He couldn’t do anything in the first 8 games of the season when Stewart and Turner were throwing up 25-30 shots a game.

  7. dawgface52 Says:

    I don’t give a rats a$$ what this guy thinks. Not sure why he was even interviewed.

  8. carwwest Says:

    barry stewart is terrible…its one thing to be a good defender but if you arent getting the scoring out of the rest of the guards, you cant justify barry’s defense as what keeps him in the games….twany has looked very good and very bad…bost gets hot and cold…osby finally had a good game…turner is decent…kodi needs to play but i dont see it happening….the offense, in my opinion needs to be runned through mainly bost to jarvis or ravern….

  9. benzadawgfan Says:

    If I tried to put him into the game, and he refused, he would really have to show me something before he got another chance. I wouldn’t care if there were 2 seconds left, you don’t disrespect a coach like that in front of the whole team. Stans will have to break him, or he’ll risk losing the respect of the rest of the team.

  10. charleston11 Says:

    Sounds like this Eurey guy needs to get him a coaching job since he knows all about it!

  11. 2thdoc Says:

    Kodi can ride the pine as far as I’m concerned. Get your ego in check and realize you aren’t playing for Eurey or Itawamba Commnity College. You or your former coach aren’t going to dictate your playing time so you might as well get used to it with the attitude thing.

  12. mississippibulldawg Says:

    Great example to send to young players COACH. Jacksass. Kid needs an attitude adjustment PERIOD.

  13. Brad Locke Says:

    For the record, I interviewed this guy because I’m trying to get to the bottom of it. It’s called reporting, and I’m far from done looking into this.

  14. darkcooger Says:

    Excellent work, BL. We’re all curious what’s really going on. It’s great to see what you’ve come up with!

  15. maxdawg Says:

    Score Mullen

  16. maxdawg Says:

    I just hope TR can do half what Tebow can do.

  17. maxdawg Says:

    Under mullen that is.

  18. maxdawg Says:

    I hope Mullen had something to do with those calls.

  19. carwwest Says:

    BL, good interview but the things he said just make it bad for himself and kodi…

    mullen did one thing tonight that i noticed that makes me more excited about him just because of football 101….HE MADE ADJUSTMENTS!!!!!…he realized what was working and what wasnt and went off of that….this staff hasnt even coached a game and in my opinion, it has already been seen they have more knowledge of the game than the last staff ever had….

    by the way, the triple option will work big for us because we can use terrence davis or relf and that play can compensate for less athleticism…..i love it…

  20. Tom Says:

    Augustus’ ex-coach thinks “its unfair”… so what. Coach Eurey says more about himself than he does about Stans and the guards. Based on our last 2 games against some pretty good teams, our guard play has been pretty darn good; mainly because they’ve shared the ball a bit more and taken fewer and better shots.

    I don’t know if Eurey’s comments are of any value whatsoever. A guy’s high school or AAU coach can hardly be expected to be unsympathetic toward “his boy.” Difference here is that most of them would have kept their thoughts to themselves.

    Agree with the commenter who said that this interview isn’t going to help the team. Its a one-sided subjective crying game.

  21. Tom Says:

    And one more thing, Augustus is not better than all of “those guys.” If his attitude sucks, he needs to sit. As a coach myself, I don’t care how good a guy is, if his attitude stinks (not saying that’s the case with Kodi because I don’t know, although Eurey says its true), he’s not going to play until he learns to play right.

  22. Tom Says:

    Brad, recommend you leave it alone. We really don’t care why he is sitting. Stans has his reasons for sitting Kodi. “Coaches decision” is good enough for me. You haven’t heard Stans talk bad about Kodi. Eurey is the only one who has done that.

    “For the record, I interviewed this guy because I’m trying to get to the bottom of it. It’s called reporting, and I’m far from done looking into this.”

    Dude, let it go. I think we all get the picture here.

    By the way, anybody check out Reggie Delks minutes and stats at Louisville? Take a visit to Louisvilles website. Reggie should have stayed at MSU. He’d be playing more minutes.

  23. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Brad, the reason why Kodi isn’t playing is simple: The only, only time he exerts the necessary effort on the court is when the ball is in his hands. Every once in a while, he might exert some effort to position himself to get the basketball, but that’s the extent of it. He doesn’t play D and he doesn’t rebound. So, his 7 points a game is worthless compared to the number he allows the other team to get by not working hard in the other areas.
    Ro Osby will play the 4 whenever we go big again. I expect it to happen at some point. Ro is getting better every game.
    Phil is starting right now, and is actually playing pretty well, because he is a great defender and gives you everything he’s got. That cannot be overestimated.

  24. maroonseedymon Says:

    Look…no doubt that Augustus needs an altitude adjustment, but it does appear that Stansbury picks out a player every year to use as an ‘example’ to the rest of the team…just review the past few years…i love the dawgs and think Rick is a great recruiter, but a lousy game coach…and apparently not much of a team developer either…i think he owes the fans an explanation of what is going on…

  25. dawgface52 Says:

    “It’s called reporting, and I’m far from done looking into this.”

    Your article admits Eurey has no love for MSU, He even advised Kodi to go to TN. So his opinion is biased against MSU and has no value for most of us.

    Your stories have been pretty good up to this point, but this article is no more than tabloid reporting as far as I’m concerned.

  26. Brad Locke Says:

    Can’t just report one side of the story, friends. Would love to get Rick’s take, but he ain’t talking.

  27. imabulldog Says:

    We all need to chill…At best, Stanz may be protecting the kids ‘character’- by not releasing information that would might even have us not wanting him on the court.

    Who knows…whatever…move on-everybody.

  28. jackobee Says:

    This is just bad journalism. A story like this should not be put forth by any Newspaper – whether as a blog entry or as a news story. It is irresponsible to post the rants of one AAU coach.

    Coach Stansbury, as does any responsible coach, has every right to bench a player with a bad attitude before he infects the entire team.

  29. ericintupelo Says:

    Alright I was listening on the radio call in show on my way to Booneville to watch the National Championship last night and Kodi’s own father called in and said “I don’t blame Stansbury. Stansbury told me my son is better than Mario Austin but he’s lazy. He doesn’t play defense and all he cares about is offense. It’s my own son’s fault.” I still think he might transfer but with his attitude it won’t matter much

  30. imabulldog Says:

    …and there we have it

  31. jackobee Says:

    “Can’t just report one side of the story, friends. Would love to get Rick’s take, but he ain’t talking.” Brad Locke

    So in essence, Brad, you are reporting one side of the story because Rick isn’t talking.

    Do you think Bobby Knight, Coach K, or John Wooten would have played a player with a bad attitude, who refused to play defense and refused to go into a game when told to?

  32. darkcooger Says:

    What’s bad journalism about it, jackobee? The post wasn’t an assault on MSU, though what the interviewee said might have been, and the fact that Brad included details that show Eurey’s bias indicates that he’s trying to put as much information as possible in front of us. That’s *good* journalism, rather than the garbage we typically get from the media who just give us the side of the story they want us to hear.

    As for suggesting that Brad is only reporting one side of the story, whose fault is that? It’s not like he hasn’t asked Stansbury about it. He can’t force the man to talk, so he has to report what he’s got at the moment as fully as he can. And I, for one, think he’s doing a fine job. Even though I think Eurey comes across as an idiot in the interview (“One minute left to play, you want to go in with one minute left to play? You go figure it out.”), I appreciate getting the information. I mean, ignoring Eurey’s bias, I picked up on something *I* didn’t know before (not being able to attend games and honestly not knowing enough about the players to keep up anyway): Augustus has a bad attitude.

    Brad, keep up the good work. Some of us, at least, appreciate it.

  33. Brad Locke Says:

    Thanks, cooger. I had no idea what Eurey would tell me, or if he would even talk. And I didn’t catch that radio interview, eric. Thanks for that update. Eurey said he was going to try to get Kodi’s parents to call me, so we’ll see.

  34. benzadawgfan Says:

    Thanks Brad. Please continue to give us all the info you can. Most of us have the ability to read one person’s point of view and decide for ourselves what part of it, if any is credible. You report…..We decide…….kinda catchy somebody aughta use that.

  35. leeearl Says:

    BL, any updates I can get on basketball is great, whether good or bad, i rely on this blog to get my information since I don’t live in MS anymore…

    Those who think Rick is a bad coach, well, you’re an ….never mind, I won’t go there…

    Go Dogs!!!

  36. bantyrooster1 Says:

    AAU coaches? Uggggggggggh! Leeches for the most part. Kudos to the coach for putting this kid on the bench until his attitude changes.

  37. balleristic Says:

    Great article…interesting comments…although I have to say that I am anxiously waiting on hearing Stansbury’s reasons for not playing kodi for the 2nd season straight. And about that comment of his dad calling the radio show~~~C’MON!! Anybody could have proclaimed to be Kodi’s father…do u really think his father would call the radio station and talk bad about his own son?? That reflects him as well. His refusal to enter the game with 1 minute left……We are on the outside looking in. This case is very curious to me. But until Stansbury speaks out, give the fans a reasonable explanation and says Kodi has a bad attitude then we can’t put that on this player. In my opinion…msstate is not the right fit for Kodi.

  38. gismo63 Says:

    this is in response to Ericintupleo, I never made any call to any radio station in Booneville or any other radio stations. I live in Louisiana and I never heard of Booneville. I am Kodi’s father and I was very upset that someone would call the radio station saying such things about my son. That is not true and Stansbury has not told me that my son’s attitude is the reason he is not playing.

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