Football, Hoops: All About Florida


Today is the Big Day. At 7 p.m. on Fox (ugh), the BCS National Championship game will go off. No. 1 Oklahoma, No. 2 Florida. It’s the final game for Dan Mullen as a Gator, and then he can turn his attention full-time to his job at Mississippi State. So I wrote in today’s Journal.

Mullen said in my story that he thinks it could be a defensive battle – by that, I’m assuming he means both teams will keep it under 40 points. Hmmm. As for his Florida offense, here is a good story on what makes it go.

Just how big is this game? Well, one Florida congressman is requesting a “football break” so he and other politicians can attend. Hey, if the guy working at the gas station can’t get off work tonight, neither should you.

I’ll have a prediction thread on this game later today.

Speaking of Florida, the MSU women’s basketball team opens SEC play in Gainesville today. Tipoff was moved up to 4 p.m. so as to accommodate fans wanting to watch the BCS game in the O’Connel Center on giant video screens. That’ll mean lots of fans watching the hoops. Coach Sharon Fanning said that a sharp focus will be the key for the Lady Bulldogs (12-2). Florida (14-1) is ranked No. 18 in the country.

One more note: Provided we have enough space for it, I have a big feature on Jarvis Varnado set to run in Friday’s Journal. Reall big feature. Might have to jump it to another section. Speaking of, I better get to finishing it.


One Response to “Football, Hoops: All About Florida”

  1. imabulldog Says:

    All i got to say is the ‘man’ is back- #1, Percy Harvin

    Go Gators

    I say…
    Gators 48
    Soontobelosers 28

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