Hoops: MSU 70, Arkansas 56


Quite an impressive win for Mississippi State – at Bud Walton Arena, in front of nearly 19,000 fans. And it was orchestrated beautifully by freshman point guard Dee Bost, who had 17 points and five assists. Bost has scored 35 points over his last two games and seems to be getting very comfortable with this small lineup; and he played pretty tough defense, too, holding Courtney Fortson to five points, 10 below his season average.

Barry Stewart had 17 points as well, and Jarvis Varnado had 16 for State.

Anyway, some quotes from tonight’s postgame, starting with MSU coach Rick Stansbury:

• On his young team: “I’ve brought a lot more experienced teams up here than this team, a lot bigger teams. But I don’t think I’ve ever brought a team up in here that played in this building and kept their composure for 40 minutes like this team did.”

• On Bost: “He stepped up and played huge second half. His grittiness and toughness showed, and it’s got to show on the road.”

• More on Bost: “I thought he did a great job keeping Fortson out of the lane all night long. I think he’s as good as there is in this league getting into the lane.”

• On Kodi Augustus getting some playing time: “There’s no reason I put a guy in the game. Everybody gets in the game if I want to put them in the game. He got into the game. There’s no reason why.”

Now, from Bost:

• On playing in this environment: “As a freshman, it was tough, but I fed off the crowd.”

• On the team’s shooting: “We penetrated and created for each other; everybody created for each other. I believe that Stew, Ray (Ravern Johnson) and Phil Turner stepped up and hit some big shots, and Jarvis, he got wide open and hit some good shots.”

Now, from Stewart:

• On Fortson vs. Bost: “(Fortson’s) a good guard, and to be a freshman he’s really good. So I give credit to my point guard, Dee Bost, he kept him contained for most of the game.”

• On Bost: “I think by far it’s the best defensively he’s played.”


18 Responses to “Hoops: MSU 70, Arkansas 56”

  1. imabulldog Says:

    Well i said we’d have to shoot %40 from downtown to win- and we did.

    How bout’ them Dawgs!!!

    I hope John Pelfrey(spelling) is so sick he can’t even sleep tonight.

    One huge step-towards atleast winning the west

  2. imabulldog Says:

    I think its really funny how ESPN rides Arky’s jock after their 11-1 start and a couple of big wins, but WE beat em’ and they just decide to ignore us.

    Not even in the top 5 stories for College Basketball.

    Im not being a homer, just think its real funny how one minute ESPN can’t stop kissing their butt, the announcers are yelling out “Pig-Souie”, etc., and now nothing.

    By far the biggest game in the SEC this weekend- that goes unnoticed

  3. buzzardroostus Says:

    We should have beaten them by 30 points. They played horrible the whole night. And our dawgs played well all night. The only reason it was close most of the game is because we can’t make free throws and the refs were letting them get away with murder while we getting called for breathing on people. Finally, the tide began to turn about 5 or 6 minutes into the 2nd half and we took advantage of it. I’m glad we didn’t have Jamont Gordon running around hogging the ball all night. We really looked like a team for the first time since we handed it to Ole Miss last year.

  4. buzzardroostus Says:

    So true ima. Typical for us. We’ll just have win the national championship before we ever get any respect.

  5. imabulldog Says:

    Yeah really

  6. carwwest Says:

    HUGE win…and i dont mean cause they beat top ten teams…..i mean because we have young players that now SHOULD know that they can compete with conference play and realize they arent on the short end….i hope it gives them confidence to where they can play within themselves week in and week out….

  7. imabulldog Says:

    Good point Car, they have to realize what they are capable of.

  8. judwe Says:

    simma down na …

    This coin has two sides.

    Side A – This Arkansas team had won ten straight and two in a week against top 10 teams.

    Side B – This YOUNG Arkansas team had won ten straight and two in a week against top 10 teams and had it’s heads blown up like the good year blimp fleet.

    I think it’s REAL easy to make this win bigger than it actually is. It is ONE regular season conference win. A road win at the Bud granted, but we of all people should know about not be setting ourselves up for the swift kick in the rear.

  9. thespear Says:

    I understand ur point judwe; but as u say this coin has two sides, one of them being if this arky team has a big year then this win could be on our bubble resume. No ones settin themselves up. For the last three games I have seen a very capable n athletic team realize they can play. Props to stans, hope they can keep up the strong n complete play

  10. judwe Says:

    “… but I fed off the crowd.” – Dee Bost

    Think about a few years down the road with three senior point guards in the SEC West by the names of Bost, Fortson and Warren (should Warren recover). This is going to be TENSE !

  11. maxdawg Says:

    Yeah maybe Vanardo can average 25 pts. 8 blocks a game.

  12. imabulldog Says:

    No one needs to simma, so stop saying simma…

    I was referring to ESPN-bias that disappears conveniently for them.

    As far as the win, it was huge, especially for our young team, and sorry if a lot has been made of the win-but Arky just beat 2 top ten teams, teams that will find their way back into the top 15.

    I agree-we can’t go nuts just yet, but for our situation, and the start of the 2nd season to kick off this way, has to do tons for our ‘young’ team

  13. leeearl Says:

    I’m not going nuts, but this is indeed a big win, I believe this is either the 3rd or 4th time that we’ve ever won at Bud Walton, if Arky gets back on track, this could be a signature win for us if we are fortunate enough to be in the running for the NCAA….

    It’s also huge win in regards to proving our young team were able to win win on the road which is also another aspect of obtaining a good resume for an NCAA bid…

    The more confidence Bost and Ravern get the more we’ll win games… If he can keep this intensity on both sides of the ball as the Arky game we’re in for a good season and future….be nice to have another Bowers/Zimmerman punch…

  14. imabulldog Says:

    thank you Leearl

  15. judwe Says:

    Any discussion including the abbreviation NCAA is very premature at this point. Also, I hope we don’t have the “respect” card pulled out at any juncture this season. We made the hole we have to scratch out of it.

  16. judwe Says:

    Any discussion including the abbreviation NCAA is very premature at this point. Also, I hope we don’t have the “respect” card pulled out at any juncture this season. We made the hole we have to scratch out of it.

  17. leeearl Says:

    I agree mentioning NCAA might be premature, but why not?! Why can’t we defend the West for the third time in a row?

    We just beat a team on the rode who beat two top ten teams, we beat the crap out of WKY who beat Louisville….oh and did I mention we return the leading shot-blocker in the nation who also currently leads the nation again?

    Hehe, I know, maybe I’m a moron, but I’ve seen something special in Dee Bost this season even as a freshman that I haven’t seen in years at point guard for MSU….. yeah he’s no Monta Ellis, but he takes care of the ball, knows how to drive down the lane and dish out without being out of control, can hit the three and play ‘D’…..I like our chances if he keeps this up….

  18. darkcooger Says:

    I’m just so thrilled that we’re done losing at football for another year that any reasonably decent performance from the basketball team would be sufficient to keep me happy. A big win against a hot Arkansas team at Bud Walton Arena makes me downright ecstatic.

    Anyone who says this isn’t a big win: It was 14 points. That’s big. It was a road game. That’s big. It overcame the opposing team’s momentum. That’s big. It was the SEC opener. That’s big. Everything about the game practically screams, “BIG!” A loss would have just been a loss, but the win is huge. Maybe it’ll be like a syringe filled with pure confidence in these kids’ arms.

    I hope this is a sign of things to come from our Dawgs. They certainly have the talent to bring us the West again, and I see no reason not to hope for it. Personally, I’m hoping to win the tournament as well, and maybe even see a spot in the Final Four. Unrealistic? Probably, but I don’t doubt the team’s ability to make it happen. It’s more a question of following through on that potential.

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