SEC Opener: MSU at Arkansas


Live from a packed Bud Walton Arena. Well, almost packed, but I’m sure those few empties will soon be filled. And for the first time in my life, I get to hear Arkansas’ “Pig Sooie!” cheer in person. Yay.

Anyway, you can follow updates here or on Twitter, and discuss amongst yourselves. Game’s on Fox Sports South.


26 Responses to “SEC Opener: MSU at Arkansas”

  1. Brad Locke Says:

    At 11:39 of the 1st half, MSU leads 14-11. The Bulldogs raced out to a 10-2 lead and appear to have retained the shooting touch they found the last couple games.

  2. Brad Locke Says:

    At 6:46/1st half, Arkansas has taken its first lead since 2-0. It’s now 26-23 Hogs.

  3. Brad Locke Says:

    MSU back in front, 30-28, with 3:32 left in the half.

  4. Brad Locke Says:

    Halftime: MSU 34, Arkansas 32. And guess who played the final 3:32 of the half? Kodi Augustus. He missed two FTs and a 3-pointer.

  5. warbirdz44 Says:

    We have a Kodi Augustus sighting.

  6. Brad Locke Says:

    At 14:57/2nd half, Arkansas is on top, 41-40.

  7. Brad Locke Says:

    Dee Bost nails a couple of 3-pointers, and an 11-0 run has MSU up 48-41 at 13:34/2nd half.

  8. Brad Locke Says:

    MSU holding steady, up 64-53 with 4:31 left.

  9. judwe Says:

    A W E S O M E !!!!

    Bost is like a rolls Royce compared to what we are used to at point.

    Heck, He’s a Bugati

  10. Brad Locke Says:

    That’s it: MSU 70, Arkansas 56. Very nice win.

  11. dawgface52 Says:

    Great win! Didn’t expect this. 🙂

  12. benzadawgfan Says:

    A road win in game one? I would not believed it if I hadn’t seen it. I hope we turn it on in sec play like we did last year. GO DAWGS!!!!!

  13. thespear Says:

    wow great game…. Stans did a good job rotating from the 4 guard to a more standard offense and back to the 4 guard. I think Stans jus silenced the critics, at least for a day or two!!!! Great all around play fueled by inside presence from JV and a great shooting effort. Our bench also gave us nice minutes, especially Bailey. This could prove to be a signature win if we are to make a case for the tourney…. Hope this team rolls through the SEC

  14. judwe Says:

    We have a LONG climb for a chance at Tourney play. But beating Arkansas AT the Bud is a good start. Our young team better not let this go to the head. Arkansas sure let their success do that.

  15. 2thdoc Says:

    Nice win. Dee Bost is in control as a freshman.

  16. warbirdz44 Says:

    Great win! Now we can’t bank on teams going 3-22 from deep against us every night but I’ll still take the victory!

  17. coachsmith Says:

    For all the people who want coach fired, this game is for you. MSU has more road wins then any team in the west for the past 10 years. Stans is a great coach and we are lucky to have him. The grass is not always greener with a new coach.Lets support our dawgs and our coach.

  18. judwe Says:

    File this in the “Oh by the way” category. Just looked, Reginald Delk is BURIED on the bench at Louisville.

    Averaging 2pts per game and only 6.9 minutes of game time.

  19. judwe Says:

    Stansbury did well holding Arkansas to 3 – 22 from behind the arc but he has an abysmal record in big games/ vs. ranked teams. The big thing working against him (and this could be a great motivator for him to FINALLY hire a x&o’s bench assistant) is that he is not Greg Byrne’s man. He’s LT’s guy. The shadow of the ninja looms.

  20. dawgface52 Says:

    “The shadow of the ninja looms.”

    Byrne is not out to clean house just for the sake of doing so. Stans has been here for a long time and has a good overall record. It will take a couple of bad bad years for him to be canned by Byrne.

  21. judwe Says:

    probably right. However “good” is the enemy of great. Don’t get me wrong Stans has been very good for MSU and I like him, I like his family. 13 years ago this program reached the NCAA Final Four. After falling to Syracuse I think myself and a lot of other fans took concilation in a feeling that the program would soon return to that level, that a standard had been set. Remember there was about a ten year period of building up to that moment. Now it seems we are in a three year cycle that ends with gut wrenching “here we go again”… and the pattern includes us matching talent but deficient on the bench, and by that I mean coaching, game coaching.

    I’m going to try to rest my case now but my enjoyment of this win is tempered by the knowledge of the predictable end. For the record, I’m not a skeptic, I’m a Mississippi State fan.

  22. judwe Says:

    Please prove me wrong Rick !!!

  23. midnightdawg Says:

    What a great game! Road wins in the SEC are hard to come by. As if any of you need me to tell you that, but it’s a big win. As Stans would and probably is saying, it only counts as one. Long road ahead. The only discouraging thing I take from this game is that we had little offense outside of the kick out jumpshot/3. If Kodi can get his act together, he would be a huge addition offensivley. We need someone who can score, create their own shot. Judwe mentioned ’96. This team won’t reach that level, but Dontae’ Jones was that guy. Kodi can be.

  24. warbirdz44 Says:

    coachsmith, get back to me when we can get through just one season without a postseason collapse, be it in the SECT or NCAAT.

  25. ericintupelo Says:

    You have to take into fact that dontae jones left early for the draft Bender, Harrington, Ellis all went straight to the NBA. Now hopefully we can start to keep the boys in state since the NBA has the rule about early entries. Great win for State

  26. Tom Says:

    Warbirdz, would you call last year a post season collapse? We played Memphis, a much better team than us, to a very close game. They deserved to win that game and deserved their trip to the finals.

    Have we under achieved at times? Yes. But, in hindsight, teams like Butler have proven themselves to be pretty tough opponents.

    This team has potential to be our best team since ’96. We’ve got a point guard, some shooting guards/forwards and a pretty good big man.

    Not saying that we are going to win the West or anything, but this road win is going to be a HUGE CONFIDENCE BUILDER and a potential season chaning win.

    Wednesday night at the Hump against Bama will tell us much about this team.

    Bama leads LSU by 6 at the half. If they go on to win, then on Wednesday we will — once again — be playing Bama for sole possession of 1st place in the West.

    Thanks Stans for another exciting Team and another entertaining year of Hoops.

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