Today’s Opinion Offering, Etc.


Running late today. So what else is new? Well, I have a new column in today’s Daily Journal, about the MSU basketball team. The Bulldogs (11-5, 1-0 SEC) host Alabama (11-4, 1-0) on Wednesday.

In lieu of a game advance, I will take a closer look at MSU freshman point guard Dee Bost, who hasn’t always been a point guard. Look for it in tomorrow’s paper.

That’s all I’ve got for now.


17 Responses to “Today’s Opinion Offering, Etc.”

  1. maroon1white Says:

    I don’t know if any of you were in Olive Branch last night for the meet & greet with Mullen, I was and wow was it great!

    We had over 800 people there! Dan is a great speaker, you feel his passion to be a winner. I really thought it was interesting how he said there is going to be a silent auction for honorary HC’s for the spring game. Complete with a draft of the players the night before the game.

    He said when he talked to the team this past friday that he asked them why they came to State & what they wanted to achieve athletically at State. He said the players said they wanted to get to ATL & win a conference championship. He said he told them obviously they didn’t want to, otherwise they would have worked & sacrificed more to acheive that goal. Then he said he told them that he was going put them through the type of work & sacrifices needed to achieve that goal. He said the players really responded to that & got a renewed fire in their eyes. I’ve talked to KJ Wright about this and he said the guys are ready for the challenge that Mullen’s got them already thinking a winner’s attitude. He didn’t talk about recruiting much other than what we’ve already heard that he’s going to be in every high school in the state. Oh, he did say he wants at least 40,000 people in attendance for the spring game. 🙂
    I can’t wait for April 18th!

    Go State!

  2. bigdraws Says:

    I’ll be there. May be the first time that the spring game outdraws the baseball game. We’ll need about 13k to do that probably.

  3. darkcooger Says:

    Oh man, I’m excited about Coach Dan! Every time I hear (read) something new about him, it’s the same feeling that we just landed the biggest score we could have hoped for. Go Dawgs!

  4. imabulldog Says:


    BTW, did a little research on Clarion Liar’s Top 40…

    # committed to State- 11
    # with State @ top of list- 5

    I know that how they list their preferences aren’t always where they go, but hey, when you consider the list and see who’s going outta state and the ones Ole Miss and Southern got, not to forget that we have 4 of the 12 dandy dozens… I’m pretty happy with that so far.

  5. imabulldog Says:


    # committed to UM- 4
    # top of list- 2

    # Committed to USM-9

    *Look At USM-Golden Buzzards starting to give out Escalades?!?

  6. maroon1white Says:

    Did anybody read the article last week from the USM people saying now that State & OM are getting new presidents, that maybe they’ll change their mind and not be scared to play USM? And, yeah the writer used the word “scared”. I got a chuckle out of it.

  7. bigdraws Says:

    You got a link?

  8. bigdraws Says:

    Also, has any of yall ever been to Dudy Gras. I was thinking of checking it out this year and was wondering if it was worth the trip from Tupelo.

  9. carwwest Says:

    i was there last night maroon1….i loved it!!…got a picture with dan the man, and talked to him for just a little bit…he is very cordial and is a GREAT speaker….you could tell he was a little nervous sometimes but it was an “excited about his job” nervous….he spoke very well and interacted very well with everyone….i was very impressed….you could tell how happy he was to be at state and excited he is about our football team and that really radiates among the fans….good stuff!!!

  10. maroon1white Says:

    draws, let I think I can find the link. Wait for it…

  11. maroon1white Says:

    carw, yeah he made a big impression on the crowd. I too saw his nervous anticipation but it comes with the territory. I especially liked how he said he doesn’t look at our schedule and plan to lose, or try not lose any game. Like he said if you do everything your supposed to and get better everyday then the rest (i.e. wins, championships) will work themselves out. Really good stuff, that crowd was HUGE! 😀

  12. maroon1white Says:

    draws, wait for it no more. 🙂

  13. bigdraws Says:

    Sounds like a case of penis envy to me. Those guys have been jealous of msu and om for years. Just because we are in the sec and when good can actually get a sniff at a good bowl game. Thanks for the link m1w.

  14. imabulldog Says:

    no wonder- he’s from down there. what does it it benefit us to play them. its only win-win for them.

  15. benzadawgfan Says:

    Anyone.Anywhere.Anytime. Translation: we don’t have any money or a fan base, so sure we’ll play you at your place. Of course we aren’t without our principles….. we’re gonna need 100k. I heard they are paying Fedora 350k….. so 1 or 2 years with a winning record, he’ll be gone.

  16. maroon1white Says:

    no prob, Draws. Like I said I got a chuckle out of it thought you guys would too.

  17. imabulldog Says:

    thats funny Benza, true and funny

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