Dampier on Varnado


As I’ve already mentioned, we had a story in today’s Journal about ex-Bulldog Erick Dampier, who’s now with the Dallas Mavericks. Brandon Speck, who wrote the story, also asked Dampier about current Bulldog Jarvis Varnado, who broke Dampier’s school record for career blocks. Here’s what Brandon wrote:

Big-time Mississippi State shot swatter Jarvis Varnado has already broken Erick Dampier’s blocked shots record. The junior has amassed more than 300 to top Dampier’s previous record of 249.

Dampier though, isn’t too worried about it, not with that Final Four appearance still stamped on his resume.

“I haven’t really watched, but I heard he’s an excellent shot blocker,” Dampier said of Varnado.

“I’m not even worried about those (records),” he laughed. “Once he gets past the Final Four, then we’ll talk. That’s the only record he has to get past at this point.”

Dampier is still Mississippi State’s all-time leader with 125 offensive rebounds in 1995-96 and 318 in his three-year career.


11 Responses to “Dampier on Varnado”

  1. imabulldog Says:

    Dampier was a good one. My sister lives in Dallas and says they love him out there, and that the media seems to as well

  2. warbirdz44 Says:

    Forget the Final 4. I’ll just be happy to see MSU make the Sweet 16 for once in my life. (I was 6 last time we made it so I don’t remember that one)

  3. benzadawgfan Says:

    Don’t worry war, we’ll get there. A Bosox fan aughta be able to appreciate a drought. I believe we have had 3 – 8 or 9 seeds since’96, that makes it tough to get there.

  4. buzzardroostus Says:

    Dampier is right on. Stats mean nothing without results. And I think Varnado realizes that. This team isn’t getting the big head just because they beat the pigs in their own pin.

  5. imabulldog Says:

    Benza…Im the one thats overdue, as a State fan and a Cub fan 🙂

  6. imabulldog Says:

    Do we know if Wesley Carroll has decided for forego his Junior and Sr yr for the NFL…just playin

  7. imabulldog Says:

    Does ESPN have to show every freakin Duke game. Gyaaaaaleeee!

    Who cares, except about 17,000 white people in NC

  8. benzadawgfan Says:

    Ima, I have the exact same affliction, Love my Dawgs, and love my Cubbies. We must be kindred spirits…… Gotta be a true fan to stick with ’em for 20+ years!

  9. imabulldog Says:

    thats the truth!!!

  10. gogawgs09 Says:

    i heard that fellas, i love me some bulldogs and cubbies. i fill the pain

  11. warbirdz44 Says:

    Yeah, we have had several 8 and 9 seeds but we have also been 2-5 seeds quite a few times as well. I’m still bitter about the loss to Xavier when we were a 2 seed, and the loss to Vandy in the SECT that year that kept us from being a 1 seed.

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