He’s the Bost; & Much, Much More


Man, I don’t know if this single blog entry can contain everything I’m throwing into it. But we’ll give it a go.

Mississippi State (11-5, 1-0 SEC) hosts Western Division foe Alabama (11-4, 1-0) at 7 p.m. today. In today’s Journal, I took a closer look at MSU freshman point guard Dee Bost, who has come on strong of late offensively (defensively, too). Bost has gotten comfortable enough in his new role – he never played the point before coming to Starkville – that he’s become the kind of scoring threat he was at Concord (N.C.) High School and Hargrave Military Academy. But that’s not his main concern during a game. No, it’s what coach Rick Stansbury is yelling at him every day in practice. “He’s yelling it out, ‘Stay down in your stance.’ That’s all I’m thinking of during the game,” Bost said.

Bost and MSU played a good defensive game against Arkansas on Saturday, a 70-56 win. For the season, State is allowing 64.1 points per game; Alabama is yielding 63.6. Should be a good game, but there is a major concern for the Crimson Tide – guard Ronald Steele (heel) is listed as doubtful.

Sticking with MSU hoops for a moment, my boy Brandon Speck of the Monroe County Journal caught up with former Bulldog Erick Dampier. Good stuff on the Dallas Maverick.

Did you see what Kentucky’s Jodie Meeks did last night? I wish I had. Dang, 54 points. MSU visits Lexington on Feb. 3.

To the football field. Oklahoma has swooped in with a late offer for Tupelo WR/KR Chad Bumphis, according to a Scout.com story. Bumphis said he might take a visit to Norman on Jan. 23. He visited Alabama this past weekend and has scheduled a Starkville stop this weekend.

To the volleyball court. State has hired a new volleyball coach, Jenny Hazelwood, a former MSU player.


13 Responses to “He’s the Bost; & Much, Much More”

  1. markillas44 Says:

    I was at the Bulldog Club event in Nashville last night to hear Coach Mullen speak & I was very impressed with his approach and attitude about winning and the future of our program. They had to move the event from a reserved room to the lobby due to large turnout. Jenny Hazelwood was in attendance – Byrne announced her hiring before Coach Mullen spoke.

  2. imabulldog Says:

    I hope to go as well when he comes to the Mempis area.

    * This may sound BAD, but I compare to Bost to Gary Ervin to an extent.
    The Differences are clear:
    (1) he actually finishes his great drives to the goal
    (2) he actually makes good passes
    (3) he actually protects the ball
    (4) he doesnt give cheap shots to the “Man Parts”
    (5) he is not selfish
    (6) he is leaps and bounds ahead of where Ervin was at-at this point in his career

    *So you know, when we first saw Ervin and we were like man this guy has potential, he can drive, shoot, pass- but then he became a “trainwreck” waiting to happen, and it happened over and over again

  3. imabulldog Says:

    So, in other words Bost is actually the real deal, and a team player.

  4. maroon1white Says:

    I guess the game tonight isn’t televised?

  5. Brad Locke Says:

    No TV. Thought it was, but it’s not.

  6. maroon1white Says:

    I guess I can go low-tech (radio).

  7. Brad Locke Says:

    Quite often, radio is better.

  8. benzadawgfan Says:

    Ervin always looked like he was almost out of control…..Bost seems to be a cool customer. I did have an Ervin flashback when he pulled up from about 25′ …… but it went in.

  9. maroon1white Says:

    I never could understand why Ervin would drive directly under the basket knowing it wasn’t open to only have to go down the baseline and start the play all over again all the while wasting time off the shot clock.

  10. rwriffe Says:

    That’s because Ervin was an idiot. Just a New York Thug wanna be.

  11. rwriffe Says:

    He really thought he hurt us by transferring. To be honest that was the biggest slap down Stans could have done to Arky. Ervin wasn’t that good and surely wasn’t as good as he thought he was.

  12. imabulldog Says:

    i hate him and arky

  13. rwriffe Says:

    heard that

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