Big Ol’ Blog Bag, Featuring Greg Byrne



Had a bunch of excellent questions this week. I saw where one or two were answered on the Blog Bag thread, so I’ll leave those alone. A couple of the questions required me speaking with AD Greg Byrne, so I did. And since he kindly gave me some good stuff, I’ll lead with that.

One of you asked about the new logo and when MSU apparel featuring said logo would be available for purchase. I’ve been told there are already some T-shirts and caps and such out there, and more is coming soon. How soon? Well, someone in licensing was supposed to call me today with details, but they never did. But I’ve gathered that such apparel should be widely available in the next 2-3 months, in plenty of time for football season.

Then I asked Byrne a little more about the significance of the logo change. Why now? “From time to time, logos are updated, and the university felt it was was appropriate time to do so,” he said. “We are obviously looking forward to using the new marks and hope they be a consistent mark for us for a long time.”

Fair enough. But it seems significant that this updated look comes on the heels of a big year of change in Starkville – Byrne taking his current post, new coaches John Cohen (baseball) and Dan Mullen (football), and a new president, Mark Keenum. Does the logo change signify the new era at MSU, Greg?

“I don’t think the mark was intended for that, but I certainly could see the timing going along with that pretty conveniently,” he said. “We certainly are doing everything we can to continue to grow and make Mississippi State athletics be as strong as possible, and how you’re identified is certainly a part of that.”

Something else that’s changed is the MSU football helmet, which will again be maroon. “Maroon is our brand, and you look back at the history of football helmets we’ve had, the most consistent color we’ve had is maroon. Hopefully, we’ll stick with maroon for a long time,” Byrne said.

And by the way, as you probably know, State has reached a five-year deal with adidas to outfit its sports teams. OK, now to the rest of your questions, with a little more Byrne sprinkled in.

Q: Could you predict the SEC West, and why you feel the No. 1 team will be No. 1?
A: After MSU’s win over Alabama, the preseason favorite, it’s tempting to go with the Bulldogs. But it’s still early, and this division is wide open. Honestly, I can’t make any sort of prediction. I could make a guess, but that’s all it’d be. I will say that I think State, Bama and Arkansas – if they can get it back together – could be the top three in some kind of order.

Q: How do the MSU coaches’ offices for the three big sports compare?
A: I’ve only been in Cohen’s and Rick Stansbury’s offices, once apiece. Both are spacious, as you’d expect, and have a polished wooden desk, very comfortable chairs, and a big ol’ TV. But I’ll be honest, I didn’t soak in much detail during my brief visits, as I was conducting interviews.

Q: What is the best site to subscribe to:, Gene’s Page, or another?
A: I have a subscription to Gene’s Page, but not to BulldawgJunction (I probably ought to). I can’t really answer your question, but I do know that Michael Wardlaw is good at what he does for BDJ. If all you want recruiting updates, then go the Scout route (Gene’s Page).

Q: Who is your pick for most outstanding freshman on the basketball team so far, and who has the chance to be the best long-term?
A: I’d say easily Dee Bost, the point guard. He’s the lone freshman starter, and he’s getting better each game. Long-term, though, I think Romero Osby could be the best of the bunch.

Q: Who holds the most points in a single game for an MSU player?
A: Bailey Howell scored 47 against Union on Dec. 4, 1958. MSU won, 121-78.

Q: I was wondering about WR Brandon McRae, RB Robert Elliott and LB Jamar Chaney. How are they healing, and did Chaney get his medical redshirt?
A: Couldn’t get a status update on those guys’ health – I’ll keep trying – but as for Chaney’s medical redshirt, MSU compliance guru Bracky Brett said it’s just a matter of putting together some medical documentation and turning it in. The OK should come very soon. “There shouldn’t be any problems,” Brett said.

Q: What are the early reactions to the new coaching staff from veteran/returning players? Anything other than the typical, “I think it’s going to be good”?
A: Unfortunately, we still haven’t been granted access to players, but I hope to speak with some very soon. When I do, y’all will be the first to know.

Q: Does Byrne keep track of what is said on message boards? And if so, does he think that is a disastrous habit for any AD to have?
A: Byrne: “I’ll read your fine blog, you can put that on there. And I’ll read the Clarion-Ledger blog, and we try to keep up with local media. … As far as the message boards, now, we’ve got some poeople in our department that keep eye on it in case there’s some false information out there.”


6 Responses to “Big Ol’ Blog Bag, Featuring Greg Byrne”

  1. farley662 Says:

    Are those two logos official?

  2. Brad Locke Says:

    Yep. Mr. Gregg Ellis sent ’em to me.

  3. farley662 Says:

    We gonna have like 10 logos now. Should make buying clothes more interesting. Found a shirt with the new MState and bulldog head logo at the Lodge. Know anywhere else that has anything?

  4. farley662 Says:

    Here they are in color BL.

  5. benzadawgfan Says:

    Thanks for the info BL. Is UT paying that much more than us for a position coach, or is this a personal go coach with my buddies thing?

  6. Brad Locke Says:

    Honestly don’t know, benza. The latter would not surprise me, though.

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