Big Weekend for Bulldogs


As some of you have mentioned, Saturday was a good day for MSU. There were the football recruits paying a visit, and three of them made a commitment. So much for any Frank Wilson fallout. And you had head coach Dan Mullen introducing the staff he has put together (got a couple more hires to make). Also, new school president Mark Keenum and his beautiful family were introduced, as was new volleyball coach Jenny Hazelwood.

And on the court, MSU rolled past Vanderbilt, 73-66. That makes the Bulldogs 3-0 in SEC play heading into Wednesday’s game at LSU, to be followed by a visit to Georgia on Saturday. LSU, of course, spanked Ole Miss yesterday. Oh, and here is my MSU notebook, which features Elgin Bailey, coach Rick Stansbury and Mullen.

Don’t forget, the Lady Bulldogs (13-4, 1-2 SEC) are on the road today at Kentucky (12-6, 2-1). Tipoff is 3 p.m., and it can be seen on Fox Sports South.


12 Responses to “Big Weekend for Bulldogs”

  1. imabulldog Says:

    All i know is that Dee Bost-is gonna have an unbelievable career at State.

    He’s the real deal.

    And if Barry would become a ”consistent” scorer on a daily basis-by that I mean 18-20 pts-Wow! theres no telling what we could do this year and next

  2. benzadawgfan Says:

    I dunno ima, we may have to count on Ravern to be ‘that guy’.

  3. imabulldog Says:

    Thats the thing, Ray is the man, and I want him to be, but Im saying imagine if Barry would simply make “most” of the shots he takes-Imagine what we’d be able to do?

    Ray is my favorite player- he is my leader, loud and clear

  4. jbuzz74 Says:

    Hey BL, how many kids can we sign this year? I thought it was typically 25, but with the departure of Wesley Carroll, does that change things?

  5. phantomdawg Says:

    Good job Bulldogs!! Kudo’s to Coach. Go Dawgs!! Dam this is more fun than football.

    Reading over the last few blogs more than once the funny thing I hear are complaints about Stans! that he is a “Great recruiter” but can’t do anything with the talent… Seriously… People some of us will complain when he gets us to the sweet 16… Then the complaints will be, well.. He hasn’t gotten us to the elite 8… And so on… Stans has most wins of any coach at MSU… if I’m not mistaking correct me if I’m wrong. Stans Has the 3rd most wins in the SEC… Stop sounding like a bunch of USM football fans… They fire their winning coach… And now may have the first losing season in over a decade… When he has consistent losing seasons like Croom god bless him, then you have some legs to stand on…

    I commend Rick for what he does year-end and year-out with our basketball program and I love the atmosphere of the Hump, I live in Florence, AL now, and I usually make it to a few of games every year & we absolutely love it……Do I hate that we lost Outlaw, Ellis, and Hopson, yep it sux, but kids are gonna make up their minds no matter what and sometimes you just can’t change their decision….For Rick to even get the talent he does consistently good players I am impressed…I was happy to have a 2006 commit that was 6’9 190lbs who ended up being last years nation’s leading shot-blocker and might defend his title…I’m a loyal to MSU too the day I die. I’m done, ya’ll have a fine-and-dandy week, Go Dogs!

    If U don’t like what I said & have a problem with Stans (DEAL WITH IT)!!!


  6. gogawgs09 Says:

    Man what a recruiting weekend we had!!!

  7. benzadawgfan Says:

    I’m with ya phantom. Stans has done a great job, some people will not be satisfied. The buzzards did have a winning season this year, amazing since 5A was so tough in MS this year.

  8. imabulldog Says:

    only prob I have with Stanz is that he doesnt know how to add to a big lead when it comes SEC time. Besides that-He can sign a life time contract, Love the guy

  9. imabulldog Says:

    Hey guys Im starting a blog, feel free to visit…just keep it clean

  10. warbirdz44 Says:

    Phantom, I promise you that if Rick Stansbury ever gets us to the Sweet 16 I will never criticize him again. That is my biggest gripe about him is that he isn’t a big game coach and I have seen team after team of his collapse in the postseason. If he can ever get over that hump and get us to the Sweet 16, I’ll shut up about it!

  11. leeearl Says:

    Well, our best chance to get to the Sweet 16 and further was last year, and we ended up getting screwed with our seating in the tourney and played a #1 seed in the 2nd round and gave them all Memphis could handle, if we had ANY kind of contribution from our bench (say 4pts) we win that game and move on….I don’t blame that on Stans….we played them down to the wire….missed some free throws as well….

  12. tcfan Says:

    MSU has a good basketball program this year, I’m proud.

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